Drifting Along, House 003.2

After the pain and agony of trying to find a partner for this challenge, Bethany is glad she finally looked at Devon for a second and third time.  Devon seems pretty happy about it also.  Devon Orchid, Outgoing, Evil, and Child of the Islands.  For some reason, I never noticed the Evil part of his personality.  He came in with one of the tutorial aspirations – Painting – which was changed to Painter Extraordinaire.  He has a job as a Retail Employee, so at least he will be bringing in some simoleons.  Plus, Bethany is going to set up an easel to see if he will paint on his own.  Also, because he is evil, his has a Bad Reputation.

But for now, it is back to fishing.  Their new house has been chosen, and they will need to increase their savings quite a bit before they will be able to place it on the lot.

There is hope that the treasures Devon is catching will be something with a high value.  But not this one – it is a Quartz.

I don’t know much about fishing, but I would say there isn’t any way Bethany’s scrawny fishing pole would have pulled in a fish that large.  They would like to find a sketchpad, voodoo dolls, and other things of value.

Devon needs to go to work, but first there must be woohoo.  I turned up the settings on autonomous woohoo and increased the cooldown between, and this is the first autonomous woohoo that has been had.  I didn’t think to check if they were just woohooing or actually trying for a baby, but if there are any consequences from their playtime, it will be known soon enough.

Devon finally runs off to work.  He made it just in time to come home, and earned §15 simoleons for his trouble.

Before heading to bed, he needs to eat.  He was fishing all day and then work, and he is hungry.

They spend some of their savings to setup a rudimentary kitchen.  One day there will be walls.

Apparently, Polly got married.

Bethany wakes up Devon – times-a-wasting – time to go fishing.

She will continue to take him fishing with her until she masters fishing.  Then she will focus on gardening.  Also, they still have not caught a cowberry and she would rather not have to graft for one.  It might be time to take a trip to Sylvan Glade.  Today is New Year’s Eve, so tomorrow is the first day of spring.

Bethany leaves Devon to the fishing and she heads home for some sleep.  She wants to be able to stay at Sylvan Glade for awhile.  While he is fishing, he finally finds a sketchpad and a digital camera.  They sell the camera, but Bethany holds on to the sketchpad so she can try out her hand at drawing.  If they find a second one, then that one will be sold.  That being said, the voodoo doll is worth more than the sketchpad.  I am curious to has long he will continue to fish.  Bethany took him around to three different fishing spots so he could work on the Angling Ace aspiration – might as well since he is fishing.  He moved to the second tier and needs to fish for ten hours.  Seven hours, he lasted before he had to pee and ran home.  Then he went to work  -still late but not as late has the day before.  Today he made §111.

And, New Year’s Eve was awful.  Except for the woohoo which was pleasantly satisfying.

Devon is very sad today because someone he knows died.  He is also still upset about the awful holiday.  He will literally cry all day today.

In between his crying, he goes over to talk to the sims sitting on the bench next to the house.  Lot.

They seem to get along, although both leave pretty quick – probably because Devon is being a downer today.

Then someone else comes along, and Devon puts on his mean face and doesn’t make any friends.

When Bethany gets home from work, because I accidentally sent her to work instead of working from home, she sends Devon down to fish and she makes dinner.  It is also New Skill Day and the cooking gives her an increase to complete the tradition.  Despite increasing his level in fishing, Devon doesn’t get any satisfaction, and this is going to be the second holiday in a row, that sucks for him.

Bethany decides to leave Downer Devon at home and she gets up early to try to find Sylvan Glade.

Bethany fishes and fishes and fishes.  She is able to complete the first three tiers of the Angling Ace aspiration, and she has caught twenty types of fish.  All she needs to do now is to master fishing and that will complete two of her goals.

Once Devon’s needs are met – he does a good job caring for himself when no one is there with him – Bethany brings him to the Glade so he can join her in fishing.  He has gone as far as possible on the Angling Ace aspiration (fish with bait is his blockade), so he switches back to Painter Extraordinaire, but so far he hasn’t shown an interest in the easel.

Bethany catches a cowplant berry {yay}.  And then she receives word that Polly has died. {nooo}

It is getting close to time to head home, so Bethany begins making the collecting rounds.  She picks up several cuttings to graft on to her plants back home.  Unfortunately, she will forget to change her aspiration to the gardening one before actually making the grafts, so she still has to graft two more plants.

The time has come to head home.  She gathers up Devon and they head back to the house, umm lot.

Despite being exhausted, Bethany has to repair the toilet that Devon broke.  So far, he hasn’t shown any inclination regarding making repairs.

Hello, Dragonfruit.  Quite by accident, Bethany had collected both of the cuttings needed for the Dragonfruit – Snapdragons and Strawberries.  She also already had one of each plant growing, so she cross grafted and will now have two plants that have Dragonfruit, along with Strawberry and Snapdragon.  This will help their savings grow greatly.

Just as one sadness wears off, they get word that Messiah has died.  Messiah is Devon’s uncle and also the perfect spouse that was too old for Bethany.

Bethany and Devon try to console each other but the sadness is entrenched.  They are just looking forward to the day when they feel like having the woohoo again.

Bethany plants the cowplant berry.  It is time to begin that stage of the challenge.

She has to pick up a bookcase so that she can buy the gardening skill book for her career task.  She couldn’t remember what she needed so she spent hard earned simoleons on the second and third book.

She needed the second one.

I would say, at least Devon isn’t crying – but he just got out of the bed where he was crying.

{trudge} For once, Devon is heading to work on time.  He can’t get a promotion unless he builds his charisma skill and he just unlocked that.

Bethany heads out for her normal morning collection rounds, and then she receives news that she has been promoted.  She takes the path of the Botanist.

Purchasing the microscope was necessary but spending that much of their savings on one item, that isn’t their house, tore at her soul.  but, it is a cool thing to have.

They are both still sad about their recent losses, but they are still muddling through.

At first, it looked like Devon was going to use the easel, but he just “looked” at it.

They really need a dining table.  Even a house would be nice.

Finally, the sadness has passed and they are able to do the woohoo again.  They almost tried for a baby, but at this point, the heir would become a young adult at the first week in winter.  But they aren’t sure if they want to wait another two weeks before having a baby.

Every morning, Bethany tends to the garden.  She loves seeing dragon fruit on the plants because those sell for quite a lot.

Devon is doing something useful.

They get all dressed up and head to the restaurant, and then make a left turn to the fishing spot.  Devon has reached level 7 in fishing while Bethany is high level 8, almost level 9.  She is trying to get it mastered to complete the aspiration and to allow her to focus on leveling gardening.  It would be really nice to have a park nearby.

Bethany decided she didn’t want to wait any longer, and was about to wake up Devon to try for a baby, when she realized she was already pregnant.

Devon, apparently, was still thinking they should wait a little longer.

But the timing is out of their hands now.

Bethany decides to work from home, as she has been doing lately, and her assignment is to drink a cowplant essence.

That isn’t happening anytime soon.  But it is Friday and she doesn’t have to have it done until Monday morning, so maybe the plant will grow up this weekend.

Bethany drinks the emotion potion that was fished up out of the depths.  It has no value so she drinks it to see what happens.  Nothing happens, which is boring.  And they are halfway to the amount they need for the house.  I think {goes to check} §22,315 for the shell.  It will be a few more days – they have §11,229 until someone does something that cost money, or you know, pay the bills.

Bethany is back to fishing – she is ready to have that mastered.  But not today.

Devon finds the microscope, but doesn’t use it long enough to pick up one of the prints.  Maybe next time.

Ahh, the molding clay – they had three of them but sold two.  They also sold both sketchpads since Devon doesn’t seem interested in painting or drawing.  Once the baby comes, the easel will be sold also.

They did add a mirror, just in case he uses it for something that builds social.  This is probably another bad idea, but fingers crossed.

After Devon gets home from work, Bethany takes him fishing.  She has learned not to take him before work, because he forgets to go to work when she does.

It takes several hours for me to figure out why Bethany stopped cooking, and couldn’t resume.  Devon put the clay on the counter and it was blocking the completion of the meal.

Milkshake is alive!


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