Drifting Along, House 006.0

Caprica moves out and heads over to Willow Creek, where she claims the large Oakenstead lot.  Empty as it can be, but a pretty location.

The goals for this house are:

  • Create a mansion worth at least §100,000 simoleons
    • Mansion must include at least eight beds
  • Complete the Mansion Baron aspiration
  • Have and raise an heir to young adult

Set the Active Household Funds to one of the following, and of course, she is starting out Extreme with no funds at all.

  • Standard – $100k Simoleons
  • Difficult – $50k Simoleons
  • Extreme – $0 Simoleons

Caprica is joined by a secondary sim to start – Cameron Lewis.  Cameron is a Maxis made sim from the gallery, and is from the Laundry Day Stuff Pack trailers.  He moves in as Caprica’s roommate.

Caprica heads off to find a bench.  She is good on bladder and hygiene, but her fun and energy are non-existent.

  • Hot-Headed
  • Clumsy
  • Goofball
    • Happy Toddler
    • Responsible
    • Good Manners
    • Compassionate
  • Aspiration: Mansion Baron

Cameron wonders if he is in the right place and checks his messages.

  • Romantic
  • Gloomy
  • Family-Oriented
  • Aspiration: Successful Lineage, which is changed to Super Parent

While they wait for the collectibles to spawn, Cameron goes fishing and Caprica takes several naps on the nearby bench.  The timing sucks and it is just the first week of winter.  Seasons for this challenge are set at two weeks each, so they will be cold until they can get some shelter.  Thankfully the cold weather outfits protect them from freezing.

Cameron is trying to figure out if he can escape – he can’t.  He stops and takes a position in the Secret Agent career, Agency Clerk level 1.

Caprica takes her turn to get a job, but she has a little more of a plan.  First she takes a position in the Writer career to get the Word Processing computer.  Then she takes a position in the Culinary career for the counters and coffee maker.  Third, she switches to Style Influencer for the camera and sketchpad.  Next is Secret Agent for the desk and chair.  She is almost done – Gardener is next for the initial packets of seeds, although that was probably not needed as it is winter and she probably won’t be spending time gardening.  Her last career is her permanent career – Business.  She becomes Assistant to the Manager, level 3.  Now she needs to build logic and charisma, and she needs to fill out reports.  Her total bonus money received was §4,173, so not excessive, but enough to get them through the first few days.

The bonus cash was spent on a nice bed, but now that means Caprica and Cameron need to become bed-sharing buddies – and they haven’t even spoken to each other yet.  They have not sold any of the career items received – all will be used in the house.  The lot traits are set at Convivial, Gnomes, and Penny Pixies.

Caprica plays Sims Forever to try to improve her fun.

Cameron comes back to “camp” and they begin to get to know each other.  He won’t accept her flirts because she stinks, but she accepts his flirts without any trouble.

They are friends now but don’t get to romantic interests before she has to sleep.

Since she took the bed, he heads off to find a bench.  He hasn’t cleared out his inventory yet, because he is trying to decide if he wants to complete a collection for the house.

Caprica spends §50 on a digital canvas and draws her first painting.  It is worth almost as much as the canvas.  She sticks it in her inventory for now.  They are almost completely broke, and they don’t go to work until tomorrow.  Caprica is too uncomfortable to do anything productive, but they don’t have the funds to travel.

She spends a few simoleons and makes some coffee while Cameron works on his daily task for work.

Caprica is wondering if she can use the coffee to clean herself up any.

It is time to bring someone else into this miserable mix.  Caprica calls up one of the three sims she knows that isn’t related to her.

She makes friends with Lamont and he agrees to move in.  Lamont Bruce is a General Practitioner, and probably won’t get any higher, but that is already level 7 so the daily pay will be nice.  He is Jealous, Neat, and Loves Outdoors.  His aspiration is Master Chef.  He brings his wife, but leaves the rest of the household.  Kala is a Campaign Intern in the political career – level 2.  Kala is Evil, Romantic, and a Dog Lover.  Her aspiration is Renaissance Sim.  They are both adults, so they will not make it to the end of the house.  Lamont has five days until he becomes an elder and Kala has nine days until she is an elder.  But for now, they will contribute to the household.

Caprica and Cameron also agree that they aren’t going to collect anything to display around the house – everything gets sold except for career rewards.  They try to flirt but they are both miserable with the filth.

Wait, what?  She did not look pregnant when she moved in.  She went to work and came home showing that she is in her third trimester.  Bleh bleh bleh.

This might be the first house I have gone back to restart.  Or at least back before the Bruces moved in.  So, it is just Caprica and Cameron once again.

It is Caprica’s turn to run around collecting shit, and she forgets to get dressed.  She is close to freezing to death before she finally puts on her cold weather outfit.

They sell all of the crap that they collected and finally get a shower.  The shower and toilet are moved away from the main camp so that it doesn’t trigger the requests for privacy.

What do you want?

While Caprica gets some sleep, Cameron works on some drawings.  He finally gets to where his value is more than the cost of the canvas.

It is time to improve their relationship so that they can both get some sleep.

Caprica jumps to the first kiss a little too early, but they recover and keep on going.

Now, they get to have their first kiss.

They are even going steady, but that is where they stopped for now.  It should be good enough to get them to sleep in the same bed.

Success – and that is good because their first days at work are coming up in a few hours.

Friday is the day when all the food stalls are offering free food.  They both get the Curry.

Everyone is off to work – bring home the simoleons.

Cameron comes home with a promotion.  There is a blizzard going on and they still have no shelter.

He runs around gathering what is available, and they have enough for a basic shelter now.

Very basic.

They even feel like having the woohoo – fingers crossed there are no consequences from this woohoo.

Starting over… again.  I have both saves for now, but I wasn’t liking how the first few days went, so they are going to try again to see if they can make any changes to how they start.  I am trying to do this without the focus on painting since she just came from a house that was financed by painters.  So, they are looking for other ways to bring in simoleons.  Even bringing in more sims doesn’t give them the boost of the move-in dowry since the funds have to be reset after each sim moves in, although it would be nice to have additional steady incomes from more sims.  For the record, I started over more than once, six times actually.

Cameron heads out to do as much fishing as possible before the weather prevents him from fishing at all.

Caprica is going to do a small job bounce to get them started – she is getting the computer (Writer), the desk and chair (Secret Agent), and the sketchpad and camera (Style Influencer).  Then she will take a Freelance position as an Artist.  Cameron takes the position as Freelance Writer.

Caprica is not sure this is getting off to a better start, but when she finishes bouncing between jobs, she settles down on one of the benches to get some sleep.  So gigs when they need them, and they never have to leave the lot.  In the meantime, he is still fishing but it is the middle of winter and the water will freeze over shortly.

Caprica takes the bonus money from the three temporary jobs to set up camp.  They get a tent, a small bathroom, and a tiny kitchen.  It is something to get started.  And they will both sleep in the tent even though they don’t know each other very well.

Maybe the last time to start over.  If I can get past the first few days it will be good.  Caprica does the job bounce – while Cameron fishes.

Caprica really wants to stop replaying her first day on the lot.  She came exhausted and needs to get some sleep.

Caprica gets a basic shelter in place and everything they need to get started.

The snow is falling and Cameron is about to be done fishing for the season.


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