Drifting Along, House 005.2

Priscilla is up and making something to eat in their new kitchen.  I could make do with this kitchen.

There is some time before they need to leave for work, and their fun is tanked.  They decide to watch a movie instead of running the risk of another nooboo.  But I will be surprised if Caprica is the only child by the time they are done.

They both head off to work, but they realized before they left that someone would need to come stay with Caprica or she would be sent to daycare.  Nanny Allison turned out to be a good nanny.  He would go to watch TV but never left her alone for more than an hour each time.

It seems like time passed quickly because it is already time for Caprica to become a toddler.

A quick makeover and then Calvin teaches Caprice to walk.

She rolled Angelic, and for now is agreeable to Calvin’s suggestions to begin potty training.

Priscilla is supposed to be making dinner, but she keeps slipping away to do other things.

Calvin went off to grab a plate leaving Caprica in the nursery to make her own way to the kitchen and food.  I have to remember I can only control Calvin and Priscilla – not Caprica.  So she waits for a bit before heading off to find her parents and food, and not necessarily in that order.

She grabs a plate and then passes up three chairs that are closer to the kitchen to sit on one of the chairs in the living room.

Priscilla (lazy) was angry at being woken up to make dinner, and she went back to bed.  Calvin wants to go to bed, but first he will put Caprica to sleep with a story, after she finishes eating.

Okay, maybe a little play time before bed, but she is going to bed right after this.  Caprica’s fun was in the red so Calvin tries to improve it before putting her to sleep.

Calvin reads her a story about a dinosaur to put her to sleep.  That better not cause any nightmares.

While Calvin and Priscilla are working, Caprica is spending time with the nanny.  She slept most of the day, then got up to eat and play with the dolls.

Despite both having the promotion checked, only Calvin actually received his promotion.  He takes the Patron of the Arts branch and becomes a Color Theory Critic, level 7.

Caprica did spend time on the potty as Priscilla made sure she knew how to use it on her own.  But then it was back to taking photos, or trying to, leaving Caprica to play quietly.  Which she did, until she got really tired.

While Priscilla is working on getting photos for the treasure hunt, Calvin puts Caprica to bed with a story.

This time when Calvin and Priscilla head off to work, Caprica is already awake.  Now if she will just choose something productive to do.

Caprica decided she wanted a bath, and it took her four times asking along with leading the nanny into the bathroom, for her to finally get the bath.

But he finally gave her the bath and she is all clean now.

Then she heads outside and makes a mess with the paints.

She is going to have a high imagination because everything she has chosen is building that skill.

Priscilla comes home with her promotion to level 7 – which she should have had yesterday.  She takes the Master of the Real branch and becomes an Artist en Residence.

While Calvin and Priscilla are outside trying to find more to take pictures of for the treasure hunt, Caprica is inside chatting with the nanny.

And pooping her diaper.  Because she is a toddler.

Priscilla takes a break from photo taking and comes inside to check on Caprica.  She changes her diaper.

She plays flying butterfly with her.

She teaches her basic needs with the flash cards.

And she teaches to talk.

Then she puts her to bed.

Or at least tries.  Caprica doesn’t want to sleep in her bed and she doesn’t want to listen to a story.

Then the asshole nanny comes to get her and takes her back into the living room so she can pass out on the floor.

Calvin has better luck getting her to bed and to sleep.

Everyone sleeps and the next morning comes.  Caprica will eat at the table only if someone else is already sitting there.

After having her breakfast, Priscilla spends the morning working on her skills.  Since Priscilla and Calvin are both at level 7 and in different branches of the career, they no longer go to work together most days, leaving someone home with Caprica.

Despite being right next to the potty, Caprica chooses to use her diaper.  She has almost mastered the potty, but apparently not quite close enough.  She has reached level 3 in movement and imagination and both communication and thinking are at a low level 2.

Calvin puts her to bed because she is tired again.  One thing about angelic toddlers – they typically only get sad when their needs are low.  So, she pouts a lot.

Calvin begins working on his charisma.  He will need to be at level 6 while Priscilla will need to reach level 6 in logic.  They have both mastered painting already.

Calvin needs to build charisma, and that is one of the skills I hate to work on, so he buys the Great Kisser trait (3,000 points) and then he kisses his way to level 6.  That is all he needs for all of his promotions.

Caprica wakes up hungry, which is par for the course with toddlers.  She finds several pieces of pizza that she demolishes.

She even manages to find the potty all by herself.  She has mastered the potty.

Then she finds a book laying around that she tries to read all by herself.  Needless to say, imagination is her highest skill.

Calvin comes in and works her thinking skill to level 3.  Now she is just needing to build communication a little more.

Another night and the next morning, Caprica is up first.  She doesn’t want to be the only one up though.

She brought her pizza (breakfast) with her and after waking up Priscilla, she sits down and finishes her breakfast.

Calvin was supposed to play with her but somehow that got turned into a bath.  They haven’t had a lot of breakage, mostly because all of their stuff (mostly) is expensive.  This is the first broken toilet since they moved into the new house.

Calvin heads off to work, and Priscilla is out trying to find the last picture (sim’s name), leaving Caprica to find something to do on her own.

Priscilla doesn’t leave Caprica alone very long and she is trying to get her communication improved so that she can become a Happy Toddler.

Caprica is tired of the words and she really has to potty.  Won’t Priscilla ever stop talking?  Apparently not until Caprica reaches level 3 – Happy Toddler confirmed.

Calvin earns another promotion – Fine-Art Aficionado, level 8

When Priscilla finally stops talking, Caprica heads off urgently to the potty, going as slow as toddlerly possible.

With the treasure hunt complete, Calvin and Priscilla get back to work painting so that they can finish furnishing the upper floor.

Caprica has one more day until her birthday, and I just realized the stereo has never been turned on.  She was waiting for the music and answered the call almost immediately.

Nanny takes Caprica out to swim for a little while.  Being a toddler in the summer is a good thing.

Calvin comes out and takes a bunch of pictures of Caprica playing in the pool.  He picks out the two best and hangs them on the wall with the rest of the family pictures.  He has also mastered photography.

He begins to create some paintings and Caprica comes over to watch.  The nanny decided to go home since Calvin was home from work.

Caprica decides that she can make pretty pictures too.  She makes one in her room…

And another one on the front lawn.

Priscilla comes home and catches her, but there isn’t any scolding.  Instead, Priscilla puts Caprica to bed.  She is exhausted and Calvin has already gone to bed, so everyone is going to bed early today.  Tomorrow is Caprica’s birthday.

The photography treasure hunt is complete. The photos are listed from top left to bottom right.

  • White Socks (socks, tights, or accessory leggings) -Anita Herman
  • Orange Bottoms (underwear, swim bottoms, shorts, and pants) -Jordan Pancakes
  • Brown Footwear (all types) -Angelina Daigle
  • Purple Tops (all types) -Bobbie Wilkerson
  • Red Accessories (glasses, gloves and all jewelry) -Lilith Harmon (red gloves)
  • Yellow Full Body Outfits (all types) -Laila Hinson
  • Pink Skirts (all types) -Kiera Munch
  • Green Makeup (all locations) -Fiona Dreamer (green eye shadow)
  • Black Hair (hair, facial hair and eyebrows) -Tabatha Rocca
  • Blue Hats (hats and masks) _Elle Callahan


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