Drifting Along, House 006.4

So today I learned that children can tend the tables during yard sales.  Cameron and Levi did their best to get rid of the remaining stuff, but 300% markup takes a long time to sell.  At some point, they changed the markup to 200%.  All of the paintings were sold and Levi was released back to the house to work on skills and friendships.

Another lesson learned, is that yard sales during thunderstorms can be dangerous.

Very shockingly dangerous.

Levi thinks the best place to be is inside.  Today he is learning to play piano as he attempts to master creativity.

When Levi gets to level 9 in creativity, he moves to the art table and begins to create one of each drawing.  He masters creativity by the time he is finish, and one aspiration is done.

It is still fairly early so he invites his friend over.  They watch a movie and chat, getting to know each other better.

Then they become best friends forever.  Now he just needs friendships with two adults and three children to complete the social aspiration.

Caprica has gone into labor and it is time to deliver the nooboo.  She heads into the nursery.

And, baby Lexi joins the family.  So far, the first one has been purple and then the second is not.  I wonder how many generations the purple skill will remain in the family before the first child doesn’t have it.

Levi already has an A in school, so he calls out and stays home to work on his skills and aspirations.

He plays a game of chess against Caprica, Cameron, and the nanny/caterer Zachariah.

Then they really do up the backyard, and he now has his own playground.  Too bad he didn’t get the ball pit when he was still small enough to play in it.

He even gets a swing.

Caprica earns another promotion.  I am pretty sure she has brought home one every day she has gone to work.  But maybe not all of them – but it is definitely most of them.  She is now level 5, Canvas Creator.

She calls and takes the next day off for family leave.

Levi is being an overachiever.  He does his homework on his own while sitting on the swing.

He meets the boy passing by and they lay out and watch the clouds.

Cameron has finally earned another promotion – level 3 Freelance Article Writer.

Of course, Cameron passes out on the way to bed.  He had to read to Levi for two hours and it took way longer than that because he kept putting the book up before they were done.

Levi moves on to the chemistry table until bedtime.  He has three days until he becomes a teen, and he is going to get as much done as possible before then.

Levi is working on his motor skill.  He is probably not going to complete all four aspirations as I keep forgetting to make him so productive things.

Caprica tends to always have a moodlet related to being hot-headed.  But she destroys the dollhouse a lot less than other sims who had no reason.

I forget.  Maybe it is a masterpiece.

Coming home from the art gallery, she meets a toddler out front.  She introduces herself so maybe she can invite him over later to become friends with Lexi.

Speaking of Lexi, she has become a fussy toddler.

She hasn’t been fussy yet, but I am sure that is coming.

Everyone forgot about Lexi.  No clue where she was, because the last time I looked she was in her room talking with the stuffed cat.

I also forgot about Cameron.  He was writing lots and lots of books, and apparently needs to take a break to get some sleep.

Lexi has her first defiant moment but she really needs more time on the potty.

She is watching Caprica yell.

After using the potty, Caprica reads her to sleep.  Caprica is also starving but everyone else is sleeping, so she will eat when she wakes up.

Cameron and Levi are the first ones up and they sit out on the front porch while they eat some version of breakfast.

Levi completes his second aspiration – Rambunctious Scamp.

Lexi wakes up in a fussy mood.  As always.  This is also pretty much the way I wake up.

She soon moves from angry to sad when Cameron leaves for work.  She also just spent hours working on her potty training, so that made her sad also.

She is out playing on the slide, and that is just scary.

Despite his expression, he just earned a promotion to Advice Columnist, level 4.  They still need to do something about the paintings and objects for the yard sale.

It is a very long walk from the toddler playground back to the house, and then about the same distance to her bed.  She almost made it to the back door.

Go away!

What is it about toddlers that no matter how green they are when they go to bed, they wake up deep in the red on hunger and potty.  It is nice, but very rare for them to wake up happy.  At least she masters the potty.

She grabs a plate and has breakfast while Levi plays a video game.  Genie’s Curse I believe.

Well that is awkward.  At least they all get over and grab some free food, so there is a happy holiday.

Back at the house, it is Levi’s birthday and he is trying to complete the social aspiration before he bubbles.

Friends, friends, friends.

More friends.

With the focus on Levi, Lexi is basically on her own.  She will probably make Happy Toddler, maybe.

Levi invites over the last child to make friends.  He hasn’t started bubbling yet, so there is time.

Except she is resistant to becoming friends.  Their conversation immediately becomes tedious.

And continues to be tedious the second time he invites her over.  Fine, whatever.  The bubbles have been bubbling for hours now.

Levi heads inside to blow out candles on a stale cake that was still sitting in the fridge.

Levi rolls Love Outdoors to go with Erratic.  He is also Creatively and Physically Gifted.  He takes the Serial Romantic aspiration for now.

Cameron reads to Lexi to get her to level 3 in imagination.  She just needs to work on thinking to become a Happy Toddler.

Lexi throws a tantrum because she doesn’t want to listen to the story.  So, Cameron reads her to sleep with another story.

Cameron and Levi meet up in the kitchen for some middle of the night snacking.

Lexi gets up in the middle of the night needing to potty really bad.  She is also still very exhausted and she is stinking up green fumes – but at least she didn’t wake up angry.

Caprica is still using the relic for wealth, and surprisingly it hasn’t broken yet.

Caprica helps Levi get his homework done.

This is a Saturday well spent.

Well now I know why Cameron always has the mopping action in his queue.  Apparently he is a closet neat-freak.

And there is another tantrum.  This time she woke up hungry.

Lexi is a Happy Toddler, despite all appearances.

There are a lot of pictures of Lexi.  At the moment, she is the cutest sim in the house.

Levi is trying to sell the rest of the items from the jungle.  It isn’t going well.

Lexi was having fun on the playground until she fell down and scraped her knee.

She wanted to go into the kiddie pool, and Zachariah was one of her options.  By the time she gets to him, he is headed home.

On the other hand, Caprica is home by this time and she takes her into the pool.

One thing they didn’t do was check the temperature.  It is actually cold today, and Lexi doesn’t stay in the pool very long.

More Lexi pictures.

Levi slipped out of my grasp, and video games are fun.

Caprica is in a wonderful mood.  She is feeling great!

After destroying and then repairing the dollhouse, she reads Lexi a story.  And, Lexi is smiling and feeling great.

Lexi has more pictures to share.

Caprica comes out to nag Lexi, for no real reason.  Lexi isn’t impressed.

After nagging Lexi, Caprica begins to yell at her.

Lexi has no idea why she is in trouble.

Caprica is sent to chill out in the hot tub.  Anything to get her away from Lexi because she had more yelling lined up.

Cameron comes home and he gives Lexi a comforting snuggle.  There are still ten more days before Levi becomes a young adult.

This is the only project that Levi will have to complete, because he should have an A tomorrow.  Nine more days.

Someone died.  Who knows.

Lexi went all the way upstairs to hit the stuffed dog in her new room.  She can’t move into the new room until she gets a little older.

Seriously, she is the cutest sim in the house, at the moment.  She also just mastered movement.

Caprica comes out to watch Lexi, but she doesn’t seem inclined to yell this time.

Levi comes home with his A, as expected.  Now it is really just a countdown to his birthday.

Lexi is, was playing with the dollhouse to see if she could master imagination.  And this happened.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Just to make sure this was noticed – Caprica is enjoying herself.  She also got two moodlets – Home Wrecker for destroying it and Home Builder for repairing it.

Lexi decides to make one or more messes and Caprica watches her.

Everyone was moving right along, sleeping actually, when suddenly someone died.

Apparently, the last time they had a yard sale, they locked the doors to the house.  And forgot to unlock them.

They hired a caterer, who decided to lay in the kiddie pool since she couldn’t get into the house.  And, it is, apparently, cold outside.

Hopefully, everyone will sleep through the reaping.

I forgot what this picture was about.

But now it is time for her birthday.

Lexi rolls Erratic, just like Levi.

Levi is having trouble with his friends.  All of his conversations start out good, and then go to hell.

Well, this was not expected.  Seven more days.  Just long enough to get this nooboo out, and into the toddler age.

I just realized that Levi should have joined the scouts as a child, but hopefully it isn’t too late to get all of the badges.  By the end of the first day that he is in the scouts, he has completed three badges.

Levi takes the day off from school so that he can work on badges,  By the end of the second day, he has completed seven of the badges.  He is down to Civic Responsibility and Keep Fit, and he has five days remaining.

The ghost caterer comes out to haunt.  Hopefully she isn’t destructive, and I am kind of hoping she cooks things.

Levi is working hard on his badges.

Lexi needed to have some skill at level 4, and creativity was the closest so she was chained to the keyboard until she leveled up enough.

Levi completes the last of the requirements for the Get Fit badge.  He completed the Civic Responsibility badge by following behind Lexi and cleaning up her messes.

Llamacorn Scout, right here, folks!  Five more days.

Lexi decided to skip school for some reason that no one else notices.

There have been a few promotions recently.  Caprica is now a Professional Painter, level 8.  Cameron is a Regular Contributor, level 5.

It is baby time and Cameron is freaking out.  Caprica gives him that look.

And it is another non-purple girl named Leah.  This is going to be a long update, which kind of balances out since the last update was a little short.

Lexi completes the creative aspiration and that is the last thing she will be told to do.  Hopefully.  Three more days.

Leah becomes an adorable, independent toddler.

So cute, and there isn’t a lot of time to spend with her.

Leah is going to try to make it to Happy Toddler before Levi has his birthday.  She has two days.

It is going to be a long two days for one little girl.

Caprica takes pity on her and puts her to bed with a story.

Leah wakes up and despite being an independent toddler who can do anything she wants by herself, she can’t change her own diaper.

She then spends the day playing on the slide and improving her movement skill.  She is up to level 3 in everything except thinking and is just a little way from mastering the potty.  And it is time for Levi to blow out some candles.  Leah is not going to make it to Happy Toddler.

Leah surprises everyone because she manages to reach Happy Toddler shortly before Levi is set to blow out his candles.

Last picture of Leah.

It is Harvestfest and Levi makes sure he has a good holiday before blowing out his candles.

And then, he blows out his candles.

Levi rolls Foodie to go along with Erratic and Loves Outdoors.  He will keep the Serial Romantic aspiration for a little while longer.  Cameron is eyeing that birthday cake and he will be cutting into it as soon as possible.

Another really cool note is that as Levi was blowing out his candles, Caprica was selling the money from the money trees, and this household has completed the Rosebud Challenge.  the house value ends up at §376,432 and the family has §589,759 in the bank.

Now I am going to take a break and play the Odyssey EPIC for awhile.


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