Drifting Along, House 004.3

Oaklyn finishes inventing all of the devices available.  She makes one set to take home and one set to leave in the lab.  She also has one of each serum up through level 7 that she takes home to put on the shelf.  She leaves work knowing that she just might get a promotion the next day.  It will be close.

Then she gets home to find two toddlers standing outside of her house.

Oaklyn decides that it is time to bring Felix into the household.  She woos him but then they go to sleep before she can make the proposal.  While they are sleeping something (MCCC) hits their relationship so she has to re-woo him the next morning before work.

Thankfully he is easy, and they are soon back up to the option to propose.  Oaklyn does and the heart is good.  He accepts.

There is still some time as Oaklyn doesn’t have to leave for work for several hours, so they have an impromptu wedding right then and there.

Felix and Oaklyn Conway

Oaklyn has a long, rough day at work on Friday.  She is really hoping to get a promotion, but…

She is having trouble staying awake.

She just managed to fill her performance beaker, but she had to stay late to get it done.  Unfortunately, she just misses the promotion, and as she is leaving she sees aliens in the lab.

This is going to be a fun generation.  Felix is a Kleptomaniac Bro who Hates Children.  His aspiration is Soulmate, which will be left for now.  He doesn’t have a job, so he will be the stay-at-home dad. {snort]  And there is more.  He has a child-age daughter, Hana.  Hana’s grandfather is Count Vlad.

Since today is Love Day, Oaklyn tries to get a date in with Felix.  But, the aliens come calling right in the middle of their passion.  This is her third abduction.

When Oaklyn returns, she picks up where she left off, and they have a gold date.

After their date is over, Oaklyn takes care of her needs and heads to bed.  Felix comes along to watch her sleep.

Felix surprises everyone with his birthday to Adult.  He is actually the only one that knows he had a birthday – Oaklyn is asleep.

Oaklyn gets up and has a quiet start to her morning, with a little dance routine.  And then she realizes something is going on – something unexpected.

She heads outside to find Felix and tell him the news.  Felix is shocked – they just got married and neither one of the likes children.  He buries his head for a few minutes, and then whatever.  He goes back to playing chess and chatting with Oaklyn.

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Oaklyn decided it was time that she buy her own rocket.

Then she calls Felix over to help her build the rocket.  She won’t be able to make any trips into space until after the nooboo is born, but at least she can get it built and maybe even make some upgrades too.

Oaklyn attempts to make alien contact and she is surprised when several aliens come through the portal.  The first two to come are teens, and Oaklyn asks them to leave.  She would like to meet someone old enough to move in, and that isn’t a teen.  And, the two teens come again and again.  Just them.

That evening she tries to use the satellite, but they just call her on the phone.  Where is the alien invasion already?

The rocket is done and now she will begin working on the upgrades.

The teens are not happy to be pulled back here over and over.

Oaklyn started thinking and decided that maybe she would get different aliens, if she kept them all on the lot until she was done.  That seemed to work as the two teens came through first, and then there was an Adult male coming through third.

Oaklyn now has two choices for her alien roommate…  Maeve Paige…

Or, Jack Simms…

She spends time getting to know them both, but due to her pregnancy, she ends up peeing herself.

The only trait she knows at this point is that Jack is a Dance Machine.  Neither one have jobs, and at the moment, neither one is married.  She became friends with Maeve a lot faster than with Jack, but that doesn’t mean a lot.  She might just move them both in.

When she started thinking about moving in an alien roommate, she realized the house will not hold that many more sims.  So she begins doing everything she can to increase her funds so that she can build a second floor.

When it was time for work, she was supposed to go on her own, but whatever.

She gets through the day with a bunch of piddle, time-wasting tasks – mostly cloning crap.  Then she is free to work on the rocket the rest of the day.  She is definitely not working late tonight.

She earns the promotion and is now level 8, Pioneer of New Technologies.  Two more promotions and she will have the career completed.  But maybe, she will take family leave tomorrow as the baby is due to come early in the morning.

She gets enough to add the outside walls and the stairs leading up.  There is still a lot of work to do upstairs before the new roommate can move in.

Oaklyn takes the day off and it is a good thing, because it is time for delivery.

Oaklyn checks out her new son – Calvin.  Maybe babies aren’t so bad.

Even Felix makes sure that Calvin is doing okay, and he eventually changed his diaper.

Oaklyn had added on to the house upwards, but then realized it would be better to go downwards.  That way the house would not change structurally, but there would be room for her new alien roommate.

So a basement was added for the roommate and for Calvin once he becomes a child.

As an infant and toddler, he will remain on the main floor of the house.

Oaklyn gets abducted again, I believe this is the fourth time, without going back to see what I posted last time.

While Oaklyn is sleeping off her abduction, Felix cleans the bathroom.

This is good, because Oaklyn wants to take a bath, and she has her next breakthrough while doing so.

She is sent to work alone today.  She has the breakthroughs that she needs and just needs to build her performance meter.  While she is gone, Felix actually does a decent job in taking care of Calvin.

Oaklyn makes a decision on which alien will move in to become their roommate.  It is Maeve because she has gotten a job, while Jack is still unemployed.

Apparently, Maeve is going to be a single mom as she turns up with a baby on the way.  She agrees to move in and brings some savings with her, which is immediately donated to someone that isn’t us.

This is going to be such a fun house.  Maeve is Evil, Neat, and a Music Lover.  Her aspiration is Public Enemy, and she has a job as a Detective.  That makes it Two sims that Hate Children and One sim that is Evil.

While I rarely makeover the spouses, letting them choose their look so to speak, Maeve does get a makeover because I am not fond of the basic alien appearance.  Her disguise has not been touched, this is a makeover to her alien aspect, although the hair is the same one from her disguise.  Also as a note, I use MCCC edit in CAS to do all makeovers, so Maeve hasn’t moved a muscle since she moved in – mirrors and dressers are not required.

Maeve and Felix get to know each other better, while Oaklyn is working on her new serum ideas.

She makes an extra slimify…

…and it works out very nicely.

Felix decided to sleep in Maeve’s bed, but Oaklyn came down and woke him up and made him leave the room.

So, he went in and slept in Calvin’s future bed.  I finally realized that his claim on the correct bed had been dropped so he made the claim and then went to sleep in the right bed.

While Oaklyn is sleeping in preparation of her next work shift, Felix and Maeve are taking turns trying to repair the toilet.

Before work, Oaklyn decides to make breakfast.  She almost fried herself as she didn’t just catch the stove and counter on fire.

She was able to put herself and the fire out successfully.

Then she replaced the burnt items and continued to make her breakfast.

Maeve is off to work.  And, she truly looks evil.

Oaklyn visits with Felix before leaving for work.

Every single day, they are waiting for her to get to work.  She has her very own fan club.

Today was collections day, and Oaklyn is done collecting.

She spends time completing her tasks and once her performance beaker is full, she makes her first trip into space.  It was quick and easy but she didn’t bring back any collectibles.

it was a good day, and she can possibly get the next promotion tomorrow.  When she gets home, Maeve is waiting for her outside and begins cheering.  This gets so old.

Oaklyn ignores her and heads inside to pee and sleep.  Maeve promptly passes out on the sidewalk.

Oaklyn didn’t get a cake because she needs to add days to her life due to waiting so long to have Calvin.  Since she can’t use any specific items to prolong her life, she is going to do it one day at a time – no birthdays/aging up naturally, and more pregnancies.  So, she has her birthday sparkles in the bathroom.

Maeve comes to her senses and heads downstairs to take a nap.

Scrolling back through the notifications, apparently it is Calvin’s birthday.  Where Oaklyn wants to delay her aging, Calvin needs to age up as soon as he is allowed.

Calvin rolls Inquisitive and he is a roly poly chunk.

Oaklyn is about to pass out, so she puts Calvin straight to bed.  He is sad about someone that died recently, but no one knows who that was.  Just that everyone is sad.

Oaklyn struggles to stay awake, but she manages to read him to sleep and then crawl into her own bed.

Autonomous woohoo commences, and they choose the rocket.  Oaklyn is so sad she couldn’t ask Felix to woohoo, so thanks to MCCC.

Then they become best friends, because they weren’t already.  She was trying hard to find an emotion that wasn’t sad, but no dice.  So, she went to bed.

And then Maeve went into labor.

Labor is hard on Maeve, and she hasn’t had much sleep recently.

Priscilla Paige joins the household.

Maeve pops out Priscilla and then she heads downstairs to get some real sleep.

That leaves Felix in charge of the baby.  He is also hoping really hard that Calvin doesn’t wake up too soon.


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