Drifting Along, House 005.3

Caprica wakes up on her birthday and she is happy that today she will become a big girl.  Priscilla is also happy she will become a child today.

With a little time to kill before work, Calvin and Priscilla have been painting to build the savings account back up.  They just spent all they had accumulated furnishing upstairs.  There is one bedroom left that is empty and then they have to be able to cover the weekly bills.  Caprica is following Priscilla around but it is too early for birthday cake – she isn’t bubbling yet.

After Calvin and Priscilla leave for work, the nanny shows up but leaves Caprica to her own devices.  That means more messes.

Then I realize the nanny is invisible.  He is making a meal here.

Caprica is talking to the nanny here.

And she is talking to him here.

Calvin comes home with another promotion to Composition Curator, level 9.  Yay, Calvin.  As soon as Priscilla gets home then I will reload the game to see if the nanny becomes un-invisible.

Out to Manage World and back in, and the nanny is visible again.  He leaves right after this since Priscilla is home now.

Priscilla loads into surrounded by kids, teens, and toddlers.  She tries to greet each one but only Hobart was willing to meet her.  She will be calling him over to meet Caprica after the birthday so maybe she will know someone once she moves out.

Priscilla was working on making spaghetti for dinner when the aliens came calling.

She had put Caprica to bed when she got home from work because she was getting tired and her age bar had not started bubbling.  While she was away with the aliens, the bubbles began.  Calvin made a cake and went to get Caprica up.

He took her to the cake to get the candles done.  It is the middle of the night, and everyone wants to go to bed.

Caprica rolls Hot-Headed and takes the Whiz Kid aspiration.  As usual, it won’t be completed.  And seeing the overflowing trash, they realize that there needs to be an outside trash can.  So that is added and Priscilla takes out the trash.

I am going to call the house finished.  It is so big, there is a lot of space to fill.  It is not cluttered, which I prefer, but each room has been furnished and decorated.  The house is four bedrooms and three + one-half baths.  The current value of the house is §219,075 and they have §147 in the bank.

The bottom floor has the kitchen, dining room, living room, nursery (infants and toddlers), and one and one-half baths.  The art patio is at the back of the house looking out over the swimming pool.

The top floor has three bedrooms and two baths.  There is a workout porch on the back of the house and the two front porches are setup for peace and quiet, and watching the neighbors.

Calvin steps up to the parenting challenge and influences Caprica to do her homework.  She already rejected Priscilla’s suggestion twice.

After getting her homework done, Calvin plays with her dolls with her.

Then she gets some drawing done.  She needs to get one skill to level 4 and it looks like creativity will be the lucky skill.

Priscilla takes a break from painting to take some nature pictures.  She frames the best one and hangs it in her bedroom – and she masters photography.  They have both mastered photography.

Caprica discovered that she likes making messes as a toddler, and even more as a child.

Priscilla asks her to not make messes on the floor.

Because someone has to clean them up afterwards.

The day begins to wind down and there is a rare gathering at the bar of the entire family.  All three of them.

Then Priscilla and Calvin head upstairs for a more private meeting, leaving Caprica to clean up the kitchen.

She didn’t even attempt to clean it up.  Calvin came down and told her to go to bed and cleaned it up himself.

Priscilla began thinking about her upcoming promotions and realized it would be best if she had the required skills.  She only needs two more levels, so she begins to work on improving her logic.

Caprica takes her monster toy into the bath.  And then you realize they are basically the same color of purple, even if he is a little darker in areas.

Priscilla calls Caprica to come play chess, but then realizes it will be better for her to continue working on creativity.  Her creativity is already higher than her mental skill, so it will be faster to reach the requirements for her grade improvement.

Calvin and Priscilla head off to work, leaving Caprica home alone for the first time.  Caprica likes this turn of affairs.

As soon as she is finished eating, she begins to make another mess.  She really outgrew that angelic trait pretty fast.

Caprica keeps herself busy the rest of the day, making more messes.

Calvin comes home and tells her to clean up the messes.

She cleans up one and then makes another in the same place.  Whatever – they have a maid, I believe.

Calvin distracts Caprica from the mess-making by watching a movie with her.  That works and there are no more messes this day.

Priscilla comes home with another promotion – Professional Painter, level 8.  And everyone goes to bed.

I give up.

For once, Caprica is using her art table instead of making a mess, and at this point she levels creativity up enough to eventually earn an A in school.

She gets responsibility points for taking out the trash.

But she loses responsibility points for making a mess.  Although, today, she only makes this mess but she comes back to it throughout the day to keep adding to it.  Before her parents get home, she actually cleans it up.

Calvin and Priscilla need to improve their fun meter, so they do what they do.  Caprica does not get the message of the closed door and walks right in on them.

She is shocked at what she sees.

But she doesn’t leave.  She is waiting for them to get finished so she can get Calvin to play dolls with her.

But Calvin has another idea, and leaves her standing in the bedroom.  He went to watch a movie on TV instead.

The woohoo didn’t help his fun, but Priscilla is feeling much better.  Calvin tries to relax in the pool, but it doesn’t help him at all.

He decides they need some more woohoo to make up for the unsatisfied feeling he was having.  And again, Caprica walks in on them.  Her timing sucks today.  Calvin sends her off to do some volunteering.  She should come home tired and ready for her own bed.

After finishing up her volunteering, Calvin is waiting to make sure she goes straight to bed.

Monday is a school day but neither Calvin nor Priscilla has to work.  So, Priscilla works on her logic while Calvin sunbathes in the pool.

There is a maid!

Calvin was out in the sun too long and he comes away with a sunburn.

When Caprica gets home from school, Calvin makes her start her project, but he can’t seem to make her finish it.

Priscilla has improved her logic to level 6 – she is ready for all of her promotions now.

That evening, before going to bed, Priscilla and Calvin complete Caprica’s project to give her a boost on her grade.  She still has a C – but this might actually be her first day of school.  It just seems like she has been a child for a long time.

Calvin gets Caprica to complete her homework before school.  There is hope that she will improve her grades to a B today.

While he has the house to himself, he decides to try jumping off of the dive tower.  He didn’t stay in the water longer than it took to swim to the side.

It took until the next day, but Caprica found the B and brought it home.

And, Calvin found his last promotion – Patron of the Arts, level 10.  Now they are just waiting on Priscilla’s last two promotions.

Priscilla heads into the nursery to repair the dollhouse, which I didn’t even realize had been destroyed.

The family goes out for a swim that evening – most exercise Calvin or Caprica have every had.

Thursday, Priscilla earns her promotion to Illustrious Illustrator, level 9.  She only needs one more promotion and the goals for this generation will be complete.  Other than growing up Caprica.  Priscilla works on Friday and then Monday, so her expected promotion will be Monday, most likely.

Priscilla sends Caprica off for a shower or bath – anything to get rid of the green fumes.

And there is the A for Caprica.

The dollhouse destroying culprit has been identified.  It must be her Hot-Headed trait.

Priscilla tries to teach Caprica some manners and she also scolds her for destroying the dollhouse.  She also talks to her about developing better eating habits. Priscilla is on a roll today and Caprica is trying to figure out how to get away.

Caprica has been energized and begins doing sit-ups.  It is going to take more than a few sit-ups.

Zachariah must really love working for this family.  He went from being the nanny to becoming a caterer and comes over to stock their fridge.

Priscilla has the day off today, so she is working on the last tier of the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration.  Calvin already completed it the day before, now it is her turn.  They are basically down to the waiting stage.  Priscilla needs one more promotion and she and Calvin just became Adults, so there is plenty of time for that.  Caprica still has five days as a child and then her full teen-time, so that also leaves them with plenty of time.


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