Drifting Along, House 004.7

Felix and Conan like to play dolls in the middle of the night.  If it isn’t be destroyed, someone is playing dolls.

After they finish playing dolls, Conan is hungry.  He heads upstairs to wake up Calvin, but Oaklyn is able to call him to her before he manages to wake up Calvin.

She takes him downstairs and grabs him something to eat.  Of course, he starts to throw a tantrum before she can get the bowl to him.

But he settles down once he has food in his hands.

Oaklyn has slowly been cleaning out her ingredients and making serums to sell.  They finally have a decent savings balance, and the house is basically done, so the only expenses they have will be their weekly bills plus the food they eat.

Maeve isn’t the easiest sim to live with.

Oaklyn played the lotto, and the winner is Captain Whitaker.  There is just one little problem.

Captain Whitaker is a god, and a ghost at that.

Today is Harvestfest and everyone is home from work and school.  The kids spend time together where the older kids make Conan laugh.

Then he tries to tell them a funny story.

Calvin actually acknowledges that he has a project to work on, but he only stays there long enough to mush the clay about a bit.

As Harvestfest winds down, everyone (except Maeve) comes together to listen to Oaklyn read a story.

After the family story, Oaklyn reads Conan to sleep, and he becomes a Happy Toddler at this point.

Then I remember it is Calvin’s birthday.  There are two days between Calvin, but since the plan is for Priscilla to join Calvin in House 005, they need to have their birthdays together.  This birthday will see Calvin delay his candles by one day (blow them out on Friday).  Priscilla’s birthday is Saturday and she will blow out her candles as the first possible moment.  Then for their young adult birthdays, Calvin will wait until the day of Priscilla’s birthday to blow out his candles.

Well, that was the plan.  As Calvin was getting up to go downstairs and blow out his candles right after midnight on Friday morning, he grew up without any fanfare.  Just some sparkles.

Oaklyn influences him to go back to sleep, even though he won’t need to go to school today.  He also needs a makeover when he gets up in the morning.

Once again, Calvin grew up with funky colored eyebrows – this time they are pink.  Last time they were red.

Calvin gets his makeover and Maeve approves, I guess.  Calvin is Outgoing and Self-Assured; also a Happy Toddler.  He has the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration.

Oaklyn sends Calvin to the creek to do some fishing, but Calvin just isn’t in the mood today.

He comes back to the house and actually sits down to work on his project with Oaklyn.  They are able to get it finished despite the rain.

Oaklyn heads upstairs to get some sleep, leaving Calvin and Felix downstairs to chat.

The maid is trying to clean up the back porch in the rain.

Then Calvin goes out to clean up the front porch.  Dorks.

Priscilla is still crying over the destroyed project, so it is thrown away (sold).

Conan is crying because no one will talk to him.  He isn’t lonely, but he is a charmer and they must have conversation.

Even when Calvin plays with him, it just isn’t the same as talking.

When Oaklyn comes home from work, Conan heads outside for hugs.  She hugs him five times before realizing he wants to talk instead.

They talk and then she takes him to bed.  She heads upstairs to fill her fun meter with Felix and passes out afterwards on the floor.

Saturday morning, it is time for Priscilla to blow out her candles.

She also gets a makeover, and is totally rocking that hairstyle.  Priscilla Paige is Lazy and a Geek; also a Happy Toddler.  She also took the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration.

Oaklyn takes the teens out to fish, although Calvin would apparently do his homework instead.

Inside, Conan is miserable.  His diaper is overflowing with the stench.

Instead of changing his diaper, Felix decides that he really needs a bath, and off they go.

Oaklyn influences Priscilla to do her homework, and while helping her with it, Oaklyn masters the parenting skill.  Not bad for a sim that hates children.  Although, maybe teens are so bad.

Oaklyn makes another trip to Sixam on the first day of winter, and there is a plant blooming finally.  Unfortunately she has to pee and is refusing to do anything, so she heads home to pee.

Conan looks so sad about the dollhouse, but he is the one that just destroyed it.

Oaklyn comes along and gives him a scolding, which he was not happy to receive.

Then Felix comes out and repairs the dollhouse.  But not for Conan.

This will be her last trip to Sixam, though.  The plant she needs for the serum won’t be blooming until summer and Calvin will have already moved out by that time.

Oaklyn passes Maeve as she heads off to work.

Inside, Oaklyn uses up all of her ingredients making the last of the serums.  She is done unless she can fish up a death flower.  She pulls out just enough alien crystals and elements to finish the last two serums, if perchance she finds a death flower or quill fruit.

She takes a moodlet solver and then gathers the family up and they head to the park.

Conan enjoys the toddler gym, but eventually he is sent home with Felix, and the teens head to school.

Oaklyn fishes for awhile, but she decides not to worry about and she heads home.

She realized it was Conan’s birthday and she is coming home to make him a cake.

But she is too late.  Conan missed his birthday.  He rolled Outgoing and took the Social Butterfly aspiration.

Oaklyn hugs away the sadness from everyone forgetting his birthday.

Conan’s birthday was not the only one missed – Maeve also had her birthday and joins Felix in the elderly age bracket.  9 more days – literal countdown to the end of this house.

Conan gets his makeover, and not much is changed.  He also grew up with the red eyebrows, so he is getting some weird genetics from someone.

Oaklyn has been calculating her life expectancy and comparing it to when Calvin and Priscilla will be moving out.  And it struck her that she may not see Conan to become a teen.  Since she is the youngest of the adults, this is not good.  So, she begins working on fitness and the bodybuilder aspiration to try to lengthen her life long enough that Conan will be old enough to remain in this house, if he chooses.

She explains this to Felix, who will be the first to die of old age.

Calvin still has a B in school and it is because he doesn’t have the skills for the better grade.  So, since the waters are frozen at home, Oaklyn takes everyone to the park in Oasis Springs to go fishing.  It takes some work to get everyone fishing since only four can fish at one signpost, and there are five of them on this fishing tour.  The boys gather at one spot…

And she takes Priscilla with her to the back spot.  She was really hoping to catch a death flower, but it was not meant to be.

Calvin fishes long enough to reach level 3, and then he stops to do his homework, after which he is sent home.

Priscilla calls it a day and heads home to find a toilet.

That leaves Oaklyn and Conan.  Conan needs level 4 in a skill for his grade improvement, and when he quits fishing, Oaklyn sends him home.

Then Oaklyn passes out and it is time for her to head home.

She passes Conan up, so he will be the last one home.

Back at the house, everyone is standing outside miserable.  Oaklyn has already headed inside to bed, but that is only because she is the only one that can be controlled.

Tomorrow is going to suck for the boys.

Priscilla had apparently made hamburgers at the park, and she brought them home.  She doesn’t have a good reason for eating the burger in the upstairs bathroom though.

Today is Oaklyn’s elderly birthday, and she is trying to get as much fitness as possible.  She is also going to let it come naturally, so no candles for her.

Calvin brings home an A, Priscilla still has a B, and Conan is solid with his C.

Maeve has turned out to be an okay roommate.  Even though she is evil, she has only picked on Felix a few times.  She cleans and repairs a lot of objects as needed.

Although, Calvin was the one that decided to repair the dishwasher, and he was watched carefully, not that I could have done anything about it if he had been electrocuted.

Felix received, or made, a phone call.  No idea who he is talking to.

The blizzard finally lets up so that Oaklyn can go jogging.  She finishes the required time and moves to the last tier of the aspiration.  And her age bar has been bubbling all day.

The kids come home with improved grades.  Calvin already has an A, Priscilla now has an A, and Conan is up to a B.

Oaklyn is at level 6 in fitness, so she still has to master the skill.  And she has to reach her maximum body potential.

One of the teens brought home a friend, Calvin maybe.  But it is Priscilla who is spending time with him.

The friend wanders off and the household kids all gather to watch TV.  Everyone is smelling something nasty, and Priscilla realizes it is her that they are smelling.

The friend is caught repairing the bathroom sink – go friend.

Another gathering at the table, after Priscilla takes a shower.  Oaklyn influences Conan to start the last project so he can get his grade to an A.

While helping with Conan’s project (doing it for him), Oaklyn finally becomes an elder.  And checking her time remaining, she should last long enough for Conan to become a teen.  She is still going to work on her fitness as she can.  Six more days until Calvin and Priscilla become young adults.

Oaklyn can’t workout for as long as before, but she is still on the weights every chance she gets.

The kids spent Saturday volunteering, getting home late that night.  They are all on track for Responsible, but may or may not get a second positive character trait.

It is time for Felix to say goodbye.  He was a good spouse and never gave Oaklyn any trouble.

Oaklyn was coming in to take a nap after working out, and she sees Felix on the floor.

Grim shocks everyone, except Conan, when he shows up to claim Felix’s soul.

His gravestone is moved outside to the side of the house, and the teens and the caterer follow to mourn.

Oaklyn was able to hug away the sadness for all of the kids, but for herself, she drink a moodlet solver.  She wasn’t actually drinking it for the mourning, but for the exhaustion.  But she is too far from mastering fitness, so she decides that this is what it is.  She will cross her fingers she lasts long enough for Conan to become a teen.  Either way, Calvin and Priscilla will already be moved out.

Oaklyn influences Conan to begin his project and then he goes to bed while she finishes it.  2-3 more days.

Oaklyn realizes that she can help Maeve with her sadness over the death of Felix.  So, she does.

The timing is set for the aging up, and everything should be working out:

  • Calvin – 2 days (he will wait to blow out his candles until Priscilla is ready)
  • Priscilla – 3 days
  • Maeve – 4 days remaining in her life
  • Conan – 6 days to teen
  • Oaklyn – 9 days remaining in her life

Oaklyn is giving Calvin advice, trying to get his character traits up.  She also asks him what he thinks about Priscilla, and he decides that he likes her.

Felix comes out to haunt, and Oaklyn gets him to haunt their bed.

Winterfest has come and Oaklyn makes a grand feast.

She puts up the tree in the back yard where it will live permanently, but the presents are stacked in the main room near the stairs.  She has everyone open gifts as a group, and Conan is the last one to come along.

The the family gathers to watch a movie together.  They are waiting for Father Winter to come and bring more presents to open.

Oaklyn comes home from work exhausted.  She should have taken the day off.  But she didn’t and now she has to make a cake for Calvin and Priscilla.

The cake is made and it is just a few hours until midnight.  Calvin has been bubbling all day but he needs to wait until Priscilla can blow out the candles also.  Breaths are being held that he can wait.

He made it.  It is time for them to both blow out the candles.  Calvin and Priscilla are moving out to begin House 005.

  • House Value §116,636


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