Drifting Along, House 006.3

Cameron has been blessed with a Blessing of Wealth.  Be Blessed!

Caprica works on selling the latest artifacts while Cameron works on authenticating what he picked up on the last trip.

She is still sick from the poison.

Levi wakes up and begins bouncing around the house.  He pops into the study to see what Cameron is doing.  He wants someone to play dolls with him.

Everyone is busy so he plays dolls by himself.

Cameron is slowly working his way through the artifacts.

Slowly, because he has to stop and scold Levi for making a mess.

Levi doesn’t think that is very fair.  He likes making messes.

He bounces back to talk to the stuffed cat.

Caprica decides she is done selling for today.  They can finish tomorrow – they have enough to finish the house.  She thinks.  That means she has time to give Levi a bath and then she puts him to bed.

Oh, and Caprica didn’t fight off the poison.  She is getting sicker and sicker.  She considers going back to get the antidote for free, but instead decides to pay the astronomical cost to order it online.

Caprica chugs it down and the she feels much better.

Caprica decides to head back into the jungle.  The house is about §25,000 short of the goal, and she decides that she wants to pick up some treasure to sit around the house.

Caprica takes Cameron and Levi and drops them off at the house.  Right after they arrive they get notification that Priscilla has died.  Calvin is also dead, but I think that happened previously.

Caprica calls Cameron and Levi to the temple.  Levi recognizes this place.

Today was Love Day and Cameron and Caprice totally forgot about it.  Levi got more hugs than his parents.  There is something sad about that.

Levi can’t get to the heart of the temple because part of the path requires swimming.

It took me five minutes to figure that out.

He was following Cameron until he ran into the water.

It is time for Levi and Cameron to head back to the lodging.

On the last trap it took Caprica four tries to turn off the trap.

The temple has been completed and they head home so that it will reset.

They get back to the house just in time for Caprica to make a cake for Levi.  {puff puff blow}

Levi rolls Erratic and takes the Social Butterfly aspiration.  I got excited about Erratic (more points), then realized that was a different challenge.

Caprica heads back to the jungle for another run to the temple.   She goes alone and it goes quickly.

When she gets home, she finally nudges the house value over the goal.  That also means that Caprica and Cameron complete the Mansion Baron aspiration.

Caprica is poisoned once again, and it costs her another §1,000 to get an antidote.  That was probably her last trip to the jungle.

It must be, because they are now selling all of her supplies.  They also take normal jobs because they need to be out of the house during the day.  Caprica goes back into painting and Cameron gets a job in the writing field.  Both have to start at level 1 because this isn’t their first time in these careers.

Cameron and Caprica work on their daily tasks in preparation of the first day back at work.

The dollhouse has been left alone for awhile, but Caprica is hot-headed and she finds herself destroying and then rebuilding it.

Cameron helps Levi with his homework.  It is great to be able to tell him to work on it directly.

After homework is done, they all meet at the dollhouse and have some family time.

Since the goals for the house are completed, Caprica is finishing up the Jungle Explorer aspiration  -using the relic five times.

She is also getting some painting done to put up on the street gallery outside.

After her first day at work, she earns a promotion to level 2, Art Book Collator.  Cameron did not get a promotion on his first day.

Levi hires a caterer to come stock the fridge, and he must have been waiting outside because he was in the house and cooking within minutes.

Cameron is trying to complete the Archaeology Scholar aspiration.  He is writing an Archaeology Guide while trying to give a archaeology lecture to Zachariah.  Only one of those was completed today.  Tomorrow he will try again on the lecture.

Cameron is still trying to give a successful lecture.  Apparently, that is the key word – successful.

It is finally done.  Lecture was given and the aspiration is complete.  For the remaining time in this house, Caprica will be working on the painting aspiration while Cameron works on the writing aspiration.  This is mostly just to keep them busy while Levi grows up.

Levi has been working on the social aspiration since I have control.  He talked Cameron right over the edge.

Deciding it would be good to have a friend his own age, Cameron invites over the only other child he knows.  Then he keeps him there until he masters social.  Caprica earned another promotion and now is at level 3, Hungry Artist.

Even having a rash from head to toe doesn’t slow Levi down.  He is going to make friends with this boy, and master social.

They become good friends, but aren’t quite to best friends.  Yet.

With such a large house, it seemed a shame that Caprica has never gotten pregnant again.  Then she has a birthday and becomes an Adult.  So, they tried to get pregnant, and it was successful.

Levi has mastered social but he will have to make best friends tomorrow.  It is really late and they need to get some sleep before school.

Since the house is winding down, Caprica and Cameron are trading in their aspiration points for money tree seeds.  Then, because they have no interest in gardening, they hire a gardener to come and take care of the trees.

There is something soothing about watching the plants sway in the storm.

The maid spent the entire day mopping up the water from the broken toilet, complaining the entire time.

Levi brings home an A, and is set to work on the aspirations.  Control, I keep forgetting I can control him.

He switches to creativity first to get two drawings done.

Caprica earns another promotion – three promotions in three days.  That can’t last forever.  Now she is a Watercolor Dabbler, level 4.

Cameron finally gets a promotion to level 2, Blogger.

Go away, Caleb.  No vampires allowed.


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