Drifting Along, House 006.2

Caprica is about to head off to the jungle again, but first she needs food.  She leaves Levi at home with Cameron this time around.

She gets to the marketplace and the tables are empty.  Hello?!?!?

Two vendors show up and they have the exact same items.  And it isn’t even something Caprica can use.  So, she just buys another machete – five seems to be the minimum to get through the jungle these days as she tends to lose four.  Then she heads out to find her way back to the temple.

It doesn’t take long before she is infected with a poison.  Well, no rest for the weary – onward.

This is probably the main reason I will never, voluntarily, go into the jungle.

Caprica assembles another relic.  They are only good for about three uses before they break.  Unless she can find a golden one.

She finds the temple and it has been invaded by non-combatants.

While Caprica is making her way through the temple, the kids are running around unsupervised.

The temple guardian comes out to have a conversation.  Glasses – Earrings – Bracelet.  That is very interesting.

The toddler is now lost in the greenery.

Caprica continues to have bad luck when guessing at the traps.  She self-extinguishes and lives to trip another trap.

She finds the treasure of the temple.  And a curse.

She has the Sneezing Curse of the Ancients.  Just great.  But on the bright side, she has fought off the poison.

She had several of the ancient bone dust so she heads back to the lodging to grill up some of the Remedy of the Ancients.

Yum – Yuck

After curing the curse, she receives a Blessing of the Ancients.

Back home, Caprica heads to bed and Cameron takes care of the yard sale.

In between the scheduled yard sale, Cameron runs inside to take care of Levi.

Caprica did pick up a golden relic, but it is not the one she wants.  She only wants the Bala-Watcher relic.

While they haven’t completed the Mansion Baron yet, they both just completed Fabulously Wealthy.  Bring on the weekly income from their Shrewd trait.  I now wonder if they will get the payment twice since they both have the trait.  Probably not, but that would be cool.

As everyone gets ready for bed after a long day selling artifacts, Cameron realizes that it is Levi’s birthday and the notification came hours ago.

Levi rolls wild.

And the defiance begins immediately.

After a trip to the potty, Cameron reads Levi to sleep.

It feels weird to be controlling the toddler, but THE PLAYABLE SIMS THIS HOUSE CHALLENGE ARE: -All Sims in the Active Household – so, Levi is woken up and sent to eat.  He is angry because he wants to do something fun.  Deal with it child.

After eating and spending a long, long time on the potty, Levi heads in to master communication.  He might be the first top-notch toddler this challenge.  After mastering communication, Cameron comes in and puts him back to bed for a few hours.  And yes, this room is really bright and he matches it perfectly.

My cat tried to turn off my computer and it shut down the game.  Thankfully it had auto saved and Levi only had to regain the last few levels of communication.  This time is was Caprica that reads him to sleep.

Having control over the toddler is good.  Levi masters the potty.

They don’t have a toddler playground or a slide, so Caprica plays with Levi over and over and over.

Maybe she played with him for a little too long.  Today is going to be the day of the tantrums.

Cameron is working hard on cleaning out his inventory.

Levi decides he is done with clothes for today.

Caprica reads him a story and he is still rocking the naked vibe.

It is possible that Levi is sleeping at the moment.  Caprica puts out a batch of paintings to add to the next yard sale.

Caprica hires a caterer to come over and stock the fridge so there will be plenty of leftovers for Levi to eat.  And she starts off by playing on the computer.

Then she cleans up the house, taking out the trash.

She finally made a meal.

Just in time for Levi to get up angry from hunger.  Grandma!

Priscilla starts on her second meal, and then decides it is time to leave.  She leaves the pan sitting on the kitchen floor – and there is no one in the house with a high enough cooking skill to finish it.

Levi decides to take his food upstairs.  It is time to wake up the parents.

By the time he gets there, they are already awake.

While Cameron continues to finish up authenticating artifacts, Caprica works with Levi on his skills.

Levi would rather run around and play and he is tired of looking at flashcards.

Taking a break from learning skills, Levi asks for and gets a bath.  With Bubbles!

Yes, they added a high chair.  Because they are so much fun!

Levi does what wild toddlers do – he throws his sandwich on the floor.

Cameron and Caprica were standing behind him so he got scolded twice.

It is time to start the yard sale.

Cameron is out helping so he must have finished authenticating all of the artifacts.

Levi is working on imagination.

I believe Caprica needed a nap, so Cameron continued the sale.  They ran it nonstop until they sold everything.  They also locked all the doors because everyone preferred to go inside.

And everyone thinks that making messes is a lot of fun.  Levi thinks it is a lot of work and he is tired of making messes.

They are finally down to the last of the items to sale.

I forget what he is mad about here – probably hungry.  Oh yeah, he is starving and really has to potty.

More tantrums.  He went to potty before he got his food.

Please, please, please – buy a painting.  He did finally sell the last of the paintings, and it is time to head back into the jungle.

There is some sleeping that happens and then Levi wakes up.  Instead of getting out of bed, and he is not going to make it to the potty because he is waiting for someone to come get him, but his parents are otherwise occupied.  it takes a little maneuvering but he is finally tricked into getting out of bed on his own.  You have to wait to cancel it until after he gets out of bed.  Then he will go do without needing parental assistance.

Levi has mastered everything except thinking.  So, it is time to head into the jungle.

They arrive at the rental and realize that it is not setup for a toddler.  There is no potty in the house.

Caprica heads to the marketplace to pick up more supplies and Cameron heads over to work on one of the dig sites he set up previously.  Levi runs to catch up with his parents.

Levi finds Cameron and watches him excavate more artifacts.

Caprica is waiting to see if another vendor will come out to the marketplace.  Levi continues to watch Cameron work.

Caprica decides it is time to leave, so Cameron brings Levi along and they work on his flashcards.

Caprica begins her exploration once again.  It is so much slower when she is not alone.

Oh yeah.  Caprica receives a blessing and becomes a temporary skeleton.  That will keep her needs static for a little while.

Levi masters thinking and becomes a top-notch toddler.  His troubles are just beginning.

Once again Levi is chasing after his parents.

He is chasing butterflies.  I had never seen them do this – or rather, I have seen them do the happy dance but never noticed the butterflies.

Levi really-really needs the potty, but he is being distracted with food.

Jungle tantrums!  Bring this boy a potty.

Never mind, he will just use the diaper he is still wearing.

Cameron changes his diaper once he is finished using it.  Then it is back to the excavations.

Levi is loving the freedom of the jungle.

As Levi runs around, he passes by the skeleton of his mother.  That is a weird sentence without context.

Levi is really having a good time.  I don’t know how I have never seen the butterflies before.

Now, where did his parents go…

Oh well, more naked running.

Levi finally gives up and lays down to take a nap.

Caprica makes it to the temple, and she brings Cameron and Levi along.

Levi heads into the temple trying to catch up with his parents.  But he has had enough.

Caprica completes the temple.  She is ready to go home and see how close they are to having the rest of the funds for the house.

Levi just doesn’t care any more.

When they get home, Caprica puts him straight to bed.  He has mastered all of his skills, so he has two days to do whatever.

Caprica assembles another relic, and she still has six hours to wait to see if she is going to fight off the poison or if she is going back to Selvadorada for an antidote.


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