Drifting Along, House 003.4

Devon does this every night.  In fact, all of the spouses have done this – just stand there and look around before finally going to bed.

While Oaklyn sleeps in, Bethany takes care of the garden.  At this point, I realize her Dragonfruit are no longer in season and she won’t be getting that lots of simoleons each day.  While the house is at the goal, it is nowhere near completely furnished.

Devon checks on Oaklyn because she is still sleeping and it is almost lunch time.

Finally she is up and eating while Bethany works on some tasks that will hopefully help her gardening skill.  She hasn’t received her promotion because she still needs to level logic.  Devon chooses this time to destroy the dollhouse again.

Oaklyn has to stop eating to watch what Devon is doing.

Then she throws a temper tantrum while Bethany repairs the dollhouse.  Interestingly, she was not angry, she was energized.

She asks for a diaper change, which Bethany agrees with.

And then she is defiant when Bethany suggests that she practice on the potty some more.

It only takes two more practice sessions and Oaklyn has mastered the potty.

Bethany reads her a story so that everyone can have some quiet time.

She also tries to teach her to talk.  Oaklyn has level 3 in Imagination, Movement (level 4), and has mastered the Potty.  She is level 2 in Communication and Thinking.

Then it is bedtime, and once again Bethany passes out on the floor.  Oaklyn gets out of bed to check on her and then puts herself back to bed.  Once Bethany wakes up, she tucks in Oaklyn and trudges off to bed.

Monday morning comes and Bethany gets in a little communication practice with Oaklyn.  Then she receives the bills and they exceed what she has in the bank.  She has to leave for work today and will deal with the bills when she gets home.

Oaklyn thought it was going to be a good day.

But then she realizes Bethany had left her behind.

Devon does a good job taking care of Oaklyn during the day, she eats and plays and runs around.  By the time Bethany comes home, he is done and goes to bed.  That leaves Bethany with every need in the red and Oaklyn who is in a good, green mood.  Bethany leaves her to play and she runs around the area collecting everything possible.  She has to pay the bills.  Once she gets home she and Oaklyn eats dinner and then they both go to bed.  For once, Bethany is able to get Oaklyn into bed without passing out.

Bethany is not having a good time.  Someone died and she is now so sad.  She barely is able to plant the new plants she picked up – adding coconut, blackberry, and parsley to her garden.

But, everyone is awake and Bethany decides to work from home today.  Oaklyn is close to becoming a Happy Toddler, she just needs to work on her thinking.

And, for a short time, that is exactly what she does with Devon.

Then there is a bath…

And there are cartoons.  There was also a lot of dolls in the mix.

Bethany drags her ass out of bed to make sure Oaklyn has the necessary skills once she receives the notification that it is almost her birthday.  With thinking now at level 3, a Happy Toddler she will be.

Then she puts Oaklyn to bed with a story and imagination has been mastered.

Bethany takes a day of PTO in order to stay home and focus on improving her logic skill.  She has been stuck in this position for so long due to her lack of skill and she would really like a promotion.

Oaklyn has actually been pretty good about not making messes, but today seems to be her day.

And she goes immediately from the first to the second.

Devon disappeared and Oaklyn had to go looking for him.  She found him taking a bubble bath, and that looks really relaxing.

After his bath, Devon plays in the trash.  Because he is smart.

When he checks in on Oaklyn, she would like a story.  Her imagination is already mastered but whatever.

Then they play.  Devon actually spends a lot of time with Oaklyn.  Bethany was making a collection run while Devon kept Oaklyn entertained.

He cleans up both of the messes she made while she watches him destroy her artwork.

I knew it was her birthday, but she was working so hard on her logic skill that it took a back seat.  And then her birthday was over.

Devon wanders around, doing nothing of consequence when Oaklyn is sleeping.  And they don’t have enough simoleons to buy fun stuff to play with.

Oaklyn is doing really well on a lot of her skills – mastering movement along with imagination and the use of the potty.

She doesn’t do anything for very long, so after dancing she runs into see her stuffed bear.

Happy and energetic, but she feels the need to hit her bear.

She is satisfied.

Bethany has been sleeping and then working on her logic, leaving Devon to manage Oaklyn.  For an uncontrolled sim, he does pretty well.  Of course being fussy, she is always looking for him to do things with her.

Then there is the time where she decides to play in the potty and Devon is no where to be found.

Bethany needed a potty break from her logic skilling and she happened to catch Oaklyn playing in the potty.

She gave Oaklyn a talking to, but those don’t ever seem to work.

After playing in the potty, Oaklyn needs a bath, but Bethany needs to get back out to the logic skilling.  She is getting close.  That means it is up to Devon and Oaklyn to figure out how to get the bath.  Oaklyn was the one to ask for it and Devon made sure she got it.

And finally, Bethany has improved her logic enough for a promotion – which she receives immediately, along with the bonus.  She is now level 7 Sap-Splicer.  She needs more logic for the next promotion.

Devon!  He destroys the dollhouse while Oaklyn is playing with it.

Oaklyn is upset about the dollhouse, but it is only going to get worse.

She walks away from the dollhouse while Devon works on fixing it.  But that isn’t all.

She becomes a child and is sad that everyone forgot her birthday.  She immediately begins making a mess.

Oaklyn gets a makeover and she becomes one of very few sims that wear glasses.  These just suited her nicely.

After finishing her mess, she promptly cleans it up.  Maybe watching Devon clean up her messes as a toddler stuck.

Bethany influences her to do her homework, and she helps her get it done.  Then she puts Oaklyn to bed and heads to bed herself.  When Devon gets home from work, he doesn’t delay very long before he is also in bed and asleep.

Bethany used their savings to work on the house some more.  Almost every room has most of the decorations.  The value of the house is now §49,175, so she will be adding decor and items of interest in the next four weeks, as she waits for Oaklyn to become a young adult.  She also still needs to master gardening.  Those are the only two goals remaining for this house.

Devon pitches in to repair the sink that he broke.

And then he repairs the dollhouse he destroyed.

With that done, he takes a few minutes to read a random book.

Oaklyn went from a C to a B on her first day of school.  She needs to work on her skills so that she can be eligible for the A.

Devon and Bethany are on hand to welcome her home from school and congratulate her on the improvement in her grades.

After helping Oaklyn with her homework and getting her to bed, Bethany heads outside to ask Devon to please come into the house.

There is only one way she can get him into the house before he is ready.


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