Drifting Along, House 004.2

Oaklyn stays busy at work, completing her tasks and collecting metals and crystals or working on the rocket when she has time.  She earns two promotions during this week of work, and is now level 5 Technological Innovator.

At home she makes a collection run each day, collecting and selling everything she finds.  She has also discovered that she can sell the serums she makes and turn a pretty good profit.  She also has a pair of high value frogs that she breeds once or twice a day.

Malakai comes by pretty much every day, and they are slowly progressing their relationship, but it is not going quickly.  He is Mean, Self-Assured, and a Child of the Ocean.

Most of the time, she passes out while Malakai is there, which is one reason their relationship is going slowly.

She has a wonderful view of the river from her house and can watch the paddle boats float by.

Then she gets the news that Devon died.

Owen comes by every couple of days and they chat.  They are good friends and super siblings.

It is New Year’s Eve and they spend it together.  She can’t afford a TV yet, so they read away the day.  Oaklyn completes three books and finishes the first tier of the Nerd Brain aspiration.  That will be her primary aspiration, but she will be bouncing around as appropriate.

Malakai comes back in the evening and they are still flirting, but haven’t gotten around to having their first kiss.

She is close, it is time, it is finally an option and he is in a good mood.

And then she passes out again.  Before she can try for that first kiss.  Malakai calls it a night and heads home.  Maybe tomorrow.

Oaklyn spends a quiet Sunday enjoying the first day of Spring.  She survived the winter and has a house, as empty as it may be.

She collects all of the plants that are available for harvest, metals and fossils and dolls.  She sells everything.  Then she fishes for awhile, selling the fish also.  Her goal to today is to have enough in the bank to allow her to travel, and enough on top of that for the bills on Monday.

It is already Monday – that weekend went too fast.  This is how I feel every Monday morning.  One good thing about going to work – she already has her breakthroughs and should be able to earn a promotion in two days, maybe.  Quicker would be nice also, but she is realistic.  After a late night dinner, or early morning breakfast, she retires to the tent to sleep.  And she sleeps right up until the moment where she is rudely jerked out of her tent and sent to work.

When Oaklyn gets to work, she finds her coworkers tending to the plants.  Not that it matters since they never provide anything to harvest.

While she is working desperately to finish her tasks today, one of her coworkers dies.

She is able to distract herself from the death that is happening, and continue her goals with Maribel.

She needs to have someone test one of her serums, and since she is pretty sure it is tainted, she isn’t going to drink it herself.

Maribel agrees and then regrets the decision.  But somehow, Oaklyn is able to fill her performance beaker and move the bar towards her next promotion.  It might take three days total as she still has a way to go on the promotion performance.

She invites Malakai over, but since she is sad after seeing her coworker die today, she keeps making poor choices on what she says to him.

Then Bethany dies and she is screwed for the next two days.

The next day at work was a lot better and Oaklyn even had time to work on the rocket before her shift ended.  She is still one day away from her next promotion, but tomorrow will come soon.  Too quickly.

Despite being on the verge of collapse from exhaustion – the aliens came and took Oaklyn away.  She manages to make it back and into the tent for a short nap before work.

Today, Oaklyn goes to work alone.  She is on the verge of a promotion but still sad from mourning Bethany.  She doesn’t need any help today.

The promotion has been earned and awarded.  She is now an Ufologist, level 6.

Work passes day by day.  Oaklyn stashes any serums she makes to sell when she gets home.

Oaklyn is done.  She refuses to work any more today, so it is good that her performance beaker is full.  She spends the rest of the day collecting metals and crystals.  She will need to hang on to these for inventions – her goal is to make one of each item for her house.

Coming home she finds a toddler standing outside.  Oaklyn Hates Children.  This one counts.

She invites Malakai over to see if they have a strong enough relationship for him to move in.  They don’t – he rejects every other romantic gesture.

She heads out to the park to see if there is anyone else wandering around, and Malakai is there.  It is like he is following her.  She is done with him and asks him if they can just be friends.  It isn’t like they have ever even kissed.

Oaklyn has another good day at work and then it is time for the weekend.  She is just finishing up the first two weeks in her own house.

She gives Malakai another chance when he comes to visit.  But, even with a flirty serum, in a flirty mood, he rejects Oaklyn every time.

With Malakai out of the picture, Oaklyn begins inviting over the other males in her contact list.  Seth is unflirty.

Caleb is not welcome – vampires are not allowed, so she ignores him until he leaves.

Sergio is invited over and he might still be a contender.  They might be brothers, same last name and similar looks.  Nothing has popped up yet to disqualify him.

With the evening drawing to a close, Owen comes by again.  They watch a movie on her new TV, and then she decides to go fishing.

She spends the night in Sylvan Glade fishing up some items to sell.

Then someone else dies, but she doesn’t know who – just that someone died.  Now she is sad, again.

For the first time in this entire challenge, we are at a festival.  Irving (the ghost) invited Oaklyn out to the flea market.  She went because it is a great opportunity to maybe find a guy.

She introduced herself to every male sim that was not an elder.  And then she found Felix.

Felix is the mixologist/bartender at the karaoke bar, which is where the festival dropped her off.  Felix was very accepting of Oaklyn’s romantic overtures.  He was excited to get her phone number.

Very accepting.  She knows nothing about him, not a single trait.  But he never rejected any of her advances and he is the right age – two days older than Oaklyn.

Soon he agreed to be her boyfriend.  Oaklyn wasn’t leaving this to chance, she made sure to get him tied up before she left.

They they had their first kiss.  He had to go back to work, and she went to find something to eat.

Actually she had to make a purchase for the festival event, which she did.  Then she ordered some curry and choked it down.  HOT!

It was so hot that she was blowing smoke rings in addition to breathing fire.  Finally, the festival ended and she went home.

When she gets home, she calls and invites Felix to come over and spend the night.  He does, and they do.

Oaklyn heads to work on Monday morning and discovers she is very popular.  Her reputation is pristine and now everyone wants to be near her.  She concentrates on her tasks and gets a lot done.  She also earns her next promotion to Laboratory Leader, level 7.

Oaklyn gets home and cleans out her inventory and makes some more upgrades to the house.  Then she makes herself a nice dinner, takes a shower, and goes to bed.  About this point, I remember that she needs to move in an alien, and there are only two bedrooms.

All of her fiddling around and trying to contact aliens, results in the aliens contacting her.  She was actually hoping they would come to visit in person and not just abduct her, but soon enough.


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