Drifting Along, House 003.3

The cowplant has grown and it is offering cake to anyone that wants to take it.

Unfortunately (?), that can’t be Bethany while she is pregnant.

The cowplant is now the most popular area on the lot for gathering to chat.

Devon does something helpful and repairs the broken sink.  Bethany is off fishing, still trying to get the last of the skill she needs for mastery and her aspiration.

Being pregnant is hard, but at least it isn’t snowing anymore.  Now she is dealing with overheating issues.

She invites over several other sims whenever Milkshake is offering cake.  So far, everyone ignores the cake and only interacts with the cowplant when she isn’t dangerous.

The baby is coming, the bassinet is ready…

Devon is playing with Milkshake while Bethany goes through labor and delivery.

Oaklyn joins the family, and she is much darker than I expected.  Devon comes running over to meet his daughter.

Bethany feeds her and then heads off to work.  Devon basks in the glow of parenthood.

I had read in someone else’s drifter that eating cake was one of the allowable actions, but it took me a little bit to actually find it in the rules – skimming the rules is not a good thing.  But there it is in black and white (black and tan) once I actually read the rules a little slower, so…

Devon makes his first contribution to the challenge.  Well, not his first, but…  Milkshake works on spitting him back out.

Bethany arrives home just as this is all going down, so she collects the first essence – Devon’s Inspiration.

Devon is either taking care of Oaklyn or he is playing with, and trying to feed, Milkshake.

He is refusing to change her diaper this time.  He keeps shushing her and then going back to bed.  That approach isn’t working out so well for him though.

Bethany finally masters fishing, and completes the Angling Ace aspiration.

It is time for Bethany to take the cake for the second essence.

After getting spit out, Bethany immediately uses one of the water bottles she picked up in Selvadorada.  Then she collects Bethany’s essence of energy.

They are just barely short on having the funds for the new house.  So, they go fishing some more.

Bethany slips off to work and Devon packs everything up for the transition.  Oaklyn is left alone in the middle of the empty lot – practice for when she moves out.

Devon finally comes over to change her diaper, and it is time for the new house.

It was downloaded from the gallery, made by clairP, and they take it without all of the outside landscaping.  Bethany is going to need to room for the cowplant and garden.

The house after Devon moves their stuff in and sets up the garden for Bethany.

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Devon heads out to take the cake, and he is past the danger point of dying (48 hours).

This time Milkshake is able to provide essence of confidence.

Bethany isn’t home to milk her yet, and Devon plays with her all freaking afternoon.  I do expect him to do something stupid and die – but maybe he will surprise me.

After taking care of Milkshake and adding the third essence to her collection, it is time for Bethany to help Oaklyn with her birthday.  Someone is a big girl now, but it isn’t fussy Oaklyn.

At about this moment, Bethany realizes that they don’t have any toddler items – bed, potty, toys, etc. – and they are broke.  She does have enough to get a bed, bear, and potty – but the other items they need for Oaklyn will have to wait until tomorrow.

Bethany takes Oaklyn to the potty and then puts her defiant, fussy butt to bed.

It was a close call, but Bethany is able to read Oaklyn to sleep, and make it to her own bed without passing out.

Morning comes early and Bethany gets up to make pancakes for Oaklyn.  She is going to be waking up soon and she will be starving.

After making sure the pancakes are ready, Bethany heads out to collect another essence.  This one is boredom.  I almost messed up and sent out Devon.  Devon is still under the moodlet from the last time, and this time would have killed him.  Bethany is not ready for him to die.

She decides to wake Oaklyn up to go the potty before she eats, and that goes about as well as expected.

Oaklyn is doubly sad now – Devon’s dad died and then she peed on the floor.

But pancakes make everything better.

Or not.

There is basically nothing else for Oaklyn to do at the moment.  Bethany is outside selling the harvest to get some funds to buy Oaklyn some other activities.

There are hugs in the garden.

And then, she just stands there pouting.

Devon is also pouting, but he comes out to check on Oaklyn.

She asks to play, and they do.  Then he asks her again, and she wants to play some more.

Bethany does not have enough parenting skill to hug away the sadness.  And, she is fussy.

While Devon goes to play dolls with her, Bethany side tracks them to take a few minutes and start teaching Oaklyn to talk.

Bethany wants Oaklyn to practice on the potty some more, but Oaklyn has objections.


Devon takes his sadness out on the dollhouse.  Dumbass.

Bethany is about to pass out, but there is a toilet to repair and she needs to fix the dollhouse.  While she is doing this, Oaklyn asks Devon to put her to bed.

That doesn’t last long and Oaklyn wakes up with a nightmare.  They haven’t been able to afford to add the lights yet.  Oaklyn wakes up Bethany, and Bethany puts her back to bed with a story.  Maybe that will help until they can get the simoleons to add the nightlights (tomorrow at the next harvest).

Devon provides the fifth essence that is needed – Sadness.  They are going to keep Milkshake for a little longer, but I expect she will go into inventory before too long.

Despite his needs being trashed, Oaklyn calls for help getting out of bed, and Devon comes to rescue her.

She eats, she cries, she plays, she cries, she sleeps, she cries.  She still has 20 hours remaining on the mourning, but it feels like it has been days already.

She plays with the dolls, she cries.

Bethany has to write a scientific paper for work, but she doesn’t get any peace.

The collection of essences as required.

Bethany needs to master gardening, and it is taking a while because her garden is so small.  She tries to read about gardening but that didn’t last long.  At least she is spending the time with Oaklyn, even if they are doing their own thing.

Oaklyn finishes eating and comes back to stack her blocks.

It has been a long day, and the sink still needs to be repaired, the toilet needs to be cleaned, and Bethany would really love a shower.  I also realized at this point, that there isn’t a tub yet for Oaklyn to get a bath.  Bethany put Oaklyn to bed to sleep off the last few hours of her mourning.  Hopefully she will get up in a better mood.  And they had another awful holiday – Love Day sucked because they didn’t get to do anything romantic.

The house is at value and only barely furnished, so the only thing remaining is for Bethany to master gardening.  She decides to get Oaklyn through this toddler time and then she will worry about mastering gardening.  She is 1% away from level 8, so she should be fine on timing, while Oaklyn definitely needs her attention.

Oaklyn checks off the list of wants – first a diaper change…

Then a bubble bath.

Finally feeling something that isn’t sadness or anger, Oaklyn discovers cartoons.

Bethany was coming in to dance with her, but first there is a mess to clean up.

Oaklyn is a challenge, and so is Devon.  At least this time, Devon repaired the dollhouse once it was destroyed.

Bethany and Oaklyn finally get to dance.

Bethany wants to play with Oaklyn to help build her movement skill.  Oaklyn just wants to dance.

So, they have a dance party, after Bethany plays with Oaklyn.

And here comes the first temper tantrum.  It won’t be the last.

Bethany has had it with the temper – she yells at Oaklyn to stop throwing tantrums.

Oaklyn has no problem yelling back at Bethany.

Oaklyn just figured out how to run.

Another tantrum before bed.

Bethany just couldn’t manage to get her into bed before passing out.

Devon is home but he jacks everything up and now they are all stuck.  Devon is reset and he finally puts Oaklyn down.

Just as Bethany is getting Oaklyn into bed, Devon screws it up again by asking what she wants.  Well it isn’t sleeping in the bed.

She gets out of bed to pass out on the floor.  Thanks Devon.

Bethany finally gets her into bed and then passes out one more time on her way to bed.  It has been a long day.


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