Drifting Along, House 003.6

It is too early for him to be awake, but five in the morning and Owen is ready to get up.  He wants Oaklyn to wake up also.

Mission accomplished.

Owen is drawn to the toilets like a magnet.  He has provided enough opportunity for Bethany to finish up the one level of Super Parent that requires five scoldings.

Welp.  One of the money trees is dead, and Bethany has to spend §1,000 to revive it.  Now it is a seedling again.

She is determined that Oaklyn is going to have Good Manners, and stalks her around the house, and outside, trying to teach her to say please and thank you.

Owen finds something to eat but apparently he is crying over a mess he made while on the potty.  Not the toilet mess, but a potty mess.  There is a difference.  Toilet messes are fun as long as he doesn’t get caught – potty messes are just sad.

Bethany asks if he wants to play, so he can improve his movement skills.

He is full of defiance today.

After scolding him, Bethany gives him a hug and makes him feel better.  She has the ability to hug away his sadness.

Then it is back to Oaklyn for some manners training, and Devon stops to watch.  Bethany is still tense due to Owen’s defiant behavior.

All that being said, Owen has already reached level 3 in imagination.  Potty is at level 2 and everything else is level 1, barely.

This time Devon catches him playing in the toilet and scolds him for it.

Owen wants to play with the flash cards so Devon takes the time to show him a few.

Then Bethany comes to get him for some more time on the potty and Devon takes the initiative to clean the toilet.  I really hope that is not vomit from Bethany.  (It wasn’t)

Damned if the other tree isn’t dead now.  That is a another §1,000 to revive it.  Thankfully the trees bring in eight times that, when they are full grown and alive.

Every damned morning.  Owen wakes up and then he wakes Oaklyn up.

He does not want to eat his food – he takes a bite or two, then puts it down for something else.  Bethany catches him after he finishes using the potty and gives him the bowl with instructions to eat it all.

I believe he did actually finish it this time.

Defiance comes often and this time it is for a diaper change.

Bethany is sick and hoping orange juice helps.  The medicine only works temporarily and then the illness comes back, so she is trying to deal with it with home remedies, which are also temporary but free.

Bethany and Oaklyn spend the day volunteering, leaving Owen home with Devon.

Devon gives Owen a bath and lets him play in the water for awhile.

Playing in the bath water wasn’t enough for Owen, and he plays in the toilet while Devon isn’t looking.  He literally just got out of the bath tub, and never even left the bathroom.

It is Devon’s turn to play in the tub, with Owen watching.

Devon was going to read Owen a book, but forgot what he was doing, and just sat there.

It’s the Streak

Boogity, boogity (There he goes)
Boogity, boogity (And he ain’t wearin’ no clothes)

Owen goes into the living room to watch TV with Devon, but gets there just as Devon is leaving.  He sits and watches cartoons by himself, and decides to use his diaper instead of the potty.  Mom will never know.

Bethany and Oaklyn come back from their day of volunteering, and Oaklyn has two character values in range for a good trait – Responsible and Empathetic.  She is about two-thirds of the way to Good Manners.

Owen had put himself to bed but work up with a nightmare before Bethany could get to bed.  She immediately puts him back to bed – no time for that – and takes her sick self to bed.

Oaklyn barely lays down when it is time to go to school.  Unfortunately, calling in sick or taking a vacation day, doesn’t appear to be on the list of approved actions.  So, she stumbles off to school/

Owen is miserable.  He is starving, but refuses to eat the food set out.

He has asked Devon for food three times, and has the milk to prove it.  But he doesn’t drink the milk when he gets it. He finally ate the clam chowder, but it was awful.  It was not one of Bethany’s better meals.

Since Bethany is also sleeping to catch up from all the volunteering, Devon entertains Owen with some flashcards.

When Bethany gets up she puts Owen to bed with a story.  The way things are going with him, he might have Imagination mastered soon.  And he is actually pretty close to becoming a Happy Toddler, although his communication skills are lacking.

Bethany wakes up Oaklyn and suggests that she clean herself off and go take a shower.

Close enough, and hopefully she doesn’t drown.

Bethany is piddling with the different aspirations, and for Nerd Brain she has to do some woodworking and then a repair or upgrade.  Devon hasn’t even noticed the woodworking table once.  I was hoping he would make crap or something, but he doesn’t – TV and dancing are his things.

Owen wakes up starving and stinky.  After calling for Devon, he eats about half of his meal and then gets Devon to give him a bath.

After his bath, he returns to his half-eaten meal and actually finishes it.

Bethany decides to go to work today but she gets to play with Owen before she leaves.  That gets his movement up to level 3.

Owen follows Devon around most of the day, and gets his thinking skill up to level 3 also.  He is still at level 2 on potty and level 4 on imagination.  Communication is still level 1, but almost level 2.

Since Oaklyn has her A for elementary school, she spends the day getting to know her classmates, and she brings one of the home from school.  Other than greeting him, she never speaks to him again while he is there.

Devon slept through work today – no idea why.

Bethany needs to improve her logic skill for her next promotion, so she ropes Oaklyn into playing with her.  Devon just woke up and apparently he is feeling a little bit mean.

Bethany suggests Oaklyn work on her school project, and she does just long enough to get it going.  Then she piddles off to the bathroom and to bed.  I was going to say she dribbles off to bed, but eww.

Right after everyone went to sleep, Owen woke up.  He went to bed too early in the afternoon, so this was expected.

He doesn’t like being the only one awake and he goes to wake up Oaklyn.

He has never woken up Bethany or Devon, just Oaklyn.

And, she is awake now too.  Bethany gets up and puts Owen to bed and then sends Oaklyn back to bed, and then she goes back to bed herself.

No one gets much sleep because Bethany wakes Oaklyn up early before her last day of elementary school.  She is still working on her manners and it is much easier as a child.

Once Oaklyn heads off to school – almost is in range – Bethany has to make some repairs around the house.

Then she turns her attention to Owen.  He needs to learn to talk.

And they do flash cards to help with communication.  No comment about Devon – he is doing his normal.

While Bethany and Devon get some smoochies, Owen poops his diaper as he watches.

Too little, too late – Bethany gets Owen on the potty so that he can get that mastered.

Then he finally gets his communication skill up to level 3 – Happy Toddler has been achieved.

Bethany realizes that Oaklyn’s bar is bubbling, so she gets up to make her a birthday cake.  She also received word that Aunt Pippa has died.

She goes to wake up Oaklyn, then she heads back to bed to cry.  Oaklyn is blowing out her candles without any fanfare, but that is better than her last birthday while was missed altogether.

Oaklyn rolls Clumsy to go with Loves Outdoors, and she takes the Renaissance Sim aspiration for the time being.

Not to be outdone, Owen wakes up, and gets out of bed to poop his diaper.  Again.


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