Drifting Along, House 005.4

With the weekend here, Caprica thinks about all the trouble she can get into.  Apparently her parents were thinking about that also, and she was sent off to spend the day volunteering.  It worked as she developed a good level of empathy.

Priscilla has the weekend off also and since she already has the skills she needs for her last promotion, she spends the day painting and selling the paintings as she closes in on completing the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration.  Soon*.

Calvin does some push-ups but it is going to take more than that if he really wants to get into shape.

New Skill Day comes and everyone is trying out new skills.  Priscilla eventually gets satisfaction from cooking.

Calvin goes for a naked run in the rain, and then he works on learning acting, which completes his holiday.

One of them sent Caprica upstairs to work on the lab table.  She completed the holiday but is caught in the pull.  She will not leave the table until her needs force her, and technically I can’t stop her.

Priscilla earns her last promotion, and everything is done except for growing up Caprica.  Now to wait out the remaining two-plus weeks.

Priscilla toys with the workout equipment but not enough to do much with her skill level, or her physique.

Another day creating paintings and Priscilla completes the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration.

Priscilla buys a box of trading cards for Caprica, and they set up the limited edition cards on the dresser.

Calvin goes out to do some sunbathing, but he doesn’t quite have the process down.

The family has a gathering at the dollhouse.  Maybe they are discussing who gets to destroy it next.  Actually, Caprica is the only one destroying the dollhouse.

With her birthday coming up tomorrow, Priscilla has been teaching Caprica some manners.  Of course, then she has to take a time out in order to repair the toilet.  Caprica never stops talking.

Since the household goals are done, as soon as Caprica begins to bubble, she gets a birthday cake and candles to blow out.

Caprica is really rolling some awesome traits.  She adds Clumsy to Hot-Headed and takes the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration for now.

Priscilla heads to work leaving Calvin and Caprica at home.  After getting her homework done, she sits and talks to Calvin.  That doesn’t go so well as he begins to insult her (erratic) and she is hot-headed.

After Calvin insults Caprica, she makes faces at him.  He laughed.

The family photo wall has been rearranged to make room for Caprica’s teen picture.

Since there was an extra for each age, she also gets a small wall in the living room.

Caprica gets up in the middle of the night to work on some extra credit.

Everyone is basically on free will, and they are all drawn to the laptops.

Calvin is the only one that has played with the llama game, but ever once in awhile he sits down for a bit.

Caprica really likes Zachariah, her old nanny and current caterer.  He comes by to visit every day.  Unfortunately, he is too old to be considered as a partner for Caprica.

Another naked run in the rain for Calvin.

This particular excursion had a shocking ending.  At least he survived and thankfully he put his clothes back on first.

He influences Caprica to workout and she does for a few minutes.

Then she runs off.  Where?

Zachariah is out fishing and she went over to talk to him.

Then she sat on the bench and enjoyed the nice day.

She also met this sim while she was out.

Priscilla pulled Caprica home with some mandated swimming.  Caprica needs to get to level 3 in some skill for her school grades and Priscilla is encouraging fitness.

While Calvin and Caprica continue to swim, Priscilla slipped away to the laptop.  Then she realized she was pregnant again.  They have been having risky woohoo every one to two days and it has taken her this long to get pregnant again.  But there it is.

She heads out to the pool to tell Calvin the good news.

As it is fall and there is an early snowfall coming, they probably won’t be swimming much any more.  So, Calvin influences Caprica to workout on the machines instead.  She is getting close to level 3 in fitness.  And, she reaches level 3 before she quits working out for the day.

Even though she is pregnant, Priscilla even takes a turn on the treadmill for a short time.

Priscilla hires a caterer to come restock the fridge, and this is not cooking.  On top of that, she doesn’t even finish the painting so it ends up being discarded once she leaves.

Caprica wakes up in a very pissy mood.  For no reason other than she is a teen.

Pissy notwithstanding, she manages to earn an A in school that day.

And even though she already has an A, she does her homework as soon as she gets home.

Caprica heads off to school while Calvin and Priscilla both have the day off.  They get frisky and then use the closest bed for their pleasure.  It is kind of awkward that the bed they use is actually Caprica’s bed.

Time passes and it is time for Priscilla to give birth.

She has another girl, Caralyn, while Calvin watches his daughter’s birth.  There are seven days remaining until Caprica becomes a young adult, which means Caralyn will still be a toddler when she moves out.

Caprica is practicing her diaper changing skills.

Caralyn approves of the new diaper.

With Caralyn sleeping, Priscilla heads across the street to visit with some of the sims having a coffee.

She finishes two coffees that someone bought but didn’t drink.

They are back in the pool, working on Caprica’s fitness skill.

After she gets out of the pool, Caprica heads up to work on the workout machine.  She wasn’t even influenced.

Everyone stays home for Harvestfest, while Calvin and Priscilla appease the gnomes.  Only Caprica can’t quite figure out how to make it a happy holiday.  She only wants to appease the gnomes but she won’t do that on her own.

As happens in the later part of each house, time is passing as quickly as possible, even if it feels like it is taking forever.  It is soon time for Caralyn to become a toddler.

Priscilla begins her potty training immediately, and keeps her on the potty until she reaches level 2.

Now she can go by herself.  Of course, she is also Independent, so technically could always go by herself.  If she chose.

After she finishes several attempts at the potty, Priscilla reads her to sleep.  It is morning so Caralyn is getting off to a completely backward sleeping schedule.

Calvin wakes up Caralyn before lunch and they spend the rest of the day working on skills.  While teaching her to talk, she experiences all of the emotions: Happy;



Everyone comes in to check out Caralyn, and they have a family chat.

This is the first tantrum of the household as Caprica never got angry.  Caralyn is hungry and tired.

Priscilla gets her a plate which she eats while she talks to Calvin and pees her diaper.

The foods are good.

It is bedtime, so Calvin reads her a story before putting her to bed with a story.  At the end of her first day, she has level 2 in all her skills.

Caprica is back on the punching bag – this seems to be appropriate for her personality.

Priscilla’s lazy trait kicks in, and this is the first time she has fallen asleep in a chair.

Caralyn grabs a plate of pancakes and then heads upstairs to the farthest possible chair to eat it.

Apparently she wanted to be near Caprica.

Caprica is happy enough to offer to show her some flash cards.  There was also dancing and three trips up and down the stairs – movement is now level 3.  And, 3 days remaining.

Priscilla gets up to find broken objects around the house.  She calls for the repairman, but Caprica jumps in a begins fixing the stereo.  Just don’t die!

Calvin has been trying to get Caralyn to the potty.  But he is too late and as he holds her, she is messing up her diaper something good.

Calvin decides it is time for Caralyn to master the potty.  He sits her on the potty and there she is going to stay until it is done.  But, he has to leave for work, so Priscilla takes over and they get it done.

Tantrum dos.  She is angry about being made to potty, and she is hungry.

Caprica checks on Caralyn and they get some playing done.

Then it is Priscilla’s turn to check on Caralyn and that leads to a bath.

Caralyn might be the quickest toddler to Happy toddler since I started this challenge.  She still has 4 days until her birthday, but Caprica will become a young adult in 2 days, so Caralyn will be growing up on her own.

Tick Tock Tick Tock.  Time is passing and it is almost time…  One more day…

The high chair was added and now Caralyn can’t get out of the high chair.  Calvin took her out and then put her back.  The nanny took out out and then put her down and picked her up three times.  Then he carried her upstairs to the bench on the upper patio.  Then he brought her back down to the kitchen.  Finally he left and Calvin was able to put her to bed.  One more day…

As they wait for Caprica to come home from school on her last day, Priscilla plays dolls with Caralyn.

Then Caralyn plays in the toilet.  She gets scolded for that.

She makes her first mess while Priscilla is making the birthday cake for Caprica.

Finally, Priscilla puts Caralyn down for a nap.

Caprica comes home very sad from a mood swing.  Before she blows out her candles, Priscilla hugs away the sadness.

Well, she will be sad for another hour, but it is time to blow out the candles and move on to the next house.

Caprica rolls Goofball as her last trait.

The house is complete and done – final value §248,271.  both branches of the painting career were reached, photography was mastered and the treasure hunt was completed.

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