Drifting Along, House 005.1

Calvin and Priscilla move into their new, empty lot in Oasis Springs, Arid Ridge.  Their goals for this house are:

  • Create a three bedroom, two bath home worth at least §100,000 simoleons
  • Reach the top of the Painter career, both branches
  • Master the Photography skill on one sim
  • Complete the Photography Treasure Hunt (10 photos with a combination of items and colors)
  • Have and raise an heir to young adult

Both Calvin and Priscilla are playable sims for this house.

Calvin is Erratic, Outgoing, and Self-Assured.  He was a Happy Toddler and earned three character traits: Responsible, Mediator, and Compassionate.  His aspiration is Painter Extraordinaire.  He has a smattering of skills, but none over level 3.  He is the primary sim and will be taking the Patron of the Arts branch.

Priscilla is Lazy, an Insider, and a Geek.  She was also a Happy Toddler and earned two character traits: Responsible and Compassionate.  Her aspiration is also Painter Extraordinaire.  She also has a selection of skills with Logic at level 4, Fishing at level 3, and the others at level 1.

Calvin and Priscilla head off to do some fishing, which gives them some items to sell.

During their fishing, Priscilla catches two cameras along with some fish.  Calvin just catches fish.  But then they stop fishing and call in for their jobs in the Painter career.  They both start at level 3, Hungry Artist.

The bonus they receive from the new jobs is nice and they are able to buy the basic bathroom items – toilet, shower, and sink.  Then all they have left is enough for a cooler.

Since they moved into the new lot on Thursday evening, soon they are both wanting to sleep and there are several empty benches in the center of the lots.  They get Friday off and will start work on Saturday.

Even though their first day of work falls on New Year’s Eve, and it is a holiday, they both head to work.  When they get home, they receive news that Maeve has died.

Since they won’t be able to stay up and watch TV for the new year, they settle for toasts and party spirit.  They also both made resolutions to get promotions at work.

They have scraped together enough to buy two easels.  Their next purchase will be a bed.  Hopefully they will be willing to share it when they get it.

With the sale of their initial paintings, they are able to save enough to buy a bed.  Thankfully they will share it even though they are only friends.

They wake up early with needs to be met, but when Calvin gets romantic, or tries to get romantic, Priscilla stops him cold.

He realizes that he needs to proceed a little slower rather jumping right into kissing her.  So, he asks her to be his best friend, and she agrees to that.

Then he starts flirting until she is feeling frisky.  At that point, he is able to get their first kiss.

Then he proceeds to woo her.

Taking the risk, he has reached the point of proposing by the time the sun is up.

They change into their formal clothes – it might be an elopement, but they can at least look good.

Once they are married, they celebrate with some fun-building activities.  And all I can think is, it is too early to get pregnant.

They are at the same point in their aspirations, so it is time to take a trip to the museum to view some paintings, and then back home to paint some more.

Always the toddlers.

Tuesday morning comes and they are both getting ready for their first day at work.  With a little flirting and painting to get them going.

And they both come home with promotions at the end of their first day.  Very nice indeed – Watercolor Dabblers, level 4.

After spending the rest of the day and evening painting and selling, they are able to buy a kitchen and living room.  They also find out that Oaklyn got remarried and then died.  And Conan is a teen now.  They are going to stay on the lawn until they can afford the shell of the house, which is going to take awhile as the shell alone is §85,000.  We’ll see if they can hold out.

Every day they come home from work miserable and lacking in all fun.  So, they have fun while I hold my breath.  They also each paint four paintings before being allowed to go to sleep.  As a result, they are both on the last tier of the aspiration – five masterpieces and master painting – and they have just over §20,000 in the bank.

Dumbass Calvin tried to make some breakfast even though Priscilla had already made breakfast.

Priscilla has a talk with Calvin about checking for food already made before setting the kitchen on fire.

They have started to paint masterpieces.  This is Priscilla’s second while Calvin has only painted one so far.

With a TV to watch, there is some little hope that they will have ways to keep their fun up that doesn’t result in nooboos too soon.

Calvin and Priscilla sleep in the next morning, getting up just in time for a bite of breakfast before having to leave for work.  Calvin says something mean, apparently.

And he instantly regretted whatever it was that he said.

It was bound to happen before too long, as they were having the woohoo every day after work to improve their moods.  The confetti was missed and she was distracted from telling Calvin.  But there is the baby bump, and the nooboo will be along in a few days.  The countdown for finishing the goals for this house has started.

Another day or two at work, and they both come home with another promotion – Imaginative Imagist, level 6.  They are also at level 9 in painting, although Priscilla is one masterpiece ahead of Calvin relating to the aspiration.

With two days off from work, Calvin and Priscilla are basically chained to the easels.  Calvin masters painting first, but he still hasn’t completed the aspiration, lacking two masterpieces.

Priscilla is doing her best to stay up and paint, but exhaustion wins, and down she goes.

After a few hours of sleep, she comes back to the easel where she masters painting and completes the aspiration.  She switches to Fabulously Wealthy, because they are definitely going to be rolling in dough this generation.  Painting is very lucrative and my favorite way to support a household.  With aspiration points to spend, she buys Frugal, Marketable, Creative Visionary, and Entrepreneurial.  Completing the aspiration gives her Expressionistic.  Calvin picks up Creative Visionary, Entrepreneurial, and Marketable.

While Priscilla is out taking practice pictures of sims walking by, Calvin is home completing the aspiration.  Finally.

Once finished with the aspiration, Calvin begins working on the photography skill also.  They are going to tag team that particular goal.  As he is getting ready to take her photo, she mind probes him, because apparently she is an alien.

It is almost time for the nooboo to come along, so Calvin is making sure the “house” is in order and everything is clean.

Priscilla wakes up in pain – it is baby time.

Caprica Conway joins the household and becomes the next (purple) heiress.

Priscilla desperately had to pee and despite getting to the toilet, she couldn’t get it in the toilet.  She pops into the shower to get cleaned up.

Calvin takes care of Caprica’s initial needs by feeding her a bottle while Priscilla takes a shower.

Calvin and Priscilla take family leave so they can stay home with Caprica, and mostly so they can paint unendingly.  They are hoping to be able to afford the house by the end of today.

Calvin is dead on his feet so he goes to bed.  Alternating with getting up to take care of Caprica.  Walls, walls would be really nice, ya know?

They had enough to get the house, unfurnished.  It was downloaded from the gallery, by Nportsims.

After moving in their very small amount of furniture and other belongings, the house is still very sparsely furnished.

But it is a good house.  Of course, they are once again broke, and they have five days to earn enough to pay the bills on Monday.

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Priscilla wakes up and christens the new house with pee.  Because a house is not a home until someone has peed on the floor.

Conan comes over to see the new house, and Calvin really needs to take a shower.

Conan is left alone in the living room while Calvin cleans up.

Calvin and Priscilla go through their collected masterpieces, keeping a selection and selling the rest.  They also begin working on collecting masterpieces of all of the emotional paintings.

Then, they take the simoleons from the masterpieces and they “complete” the downstairs.  There will be more changes, but basically the rooms downstairs are finished.

Treasure Hunt (to date)

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