Drifting Along, House 007.1

Levi kicks out his family because he will be staying in House 006 for a little while.  The first thing he needs to accomplish is to hold a bachelor challenge – he is looking for love on reality TV.

  • Conduct an Elimination Competition (using the structured days and rules provided).
    *The Contestant who wins the Elimination Competition will join The Drifter in Part 2
  • Only the Drifter is controllable.
  • All whims of the Drifter to interact with a Contestant must be pinned, except for a couple related to relationships and babies.
  • No travel except for dates and outings.

As a reminder, Levi’s traits are Loves Outdoors, Erratic, and Foodie.  He is Physically and Creatively Gifted, Responsible, Good Manners, and Compassionate.  He also earned Top Notch Toddler and Scouting Aptitude.  Because he has the Love aspiration (Serial Romantic) he also is Alluring.  He spends the points he earned previously and picks up Great Kisser also.

The rest of the family moves to an empty house in Glimmerbrook temporarily.  They will be able to move back to house 006 once the elimination is completed.

For the first part of this challenge, the game settings have been changed.  I am also taking this break in the challenge to change Season Length back to 7 days.  After six generations, I have decided that I really don’t like a 14-day season rotation.  They still have rain and thunderstorms, snow and blizzards and fame is opted out.

  • Autonomy – Full
  • Fill Empty Home – No
  • Auto Age (Played Sims) – No
  • Auto Age (Unplayed Sims) – No
  • Show Whims – Yes

So, let’s meet the contestants for Levi’s love.  They were all made by my sister, Deanna (dlwarren), and are available on the gallery under her ID and under #drifterchallenge.

  • Tiola Granger
  • Kaelyn Koran
  • Annabel Martinez
  • Yasmin Singleton
  • Lara Leach
  • Mya Garrison
  • Ria Beck

Day 1

  • Have Levi mix and mingle with the Contestants
  • Have Levi attempt to perform at least one Flirty Interaction with each Contestant

Everyone stands around outside for a few minutes and then there is a pull from all of the activity choices in the house.

Levi heads to the kitchen to make dinner.  Today is Harvestfest so they all would like a grand feast.

Tiola can’t wait and she heads out to grill some hot digs.

Kaelyn settles for some leftover birthday cake.

Annabel is the first one to the gaming machine.

Ria claims one computer.

Yasmin claims the other.

Mya turns on the TV.

And, Lara is still standing outside.

It looks like most of the girls are hungry and they can’t wait for the feast to be ready.  By the time Levi is done cooking, most of them have already eaten something else.

But Levi calls them to come eat anyway, and everyone except Annabel grabs a plate.

Tiola, Mya, and Ria eat in the dining room with Levi.

Lara, Kaelyn, and Yasmin eat in the breakfast nook, while Annabel cleans up dirty dishes.

Day 1 started in the evening so Levi crashes before he can begin with the flirting.  Most of the girls find their bed, while as few of them stay up into the early hours of the morning.

Harvestfest ends and while it wasn’t a great success, it didn’t totally suck.  Eventually, these girls might lay down to get some sleep. (Ria, Mya, Tiola – I am still learning their names.)  The last one went to bed at 4AM.

Day 2

  • Have Levi Host a party
  • At 11:00 pm, Levi shall attempt the Offer A Rose Interaction to the Contestant who has the highest relationship towards them (any Flirty Interaction if it’s not available)
  • The Contestant who has the lowest relationship towards Levi is eliminated and must move out.

Levi is trying to get the one flirt for each contestant (day 1) in before he starts the party (day 2).  He is catching each one as they wake up.  Or, at least, that is his plan.

I should have a checklist, but Tiola is the last one to receive a flirt.  They all accepted it and no one got their feelings hurt.

After getting a flirt in with each of the ladies, Levi starts a romantic movie and invites them all to come watch.  Kaelyn is the first to find a seat, and she chooses to sit next to Levi.

As the movie continues, the girls begin to find seats.  Ria claims the place on the other side of Levi, while Annabel and Yasmin grab the loveseat.  Maybe he should add more seating to the living room.

Everyone does their own thing until it is time for the party to start.

Levi socializes with most of the girls and then it is time to start the party.

Levi throws a house party and it goes really well.  He even gets a gold medal before the party is halfway over.  For the first time since they moved in, all of the girls are in the same room with Levi – and paying attention to what he is saying.  While they have been in the same room during the movies, they weren’t actually talking to him.

The party ends and it is time for the highest and lowest to be identified.  Tiola has the highest relationship but he doesn’t have the option to give her a rose, so he does a Bold Pickup line.

She accepts it without question. She is the first one to become a romantic interest.

As for the contestant with the lowest relationship, it is close between several of the girls, but Yasmin has been eliminated and will be moving out to begin a new life.  Yasmin is Materialistic, Creative, and an Art Lover.  Her aspiration is to become a Painter Extraordinaire.  Goodbye, Yasmin.

After Yasmin moves out, everyone heads to bed – and in a miracle, they are all asleep by midnight.

Day 3

  • Purchase 6 easels and conduct a Painting Challenge at 7:00 am
  • Instruct all Contestants to create a painting
  • The 2 Contestants who have the highest valued paintings are the winners
  • If any Contestant should stop before their painting is completed, they forfeit
  • Have Levi take the 4 Contestants who did NOT win, on a group outing
  • At 11:00 pm Levi shall attempt the Offer A Rose Interaction to the Contestant who has the highest relationship towards them (any Flirty Interaction if it’s not available)
  • Out of the 4 Contestants who went on a group outing today, the Contestant who has the lowest relationship towards Levi is eliminated.

The girls begin the painting challenge in the morning.  They are all painting Classic Large, and it looks like four of them are painting the same picture.

As they finish their painting, they head off into the house for food and showers.  The results from the painting challenge are tallied.

  • Lara Leach, §76
  • Ria Beck, §71
  • Annabel Martinez, §85
  • Mya Garrison, §82
  • Kaelyn Kora, §80
  • Tiola Granger, §77

The top two contestants are Annabel and Mya.  That means the other four will be going on an outing with Levi today.

The question now, is where are they going on their outing…  Levi picks the beach, and they all head over to Ohan’ali Beach for the day.

Levi and the girls head out into the water for a swim.

Ria surprises everyone when she turns into a mermaid.

Levi and the girls have a great day at the beach.

It is possible Tiola just discovered that Ria is a mermaid.

Levi continues to chat with the girls, but Tiola is the first one to find a grill and make something to each.  Kaelyn is heading off for some reason, leaving Ria and Lara to compete over Levi’s attention.

As everyone heads up to the picnic area, Ria continues to swim.  Levi chats with the other three girls for awhile.

Lara wants to get some sun and Tiola wants to make sure Levi has a good look at her ass.

She is still waving her ass around in Levi’s face.  But now it is time to head back to the house.

As day 3 winds down, they all head into the living room to watch a movie.

Levi rolls his first sim-specific whim – to flirt with Ria.  So, he does.

Then they still have a few hours before the rose and elimination, so he forms a group with all of the girls and they head to the hot tub.

The girls don’t stay long, and Annabel is the last one out.  When the girls are gone, Levi gets out and heads inside.

Tiola still has the highest relationship with Levi, so she would get the rose if it were an option.  Since it isn’t, Levi impresses her with his video game prowess instead.

The points are being tallied (points meaning me eyeballing their relationship bar) and Ria and Kaelyn are both at the bottom.  Levi takes a selfie with each girl to see if it will effect their scores.

Kaelyn has the lowest score at the deadline, and she has been eliminated.  Goodbye, Kaelynn.  Kaelyn is Cheerful, Clumsy, and a Geek.  Her aspiration is Angling Ace, and no one ever discovered that she is an alien.  Kaelyn moves out and joins Yasmin in the challenge-free household.


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