Drifting Along, House 004.6

Priscilla wakes up and, for what might be the first time in her short life, she isn’t sad.  Nope, now she is angry.  Someone had better have food ready.

Instead of getting up on her own, she calls for someone to help her out of bed.  Also, it is her birthday.

She might have gone to eat and then got a bath, or maybe the bath came first.  Although, what probably happened was she ate half her meal, then got a bath, and then went back to finish her meal.

Oaklyn heads out to finish upgrading the rocket – she is building her rocket science skill and might master it this weekend.  Maybe.

Priscilla is bubbling and she wants a birthday cake.

When Priscilla started dancing to music only she could hear, Oaklyn went shopping for a stereo.  Fifteen minutes later, the house has more furnishings.  The instant the game was un-paused, Priscilla was heading for the stereo.

Once the cake is ready, Oaklyn brings Priscilla to the cake to blow out her candles.

Priscilla Paige is Lazy and she wants to become an Artistic Prodigy.

Oaklyn sends everyone out to fish.  Maeve is at work or she would be out there also.

Working on the rocket is a good way to focus, and Oaklyn has had her twentieth breakthrough.  Now she needs to collect some alien metals and crystals and plants so that she can make the last three serums.

Priscilla has a long first day as a child, and she comes home from fishing with a bag full of goodies.  She can’t quite make it inside before she falls asleep.

She tried to lay down on Calvin’s bed, even though this is the bed she has claimed.  Oaklyn had to get up and move Priscilla to the right bed and then she put Calvin to bed also.

Morning comes and Oaklyn takes the day off.  She needs to spend the day on her rocket.  Calvin thinks something smells pretty bad.

Maeve threatens Felix with the alien probe, but it was just a joke.  So, she says.

Priscilla is the first one to do homework without influence.  Actually, she is the first one to do homework at all.  Calvin will be influenced to do his homework shortly.

This.  They dance all the time.

Oaklyn has a long day.  She did make progress on the rocket upgrades but then had to stop and spend time making more serums to sell because the bills wiped out their savings.  I forgot there were twenty-one breakthroughs, but she got the last one today.

Oaklyn masters rocket science as she continues to work on the rocket upgrades.  After she finishes this upgrade, then she will install the wormhole generator.  And then, she will make a trip to Sixam.

Well, crap.  Their method of fun raising has had consequences.

Calvin is allowing himself to be influenced and he and Priscilla both complete their homework.

Oaklyn send everyone out fishing while she works on the rocket.  She is on the last upgrade, but of course, won’t be able to go on any space missions while she is pregnant.

The kids come home with a B in school.  Calvin hasn’t slept properly in two days and it is showing.  He also needs a shower again.

Oaklyn finishes up the last upgrade on the rocket.  Now she has to wait out her pregnancy before she can go on any space missions.

She takes out her tension on the dollhouse.  It literally is destroyed several times every day.

Then, she works on the projects for Calvin (heir first).

Felix masters dancing, because this is all he does with his time.  I really wish there was influence on adults.  Oaklyn would love for him to help her with the school projects.

With some sleep, Oaklyn is ready to finish up Priscilla’s project the next day.  Felix comes to chat, but doesn’t offer to help.

It is time to head to Sixam ({yay}.

While Oaklyn is wandering around collecting crap, she completes the crystals collection.  She didn’t even realize she was anywhere close to completing the collection.

She is waiting on the plants to bloom at five AM.

Waiting and waiting, and nothing blooms.

When she gets home, there are toddlers standing out front.  All but one disappears quickly.  Oaklyn greets Hayden.  Then, she crushes her dreams.

I must have some mean in me, because I laugh and laugh at this.

Finally, she tells Hayden to go away.  Oaklyn heads upstairs to get some sleep.  She won’t finish making the last three serums most likely, because one requires a death flower and the other two require alien plants.

But, she did collect three geodes, three live aliens…

…and one dead alien.  This means Oaklyn is finished with the house goals (the value of the house is over §100,000).  All they are waiting on now is for Calvin (and Priscilla) to grow up.

It is time for the unplanned nooboo.

And it is another boy – Conan Conway.

Well, Priscilla brings home an A, but Calvin is still sitting at a B.

It takes awhile before Maeve responds to Conan’s cries, but eventually she does.  Everyone else is sleeping so she finally settles him down.

No one sleeps on a normal schedule, despite Oaklyn’s efforts.

Calvin just noticed his new brother, and he is not impressed.  Just wait until Conan becomes a child and moves into share his bedroom.

Apparently this also builds creative skill for children, even as it is hurting their responsibility.

Oaklyn takes some time to begin working on Calvin’s manners.  And she has the option to talk to him about his eating habits.

She influences both kids to do their homework and then she heads out for a space mission.  Felix volunteers to help with their homework.

Even though the house goals are completed, Oaklyn is still making space missions.  She is trying to collect the space rocks to add to the house decor.

She has been trying to be on Sixam each morning at five, and it is taking a toll on her.  Although, the plants are not expected to bloom since it is fall, and none of the three growing are in season in the fall.

Since she is here, she might as well collect everything.  Moar aliens and geodes.  She splurges on another moodlet solver and gets to work.

She has completed three collections now  -MySims trophies, Geodes, and Crystals.  Completed by EA’s definition.  For the crystals, she still needs one from Sixam and two from Selvadorada to actually have all of the crystals in game.  The trophies and geodes are completely collected.  For the aliens, she has all five live, and three of the dead – two more of those to go.

She has also collected three of the four space rocks – only the unnaturally large one is remaining.

It is Conan’s birthday, so she influences Priscilla to do something else.  Clean up the kitchen, wash the dishes, whatever.

Then Conan becomes an Angelic toddler.

Oaklyn starts Conan off with his potty training and once he knows how to go by himself, it is time to put him to bed.

She sends Calvin and Priscilla to bed and then the adults enjoy a quiet dinner.  It takes until three in the morning to get everyone in the house asleep at the same time.  And it is the first time in days that everyone has been asleep at the same time.

Conan follows Felix around most of the day, and Felix is willing to play with him.

He also works with him on flash cards.

When Conan is not following Felix around, he is not being angelic.

When Oaklyn takes him to the potty, everyone comes to watch.

Calvin has finally earned his A in school.

I didn’t catch who destroyed the dollhouse, but Conan is sad about all the poor dolls.

Priscilla started her school project without influence, but she didn’t work on it very long.  Oaklyn is trying to get Calvin to start his project, but despite agreeing to, he doesn’t.

I just realized Conan is a charmer, not angelic.

Felix was destroying the dollhouse again, and this time Conan was there watching.  Despite being sad about the dolls, Conan asked Felix to play with him.  He is quickly building his movement skill thanks to all the playing he does with Felix.

The space rocks collection is complete.

Conan has a dirty diaper and needs to be changed, but at least he attempted to go to the potty alone.

Oaklyn interrupted his potty time by asking to change his diaper first.  He objected.

She insists and he gets his diaper changed.

Then he immediately poops his diaper again.  Oaklyn has to change him a second time and then she puts him on the potty.

Everyone is gathered in the living room except for Calvin, who has finally been convinced to start his project.  Since they both already have an A, they will wait to complete the project until they are in high school.  Hopefully, no one destroys the partially completed projects first.

It has been awhile since Oaklyn was abducted, but they haven’t forgotten her.

After getting back from her abduction, Oaklyn heads to Sixam.  She has figured out that she will not be able to collect the alien plant – the one she needs for the serum does not bloom until Summer.  So, she is there for the aliens, but she is collecting everything for her savings account.  She also finds out that someone died, but no one knows who.

She gets back home just in time for Felix to become elderly.

She takes Conan to the potty and keeps him there until he masters it.  He also have movement to level 3, but is going slow in everything else.

When she finishes with Conan, she heads out to pick up the mail, and completes the Elements collection.  It is completely completed – all sixteen elements.  She switches her aspiration to The Curator and completes the aspiration (she only need a completed collection).

Conan got tired of dancing and decided to take his anger out on one of the projects.

Now he is feeling much better.  He is heading back inside to dance some more.

The kids come home from school – isn’t it their birthdays yet?

They head over to get some fishing done before the weather turns to winter.  Soon.

Conan wakes up from a nightmare and gets some food while he waits for Oaklyn to put him back to bed.

Priscilla discovers the damaged project. Unfortunately, she can’t be influenced to restart it.

The aliens come for Felix, for the first time.  Thankfully, he comes home without an implanted spawn.


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