Drifting Along, House 006.1

Caprica and Cameron find themselves standing in front of an empty lot once again.  This is the last time I start over on this house.  I hope.

Caprica goes right for the moodlet solver this time around.

Then, Caprica and Cameron build their relationship until they become a couple.  They aren’t quite ready for a proposal though.

Then, it is time to get a job.  Cameron takes a job as a Writer’s Assistant (level 1).  Caprica does a bounce from Secret Agent to Writer to Style Influencer.

This gives them enough to buy the essentials for their camp.

And they are off to Selvadorada.  This might be the only house where they get to do a lot of traveling, but they are going to need the funds from the artifacts they find to pay for the house.

But first things first.

They get right to the woohoo.

Then Caprica heads to the marketplace to begin buying the crap they need to go into the jungle.

Cameron heads out to begin excavating dig sites and collecting metals, crystals, and fossils.

Caprica’s first step is to master Selvadoradian Culture so that she can access the secret wares.  While they are here, Cameron will be working on Archaeology Scholar and Caprica will be working on Jungle Explorer, for the aspiration points.

Cameron is excavating the last dig site in the area around their rental house.

But before they head into the jungle, he needs to uncover a dirt covered artifact.

It didn’t take Caprica long to get herself poisoned.  Hopefully she can fight it off without further medicine.

She calls Cameron to come excavate several dig sites and she keeps him company while he works.

Cameron takes a nap in a bush and then gets attacked by bees.

Meanwhile, Caprica has found the temple and is making her way through it.  She has to guess at some of the traps so it is a good thing she was already poisoned.

She reaches the end of the temple and collects her treasure.

Cameron is working on the last dig site in the temple, and Caprica is ready to go back to the house.

Back at the house, their vacation is almost over.  Cameron excavates one more dig site while Caprica begins drawing pictures.  At some point she was able to fight off the poison and is all better now.

It is time for them to head home and count their treasures.  They also both have jobs that would like for them to come to work eventually.

They arrive home to find everything covered in snow.

They buy a yard sales table and a street gallery for selling paintings.  Caprica begins to sell her paintings, as poor as they might be.

Cameron begins uncovering and authenticating the artifacts that they brought home.  Those will be sold on the sales table tomorrow.

Tomorrow, because they are both wiped out from their travel.

Caprica receives the refined crystal in the mail and it is time to finish assembling the relic.  And then I realize she is still on tier one because she didn’t view the statue and she was just trying to get to the temple.  She will be going back to Selvadorada to collect more crap.

She uses the relic on Cameron since she couldn’t use it on herself because she already has a blessing.  It is a rare Bala-Watcher, which is a money giver.

She starts a yard sales to work on the items they have to sell, and maybe she should work on her customer service face.

It is a good thing the sale is over for the night, because Cameron didn’t make it to the toilet.  He needs another shower now, his second tonight.

Since they were both in the tent at the same time, they get a little frisky and have some fun.  Then they get some sleep for tomorrow is going to be a busy day.

The weather is very irritating – Cameron is trying to work on the artifacts but it is cold and they are tense from the blizzard.

Caprica tries to have a yard sale but she is so tense that she refuses to tend the table.  They put everything up and consider returning to Selvadorada.

Back in Selvadorada, Caprica completes the first tier of the aspiration by viewing the statue.

Cameron establishes an excavation site and begins working while he waits for Caprica to be ready to head into the jungle.

Caprica is not having a good time.


More bad choices on the traps protecting the temple.

The temple is finished, the treasure is hers.

They don’t want to go home to the cold winter.

But home they went, and since they were immediately tense from the blizzard, they packed up the archaeology table and headed to the park.  Caprica creates painting while Cameron authenticates artifacts.

They decide to brave the weather and head home.  Caprica begins assembling another relic, and then they both crawl into the tent to get some sleep.

Even though it is Winterfest, Caprica spends the day running yard sales, selling everything they have accumulated.  She thought about just keeping the expensive treasures, but in the end she sold everything.

After clearing everything from the table, Caprica moves to selling her paintings.  That takes all night.

They did take a brief break to open presents and talk to Father Winter.  He was very nice to them, giving them several high ticket items.  It was a good Winterfest.

After selling everything, they were able to get the shell of the house that will become the mansion.  All of the windows have been dumped and the interior is undergoing refurnishing, but they only need to add another §250,000 in value to it.  No problem.

A lot of time has been spent furnishing the bottom floor.  They still need to work on the top floor.  They are a long way from the goal of §350,000 but they also still need to upgrade the existing appliances to high value ones.

For probably the first time, they are able to watch the season premiere and that makes them both happy.  Caprica had to watch it three times because she kept getting up to do other things.

Caprica loves the Liquid Rush energy drinks from Selvadorada and she drinks them nonstop until they are all gone.

After working hard on the lower floor, they ran out of simoleons.  It might be time to go back to the jungle.

Caprica takes out her random anger on the dollhouse.  That didn’t take long.

Cameron still has a lot of artifacts that need to be authenticated, so he works on those before work.

Then he comes home with a promotion to Blogger, level 2.  Having a job might be inconvenient for them as they are out of vacation days now, but they need to go back to Selvadorada.

Cameron realizes that he needs to write a book for work.  They are still considering their jobs  -keep them or quit them.

Caprica earns a promotion to Watercolor Dabbler level 4.  It is time to head back to the jungle.

When they get to the rent house, Caprica takes care of her needs while Cameron excavates the dig site he found the last time they were here.

The bees have invaded their house, but Caprica is ready for them.

Oh, look what happened.  And she looks huge, but she just figured out that she is pregnant.

She heads back to the house to tell Cameron the good news.

He is pretty okay with that.

Caprica heads back to the jungle leaving Cameron at the house.  She is on a speed run to the heart of the temple.

With a pit stop to piss herself.

And another one to fight off some spiders.

Then there is an impromptu nap as she is figuring out the traps.

The treasure is hers.  And then they head home.

She starts a yard sale and begins trying to sell the artifacts and treasures.

Caprica has to leave for work so Cameron comes out to tend the table.  Then he has to go to work.  When they get home, they quit both jobs.  Now they have to come up with the funds for the house through their adventuring and other creative works.

Breakfast of Champions.

While Cameron continues to authenticate the artifacts in his inventory, Caprica is trying to sell them, along with the other crap she picked up.  Once she has the baby she will be heading back to Selvadorada and trusting Cameron to take care of said baby.

As they prepare for the new baby, they suddenly realize they never got married in this timeline.  So, tasking the plunge, Cameron proposes to Caprica.

Thankfully she said yes – and then she surprised Cameron when she jumped into his arms.  Although I am not sure how she got off the ground at this stage in her pregnancy.

Also thankfully, he caught her.

Since the baby is due soon, they have an elopement in their bedroom and then they go back to sleep.

They made that legal by mere hours.

Caprica heads downstairs to the nursery to pop the baby out.

It is a boy.  Levi Lewis.  And the purple continues to hold on strong.


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