Drifting Along, House 003.5

No birthdays have been remembered this time around.  Devon is the latest to have his birthday without any cake.

Bethany influences Oaklyn to work on her drawing so that she will have enough skills to improve her grades.  That was the closest of the skills to level 4, so it was encouraged.

Bethany cleans the toilet, and has several options that look suspicious.

She works on her garden all day.  She is getting closer to mastering gardening, and they are looking forward to having a park to visit.

Oaklyn quit coloring just before reaching level 4 – and this is her second bath today – so Bethany sends her back to the art table.

Once she has level 4 in creativity, Bethany influences her to begin practicing on the chemistry table.

Bethany is sure she is pregnant and she immediately heads outside to let Devon know.

It seems like Bethany is almost always the last one to bed because she repairs everything that was broken that day before laying down.  She should probably start her rounds just a little earlier.  She almost made it to bed tonight.

And there it is – Bethany has mastered gardening.  All of the goals are complete now for this house, and she is just waiting to hand it off to Oaklyn.

With that goal completed, it is time to add a park back into the world on the Desert Bloom lot.  the lot picked from the gallery is by Tcee11.

While at it, the existing restaurant was replaced by one from the gallery, by kbbb19.

Hmm, while Bethany works hard to repair the toilet before she can lay down to sleep, Devon comes in to watch her while eating his meal.

And before going to sleep, she shares the big news with Oaklyn.

Oaklyn still enjoys watching TV with Devon.

Instead of buying Devon traits with his aspiration points, Bethany buys some sleep replacement potions.  This is the first one she has used, but she would like to get a few things done before the baby comes.

He is getting better about repairing it after he destroys it, but not always.

Bethany sends Devon and Oaklyn out to fish while she continues to work on her logic skill.

Someone made a mess in Oaklyn’s bedroom.

That someone would be Oaklyn.  Being a big girl is rough sometimes.

Bethany has made a lot of progress on her logic skill and she is trying to collect the microscope prints, which she is using to decorate some of the walls in the house.  Sleep replacement potion #2.

She takes the time to help Oaklyn with her homework.  And then, she probably sent Oaklyn to bed.

She has improved her logic enough for her next promotion, and she has collected 8/12 of the prints.

She downs a third potion and heads off to the new park.  She needs to collect some fossils for the microscope, so she fishes until the spawns begin.

Third trimester pregnancies are hard on the bladder control.  Thankfully, she still has some of the water bottles from Selvadorada.

Coming home, she finds a random toddler standing outside.  She makes a funny with him, and then goes inside to recover from her excursion.

Oaklyn is off to school and Bethany is working from home.  Devon is just being Devon.

He destroys and repairs the dollhouse while Bethany works on her scientific paper.

Oaklyn comes home with an A in school – and she is pretty proud of that A.

Bethany is able to get her to start the project, but as is custom, Oaklyn leaves after a few minutes and Bethany quits soon after.

And the first boy in the challenge has been born – Owen Orchid.

Oaklyn goes in to meet her new brother, and she is not happy.  She is angry about this.

When Bethany tries to influence her to take a shower, she refuses.  She even refuses when Bethany tries to force her to take a shower.  But then, she goes to take a bath instead.

Bethany is working on finishing Oaklyn’s project, otherwise it will never get done.

Bethany spent her aspiration points on two money tree seeds.  She doesn’t feel like it is easy mode since she gave up 10,000 aspiration points to get the seeds, and she didn’t think to plant them until the house had exceeded the goal.  But they will make it easier to finish decorating since the garden is so small and Devon is bringing in pocket change.

Views of the house as of now.  It may change between now and when Oaklyn moves out, but she is pretty much done.  Current value is §62,359.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Milkshake was alive when she was taken out of inventory and dead when the house went back to live mode.  Oh well, at least no one will die.

Bethany hasn’t started working on Oaklyn’s characters, and she isn’t sure how hard she is going to try.  Good Manners is a good trait because it gives a boost on meeting new sims.  Empathy would allow her to Share Emotional Burdens.  Responsibility is a given, but she will gain that just by doing her homework, along with helping around the house.  It is rare for my sims to gain Conflict Resolution, and I haven’t figured out how Bethany can help Oaklyn with Emotional Control.  So she is just going to work towards the three – Responsible, Good Manners, and Empathetic.  That all being said, I find Good Manners is easiest as a child because Bethany can teach her to say please and thank you.  Responsible will come through normal living, and they will be volunteering to gain Empathy.

Oaklyn gets over her feelings of anger at having a brother and begins to block the bassinet at every possible moment.  In order to get to Owen, Bethany has begun to put Oaklyn to bed, no matter what time of day it is.

Devon is trying to be helpful, but it would probably be more efficient to repair the sink first.

Bethany needs more logic for her next promotion.  She is now level 8, Flower Fellow.

Oaklyn leaves Owen long enough to cheer for Devon’s return – then she went straight back to the bassinet.

Bethany is trying to earn some more aspiration points.  She spent all of her accumulated points on the two money tree seeds.  She is working on the Super Green Thumb trait now by bouncing around the other aspirations, and that required another 4,000 points.  Her next purchase, if she can earn the points, will be Free Services and Frugal.  That is another 3,500 points she needs to earn.

Every thing comes to a stop when it is time for Owen to become a toddler.  He rolls Wild.

Bethany takes him to the potty, which goes poorly for both of them.  Bethany keeps trying to slip away to bed, but Devon is at work, so it is all up to Bethany.

She comes back when she hears him crying and catches him in the toilet.  This was his first choice of activities after he stopped crying.

Bethany puts him to bed – it is mid morning and Owen is not at all tired, but Bethany is going to bed.

Devon finally interacts with Owen the toddler.  Hopefully he will be more helpful once the boy wakes up.

They added a desk in the alcove outside of their bedroom, and Devon destroys the dollhouse on the way to use the computer.

Devon continues to be productive.  He plays with the clay a lot, which normally puts him into a good mood.  So he can continue to play with the clay.  Other than the dollhouse, Devon’s evil doesn’t pop out very often.

Bethany gets Oaklyn to begin working on her homework, and it is not going well.  Then Owen comes in to join them.

While Oaklyn is saying a lot of bad words, Owen is refusing to go to the potty.  Apparently, he used his diaper already and doesn’t want to sit on the potty right now.

Yeah, Bethany scolds him for being defiant and takes him to the potty anyways.

He tries twice and reaches level 2, just as Oaklyn kicks Bethany out of the bathroom.  Bethany doesn’t mind because she puts both kids to bed.

Devon gets home and Bethany is trying to get him to bed to sleep.  But first they roll the die – and fingers crossed there aren’t any consequences.


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