Drifting Along, House 004.4

Calvin is not the first one up in the morning, but he is not the last one either.  Oaklyn was loading up her inventory to take her inventions back to work so that she could begin upgrading them, when she realized Calvin was up and hungry.

Felix is making a meal at Calvin’s request, but Calvin can’t wait and is eating some leftovers that were sitting out.  Maeve is still asleep, but Priscilla is not.

Oaklyn and Calvin are still mourning someone, and that will be for another day.

Oaklyn has time before work to take Calvin to the potty for the first time.  Calvin is not being cooperative today.

Since he has been eating from plates sitting out, he is still hungry, so he finds another partially eaten plate to claim.  No comment on the fact that he is already a chubby pumpkin.

He is having a rough day – mourning, too hot (the thermostat was just installed and can’t be turned on until Oaklyn comes home), and Oaklyn just left him behind (she went to work without him).  Maeve has already gone to work and Felix is taking a quick nap, so Calvin is alone.

And toddlers that are not supervised tend to get into trouble and make messes.

Both of the boys are burning up, but neither one can figure out how to turn on the climate control.  They have to survive until Oaklyn gets home this evening.

Calvin stayed on the couch almost all day.  Just sitting there, pouting.

Until he decided to play in the toilet.

It is a good thing that Felix was standing in the bathroom…

…so that he could promptly scold Calvin.

That hurt Calvin’s feelings.

At this point, I realized that Calvin literally has nothing to do – there isn’t a toy box, dollhouse, or blocks.

The only thing is the little nightlight toy, which gives him something to do.

Thinking that Calvin was stuck, I checked on him along with Felix.  He isn’t stuck, just pooping his diaper.

Maeve gets home before Oaklyn and she comes into the house to pick him up.  She just stands there holding him, putting him down once, and picking him back up.

Oh, Thank God!  Oaklyn is home.  She is about to pass out, but she has time to collect the mail, set the thermostat, and read Calvin to sleep.  Then she collapses in her own bed.  Maeve is taking a nap on the couch, Felix is napping on the bed, and Priscilla is hanging out in the bassinet.  In other news, Oaklyn earned a promotion to level 9, Mad Scientist.  Other good news – it is Friday evening, so Oaklyn will be home all weekend to manage the madhouse.  The sink and stereo are both broken and no one has attempted to fix them yet, so that will fall to Oaklyn also.

With the weekend free from work, Oaklyn decides it is time for Calvin to work on going to the potty.  There is defiance and some yelling, then Calvin goes to the potty three times – as that is what it takes to get him to level 2 so that maybe he will go by himself.

The little dude does not want to sit on the potty.

Oaklyn has been thinking about how long she will live.  Because of the delay in having Calvin, she believes she will die long before he becomes a young adult.  Maybe a week, but that can be a long time since no one will be controllable.  There are several ways to add days to the life span, even with aging items banned.  She can either continue to have more nooboos or she can work on her fitness skill.  Originally, she was going to have several (three or four) pregnancies.  But then she decided fitness would be much better.  So, she leaves Calvin to Felix and she heads down into the basement where she moved her lab, and she begins making serums to sell so that she can buy the exercise equipment.

Felix spends a lot of time checking on Calvin, and interacting with him.  He also checks on Priscilla a lot, but Maeve hasn’t spent any time at all with her daughter.

Felix and Calvin go out to play with the dollhouse, and Felix flips his lid over something.  He completely destroys the dollhouse while Calvin stands there and watches.

Of course, then he immediately repairs it, but Calvin doesn’t want to play with the dolls any more.  Maybe another time.

Since Oaklyn is going to work on fitness to try to increase her life span naturally, she has to make a quick trip to the gym, but then she heads back home immediately

Oaklyn and Felix go to bed, leaving Maeve up alone with Priscilla.  Maeve changed her diaper at one point, but never did give her anything to eat.

Oaklyn realizes it is time for Priscilla to leave the bassinet, so she helps her learn to walk.

Then they sort of got stuck for a few minutes before Oaklyn puts her to bed with a story.

Calvin wakes up and he is stinking so badly that he has green fumes drifting along behind him.  He asks for a bath, and he gets a bath.

Right after his bath, as he is headed out to play with the dolls, he poops his diaper.  He never tried to potty, and he just had a bath.

Oaklyn catches him making a mess outside and she scolds him.  He yelled back at her and then he went to bed for a nap.

Oaklyn goes and wakes Priscilla up – she has been asleep since Oaklyn put her down hours ago.  She offers to help her with the potty training, since that is probably not going to happen with Maeve.

Oaklyn is out of energy, and it is Sunday night.  There is still a lot to do at home with the kids, but she only needs one more promotion to reach the top of her career as a Scientist.

The little ones are up, and it is only two in the morning.  But they both want foods!

They each grab a plate of meatballs and settle in to eat half of it.

The adults are up and doing whatever.  Oaklyn is in her lab working on serums to sell, and Maeve is in the downstairs bathroom.  Needless to say, Priscilla is heading for Maeve and Calvin is heading for Oaklyn.

After watching Maeve, Priscilla slips into the big kids bedroom to make a mess.

Maeve finds her there and gives her a hug, then leaves her to continue making a mess.

It is a wonder! Calvin found the potty by himself.

Priscilla didn’t and now she wants a bath.  Maeve must have the day off, otherwise she would already be gone by now.

No privacy required for toddlers.

The toddlers are both hungry again.  Calvin either hit or yelled at Maeve (hit I believe), but now he is telling her things.

Oaklyn has left for work, going alone today.  That leaves Felix to play with Calvin.

Felix is an ass – if Priscilla knew the word, she would agree.

She is not impressed that he immediately repairs it, he is still an ass.  (I like Felix, but he kills the dollhouse several times a day, and he is doing while they are playing there).

Maeve comes out and cheers up Priscilla with some playing of their own.  Oaklyn has chosen to become one of Priscilla’s guardians, but Felix has not.  Cross-ways, Maeve is not a guardian for Calvin.

Oaklyn wakes up the toddler when she gets home.  They have been sleeping all day and by waking them up she is hoping they will go to bed later and sleep all night.  for now, they are racing to the last serving of meatballs.

Calvin wins the meatballs race so Priscilla heads back to Felix.  When Felix asks what she wants, she says food – and he goes and makes a platter of mac and cheese.

Calvin talks to Maeve and Priscilla while they eat.  He already finished his meatballs.  Since it is getting late, Oaklyn gets up and puts them both to bed with a story.  All of the adults fall into bed to sleep until morning.


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