Drifting Along, House 004.1

Oaklyn moves out into her brand new, empty lot.  It is time to begin her generation.

  • Create a two bedroom, one bath home worth at least §50,000 simoleons
  • Reach the top of the Scientist career
  • Master the Rocket Science skill
  • Travel to Sixam
    • Bring back three collectibles, unique (space rocks, aliens, Sixam/GTW collectibles)
  • Make friends and move in an alien
  • Have and raise an heir to young adult

Oaklyn move out with great needs except for her fun, which was totally tanked from her last day at school.  Finding herself alone on an empty lot with zero funds in the middle of winter is not helping.

Oaklyn’s traits are Loves Outdoors, Clumsy, and Hates Children (the roll was not nice to her).  She has the Happy Toddler trait and earned four character traits: Good Manners, Compassionate, Responsible, and Mediator.  Her aspiration of Renaissance Sim gives her the Quick Learner trait.  She will be working on Nerd Brain for her aspiration, but will also be bouncing around as appropriate.  Despite my intentions of having her meet kids in school so she would know someone when she moved out, she only knows Bethany, Devon, and Owen.

Building the snow pal helped her fun somewhat, and the tense mood is gone.  She calls for a job at the science lab and receives a position as a Junior Tinkerer, level 3.  She receives simoleons, a lamp, and a poster.  Of course, now she has to come up with six breakthroughs for her next promotion.

It is just possible that her choice of outfits might not be appropriate for her new life in Willow Creek.

Despite the heavy snow falling, she is happy to be outside.

She sells the items she received as rewards for the career levels she skipped, and she sold everything she collected as she ran around her new neighborhood.  She was able to get a tent, cooler, pee-bush, and rudimentary shower.  Not bad for getting started.  And she really needs a shower right now, then she is going to get some sleep in the tent.

Despite the primitiveness of her new home, Oaklyn is settling into the life a lot better than Polly did when she moved to Willow Creek in the winter.

She is able to make two collections circuits, one before bed and one before work the next day.

The first thing she does at work is to take a shower and she has her first breakthrough.  It will be the only one of the day.

She gets right to work and quickly fills up her performance beaker.

Then the rest of the day is spent on the rocket.  Despite this being a good way to have a breakthrough, she comes close but not close enough.

Oaklyn comes home from her second day at work and there is a crowd standing around.  All three are teens – not a young adult or adult in the group.  She ignores them and they all leave.

She saw another sim and thought they were about to freeze to death – then she realized this is a vampire and that is her natural color.  She asked her to leave, and she did.

On Saturday she decided to go to the park and she invited Owen to come with.  Owen is now a teen and he has developed a style special to him.

As they begin to fish, she sees this single young adult male swinging.  Single – Young Adult.  He might be the only one in the world.

She immediately goes over to meet him and they become friends quickly thanks to her good manners.  Then he leaves.

She begins a circuit around the park collecting crap, and when she gets to the fishing spot at the back, she calls Owen to come join her.

Nice fish – but she is wanting the voodoo doll or a sketchpad or something worth more simoleons.

She catches a lot of fish and a violin, but even better is that she gets all four of the remaining breakthroughs she needs for her next promotion.  Nothing is spawning around the park yet, so she stays and fishes until she can fish no longer.

The next morning, she is still at the park.  Things have spawned so she needs to collect everything that she can before heading home.

She sees Malakai out fishing so she spends some time getting to know him better.

They even become best friends.  But now she needs to go home for all the reasons – bath, food, sleep.

Back home where it is still snowing – it is a blizzard in fact.

After a pee and a shower, Oaklyn is cleaning out her inventory and when she goes to get her mail, she sees another single-young-adult male.

She and David cloud gaze for awhile – blizzard clouds are interesting.

As they are getting to know each other better, Oaklyn turns blue and begins to freeze.

Thankfully she changes into her cold weather outfit before it is too late.  David decides to head home, and Oaklyn lets him go.  She needs to eat and sleep because tomorrow is back to work.

She might need to break down and buy a trash can or a sink pretty soon.  She has almost half of what she needs for the house shell, so maybe she will have the house up by the end of the week.

Monday takes Oaklyn back to work, where she works hard to complete her assigned tasks and then she spends the rest of the day working on the rocket.  She has already improved her rocket skill to level 3 and the rocket is just over halfway done.

Oaklyn earns a promotion and heads home with a bonus and her very own chemistry lab.  She calls up Malakai to see if he would like to go celebrate, and they end up at a beach in Sulani.  They fish for a very short time and then Malakai disappears.

Oaklyn builds a sand castle and collects some seashells, and overall has a good time.

It is very late when she heads home.

Tuesday’s work tasks start off with basic care and some time on the treadmill.

The best part of the day is getting to invent the sim-ray, which she names Firestarter.

That time when you go streaking in a snowstorm.  Oaklyn was attempting to change into her cold weather outfit and somehow she ended up nude.

Wednesday is Winterfest so she has the day off from work.  Malakai shows up unexpectedly, and while she is glad to see him, she is busy trying to figure out if she can complete any of the traditions.

She buys a small stack of presents, because she is still saving all her simoleons for the new house.  She is just about §2,500 short, so it will be soon.  She starts off by sneaking a present and gets a spice rack.  Then she opens a present and gets a fossil.

She begins flirting with Malakai to see if he is open to the possibility, and he is.

Oaklyn thinks to check the mailbox to see if anyone has sent her a present, and someone sent her a book.  She also gets another book when she opens another present from the pile.

While she is waiting for Father Winter to come by, she sees her other friend, David lurching by.  She stops him and they talk for a bit, but David is freezing and wants to go home.

David is gone, and still no Father Winter, so she finishes working on the latest snow pal.

There is Father Winter, trying to make his way to see Oaklyn.

He gives her a slablet, which will be sold for the last little bit she needs to get the house.

He also gives her other crap and she opens crap from the pile of presents, but nothing of great value.

They ho and ho and ho for a bit, and then the holiday is over and Father Winter is gone.

The house shell is from the gallery (duh), by Zook1311.

Oaklyn makes a few changes to it and then moves her tent inside.  She does get to swap out the pee-bush for an actual toilet.  And she opens one more round of presents from the pile before selling everything she received and the pile itself.

It is almost time for work, but she can finally sit down and read a book.  She has a chair.  One chair and two books.


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