Drifting Along, House 003.7

It seems like Owen picks right back up where he left off last time – getting into trouble.  Although he chose to make a mess on the rug, and it almost hides the mess.

He is really hungry and he keeps getting plate after plate of spoiled food, that he then refuses to eat.

Bethany influences Oaklyn to try her hand at some cooking.

Apparently, that was a mistake.

Everyone is panicking and for the first time, I am going to get to see the sprinkler in action.

Everyone is waiting for the sprinkler to do its thing.

As the sprinkler comes on, and puts out the fire, everyone runs outside.

Well, for what it is worth, only the stove was destroyed.

Now, everyone is in a tense, or otherwise pissy mood.  Also, this might be one of the first pictures with all four family members.

Oaklyn yells bad words and shocks Bethany.

When Bethany scolds her for using bad language, it looks like Oaklyn is going to yell back at her.

Bethany comforts Owen and masters parenting.

With all of the excitement, Bethany decides to work from home today.  While she is doing the things that need to be done, Owen tries to follow her.  Behind him come Devon and Oaklyn.  Oaklyn gets to him first and they practice his talking.

With her job tasks out of the way, Bethany gets Oaklyn to play chess with her.  Oaklyn needs the skill for school and Bethany needs the skill for her next promotion.

That leaves Owen out in the garden, but Devon is right there with him.

Devon heads to work so Owen spends the evening watching Bethany and Oaklyn play chess.  He is pouting about something – either he had an accident with the potty, or he is sad because Devon left for work.

He also talks the entire time, which Oaklyn finds distracting, and she loses the game to Bethany.  That’s right, blame it on the toddler.

Bethany has been trying to send Oaklyn to bed.  She wants her to wake up, get out of the tub, and go to sleep in her bed.

But every time she walks into the bathroom to talk to her, she gets embarrassed and walks out without waking her up.

Owen wakes up the next morning and for once he goes to wake up a parent instead of his sister.

After he satisfies his tummy, and he probably went to the potty, he spends the day following Devon around asking for things.

Devon gives him a bath because he is stinky.

After the bath he was thinking about playing in the toilet so Bethany called him over.  He came and stood, right behind her, staring up at her ass.

She, of course, stepped on him when the omelet flared up.

With the danger of toilet play over, Owen is back to following Devon around.

It is his birthday and he is playing with the toys while Bethany makes a cake.  This is the first time any of the toys in the toy box have been played with – Oaklyn never once played with the toys.

Then he finds Devon for some chatter.  It is almost time.

Bethany has the cake made and she is ready to be done with the toddler phase.

Owen is excited because the only leftovers in the house are cake, and here is another one.

In a funny coincidence, Owen rolls Art Lover and takes the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.  Other than potty, imagination was the only skill he mastered.

Devon is weird.

He is reacting positively to Bethany’s presence.  This is related to her reputation, which is Pristine.  Everyone in this challenge is out of the spotlight, unless they need it for the house goals, which I don’t expect to see.

Owen is doing his homework and both parents are watching him.  Devon does come over and help him finish it.

Oaklyn comes home from school, looking like she has been playing in the dirt.  That is a rough day at school.

She did take a bath and then laid down for a nap, and Owen finished his homework.  He eats some leftovers while she sleeps.

Devon is home and Owen is excited.

Devon thinks Owen is weird, that apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

There is a lot of weird hanging out in this house.  And, Devon is developing a paunch – Dad Bod.

While Bethany and Oaklyn work on their chess game – Oaklyn reaches level 3 and Bethany is just barely short of what she needs for her promotion – Owen makes art.  He is a creative weirdo.

The activity area is finally complete.  There is also a floral table on the back porch with the woodworking table.  Maybe someone will use them.

An overview of the house as it currently stands.  11 days to go.

Bethany works on getting her logic over the line before work, and then realizes it is Saturday and she doesn’t work again until Monday.  But she finally has the logic for the next promotion.

She influences Oaklyn to do her homework – while they were standing in the kitchen.  Then they went into the bathroom where they joined Owen.

Bethany is done for the day – Aunt Petra died and she has been dealing with the mourning.  The kids decide to come into her bedroom to have a conversation.

Just as Bethany is coming out of mourning for Aunt Petra, one of her friends dies.  Instead of dealing with mourning for two more days, she takes a moodlet solver potion.  She also picked up more traits.  She now has quite a few:

  • Super Green Thumb
  • Frugal
  • Waterproof Sim
  • Free Services
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Observant

Then she heads out to the garden and evolves her tenth plant to excellent – completing the Freelance Botanist aspiration.

She influences Oaklyn to work on charisma, which she does for about two seconds.  That is just long enough for Devon to find his evil.

Then Devon finds the yoga mat, for all of five seconds.

Bethany influences both of the kids to work on skills – Owen is drawing and Oaklyn is cooking.  She doesn’t set the kitchen on fire this time.

When Bethany sells her next harvest, she completes the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration.  That is three aspirations completed.

And then she comes into the house to receive the news that she has been promoted (finally).  She is now level 9, Bouquet Biologist.  All she needs is to master logic, and she spent all of New Skill Day working on it.  She is very close.

And, logic has been mastered.

Continuing on with her accomplishments, Bethany completes the Microscope Prints collection, which completes The Curator aspiration.  Four aspirations complete.  She has also mastered four skills.

Oaklyn has her own good news – she earned an A in high school.  Owen is sitting at a B, but he has the skills to earn the A.  Everyone is having a good day.  9 days remaining.

Well, everyone except Devon.  He still needs to improve charisma, and that doesn’t look to be happening.  That means he will never earn a promotion and will always be a Sales Floor Clerk (level 2 retail).

Bethany influences both of the kids to start their projects.

If only they would work on them longer.  But, Bethany finishes them up so that Owen will get a boost to his grade, and to not have an unfinished project sitting around.  These will be the last projects done for this house, this generation.

Bethany heads out to sell her harvest, and Devon gets struck by lightning.  That was fun, and exciting.

Bethany’s work on the project helped Owen out a lot – he brings home his A.  Oaklyn has a rough day at school and is enraged.  7 more days.

Bethany’s fun meter is tanked so she goes to Devon for the best fun to be had.

They have to run the kids out of their bedroom, and Oaklyn knows why.

It is almost over – one more week.

Oaklyn runs up the family aspirations as far as she can (Big Happy Family and Successful Lineage can not be completed – but Super Parent can).  She just needs Oaklyn to grow up with three positive character traits – and she already has them in the range.

The family wakes up to Harvestfest.  Bethany is the only one that gets to appease the gnomes so she will be collecting seed packs today.  She also starts off the day with a grand feast breakfast.

The family sits together to eat breakfast for a change.

Then they gather in the living room to enjoy each other’s company.

They even have a dance party.  At the end of the day, Bethany had a great holiday, it was okay for Devon, and the kids thought it was awful.

The next morning Bethany is promoted to PhD of Pollen, level 10.  And she is off of work for the next three days, returning on Monday.  Oaklyn will have her birthday on Wednesday.

Friday night, Bethany sends the kids out to do some fishing, with the promise that she is right behind them.  Instead, she went and took a nap.

When Devon got home from work, they joined the kids and fished all night.

Devon was the first to head back to the house, followed shortly by Oaklyn,  Owen just gave up and passed out.  Bethany was the last to call it a night.

Bethany has now found the yoga mat.  It still remains to be seen if she will find it more than once.  (she did)

And it looks like Devon decided to skip work tonight.  3 more days.

Owen is waked up by loud noises under his bed.  This is the first time the monsters have come, and they have three nightlights in the room.  He runs to wake up Devon, who does nothing.  Then he runs to wake up Bethany, who puts him back to bed.

Bethany is close to mastering cooking so she is stocking the fridge.  Oaklyn helps out by repairing the fridge, and everyone holds their breath.

Cooking has been mastered.  That makes five skills mastered by Bethany.

Oaklyn manages to get a fourth character trait into range – conflict resolution.

Devon gets his first birthday cake and everyone is there to celebrate with him.

Gray hair cometh.  Bethany puts the candles back on the cake so that Oaklyn can use it tomorrow for her birthday.

Devon is still terrorizing the kids with the destruction of the dollhouse.

Oaklyn comes home from school very embarrassed.  Bethany uses her mom skills and convinces her to redirect her emotions, so Oaklyn goes for a jog and comes home feeling much better.

With the time coming up, Bethany hands down the old ear buds that have been handed down from Melody.  The passing of the baton.

Oaklyn finds herself up early on the day of her birthday, and she finds the yoga mat.

Her age bar started bubbling just as she left for school, so she will blow out her candles when she gets home.  With time to kill – Bethany took the day off – she and Devon head into the bedroom for some playtime.

Then they have a relaxing afternoon watching TV and chattering with each other.

Oaklyn comes home from school and it is time to blow out the candles, once it is determined that she doesn’t have a killing emotion in place.

The house is completed, and with Oaklyn’s birthday Bethany completes the Super Parent aspiration.  Bethany gained four positive character traits.

House value is §69,911 – two bedrooms, two bathrooms.


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