Drifting Along, House 004.5

Calvin is awake and heading for the kitchen to get some breakfast, while Priscilla sleeps a little longer.

After eating the last of the leftovers, Calvin is excited when Felix asks him what he wants.

His green stink was surrounding him, and he asks for a bath.

Then, he is off to explore the world.  But only for a minute because he doesn’t want to walk very far.

Priscilla finally wakes up and calls for Maeve to come get her out of bed.

Oaklyn is awake and ready for work, so she spends a little time with Calvin and the potty.  Priscilla may have been hungry but she really wanted the bath first.

Oaklyn went off to work alone – she is working on her last promotion and has the breakthroughs, so she just needs her performance to improve.  I probably won’t join her at work until the toddlers become Happy Toddler.  And, the only reason to go with her will be to do the final upgrades, which are available at level 10.  Since Oaklyn is gone, there is no one in the house that is controllable.  Calvin takes advantage of this to work on his imagination.

The toddlers are bouncing around from one thing to another, but there is always someone playing with the dolls.

While Priscilla was playing with the dolls, Maeve came along and destroyed the dollhouse.  Even though she is repairing it, Priscilla is still upset.

Calvin tracks down Felix to work on flash cards.  Calvin just needs a smidge on communications and a touch on potty in order to become a Happy Toddler.

Priscilla has a lot more work to do as she is still level 1 on communication and potty and level 2 on thinking.  Imagination and movement are at level 3.

Despite being evil, Maeve spends a lot of time with Priscilla now.

Oaklyn comes dragging in from work, about to pass out, but first she helps Calvin with the potty.  And, he has mastered the potty.

Then Oaklyn passes out on the way to her bed.

When she gets up (the next morning), she begins helping Priscilla figure out how the potty works.

When she goes to put Priscilla back on the potty, she sees that Calvin has come running in and sat down first.

Calvin continues to make his messes and has mastered imagination.

Felix gets him to work on flash cards some.

The toddlers skipped breakfast but they are definitely ready when lunch comes around.

Then it is back to making messes (Calvin) and dancing (Priscilla).

Moar messes.  This is his primary activity.

Priscilla wakes up from a bad dream due to finding out that someone she doesn’t know died.  There is so much off camera death – these sims know too many other sims.

Maeve isn’t even sad, just Priscilla.

Despite being able to go the potty herself, Priscilla uses her diaper a lot.  She asks for a bath, which Maeve gives her.

Then, immediately after getting out of the tub, she poops her diaper again.

Oaklyn asks her to go to the potty, and she yells at her, “NO!”.  Maeve acts as if she doesn’t even notice, leaving it to Oaklyn to scold her for her defiance.

After making Priscilla go to the potty, she finally has it mastered.  Now, if she will just use it.

Sad baby girl.

Both of these messes belong to Priscilla, and they are probably the first ones she has made.

Felix is a good dad, so far.  The hating children hasn’t kicked in yet, but that should be coming soon.

Priscilla puts herself down for a nap but Calvin isn’t in the mood to sleep.  He does agree to play quietly.

Oaklyn has reached the top of the Scientist career – level 10 – Extraterrestrial Explorer.  Now she has to finish the other goals – mastering rocket science and collecting the collections.

Her fun was tanked so she asked Felix to woohoo.  Immediately after the first woohoo, they went for another round thanks to autonomous woohoo (MCCC).  And all woohoo is risky.

Priscilla is still pouting over the death of someone she doesn’t know.

It is time for Calvin to have his birthday.

As it is one in the morning, Oaklyn tries to influence him to go to bed.  He refuses.  So she forces him to go to bed.  He almost refused, at which point she got out the simray was going to mind control his butt to bed.  But he went before it came to that.

While working on the basement, I finally realized what was screwing up the landscape above.  Each time a room was added outside the boundaries of the house, the lot above was pushed upwards.  So, it is time to reconsider the house.  There are more sims living in the house than was expected when the original two bedroom, one bath was chosen.  Wish me luck.  After a really long time looking – at least an hour – I found a house that I think will work.  It is from the gallery, by babbosabbos.

There were some modifications made to the house to tweak it to my whims, and then everyone was allowed to head back inside.  Beds were assigned, and several sims actually went back to bed.

Oaklyn put Priscilla to bed, and she is still sad because someone died.  Apparently, this is a new someone because she has two days because a grandparent died.

And it is time for Calvin to get his makeover – blonde hair with red eyebrows.  Interesting.

After the makeover, his hairs match – and he and Felix are the only ones up.  Everyone else went to bed.  It is good that Felix doesn’t leave for a job and Calvin will have the day off from school since he just became a child.  That gives him all weekend to get caught up on the sleep he is not getting now.

Felix makes sure to destroy the new dollhouse first thing after they get settled.  Then he repairs it because the next time I look at it, it looks like brand new.

Calvin takes a nap but doesn’t get a lot of sleep.  He wants to try out the new computer with the large screen.

Priscilla wakes up needing to really pee, and actually goes to the potty on her own.  Of course, she also needs a diaper change.

She was headed out to the dollhouse, but Oaklyn stops her to have something to eat first.

Oaklyn has company at work for one last time as she upgrades all of the inventions she made to bring home.  Needless to say her work performance stinks.

Getting home she finds the kids watching TV and Priscilla is still working on the food from this morning.

And then I realize I swapped out the houses and forgot the serum collection.  Priscilla’s birthday is also coming up quickly, so Oaklyn tries to get her communication skill up to level 3 before bed.  Once Priscilla is a Happy Toddler, or no longer a toddler, then Oaklyn will work on rebuilding the serum collection.  It isn’t required but something she wanted to do.  She also still needs to master rocket science and go to Sixam to collect alien things for the house goals.

That isn’t to be, at least not tonight, and Oaklyn passes out in the hallway, leaving Priscilla to find her way to bed alone.

Saturday morning, Oaklyn sends everyone else out to fish.  Maeve is the first one to quit fishing but she doesn’t come back to the house.  She stands out there and sings to the fish.

Oaklyn wakes up Priscilla so that she can take care of her needs.

While Priscilla is getting some food in her tummy, Oaklyn works on replacing the serums she left in the other house.  In the background you can see Maeve singing and Felix fishing.  Calvin is the the left and hidden behind the banister.

Priscilla has one more day of mourning remaining.  But truthfully, I love their sad faces and their sad walk.

With Priscilla as good as she is going to be, Oaklyn comes in and works on her communication skill.

Then they begin working on thinking.

Calvin is the last one home from the fishing spot.  Maeve left to go to work and then Felix came home to pee.  Now it is Calvin’s turn.

Priscilla is a hair short of Happy Toddler, so Oaklyn chases her down to finish it up.

I also really like the defiant toddlers – and I don’t think Priscilla has been agreeable to anything yet.

She has done it – she is a Happy Toddler.

Oaklyn puts Priscilla to bed and yay for that.  Now she can continue working on her serums.

While Priscilla is about ten hours from the end of her mourning, Oaklyn’s has refreshed with the death of someone else she knows.  She is also starving and exhausted, so she might be getting a moodlet solver if she has the points to spare.

Oaklyn has to play aspiration roulette to get the points for another potion, but she does get it and then she drinks it.  Hopefully no one else will die soon.

There aren’t many pictures of Calvin because he doesn’t actually do a lot.  Oaklyn hasn’t had the time to work on his character traits, or help him with homework.  The few times she has tried to influence him, he has not been cooperative.

He needs to go fishing some more to work on his mental, and he needs to get his creative up.  Maybe he needs the art table.

Oaklyn has replaced all of the serums she lost.  The only three not creative are the ones requiring alien ingredients.

Priscilla is awake and she still has four hours to go on her mourning.  Maybe it would be best for her to go back to sleep.


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