Drifting Along, House 007.10

Last chapter for House 007

Progress towards the goals:

  • Create a 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom home worth at least $40k Simoleons
    • ✔House Value §99,000
  • Complete the Soul Mate Aspiration
    • ✔Completed
  • Produce and raise The Heir to the Young Adult life stage
    • ►The Heiress is a Teen – one more week

As I enter the game to play, the first thing done is to swap the beds upstairs for doubles. There are four bedrooms in the house, and everyone will be sharing a bed as they leave the toddler stage. Then when I enter live mode, Lacey is in trouble. Both her potty and her hunger are bottomed out.

Layla is about a week away from her birthday and ending the play in this house.

Levi got up and cooked something for the kids to eat, then he went and cleaned up the mess Lacey left in the bathroom.

Layla checks on Lacey and then reads her a story before leaving for school.

But for some reason, Levi picks up Lacey and takes her into the bathroom, where he sets her down and then leaves.

Finally getting everyone corralled. The older kids are at school and Levi is reading to the younger kids.

Both toddlers have reached level 3+ imagination. They have also mastered the potty. Lacey is level 2 in the other skills. Logan is level 1 in thinking and level 2 in communication and movement (but both of those are a sneeze away from level 3).

Levi asks Lacey to play and she has her usual answer.

Meanwhile, Logan is learning to talk.

Now, he is angry because he had to practice talking. And remember, he is Angelic.

I doubt Lucas will ever redo that project.

This is why we can’t speed 3 through the last week. I can’t get everyone to sleep at the same time.


So, I read something today that I decided to try to see if it would work. They have the money to travel, so Levi takes everyone out into the woods. Oh look, it is already setup for toddlers and everything. I guess one of the earlier houses has made the trip, which I don’t remember because I have done so many challenges.

Then from there, Levi goes home and leaves them in the forest. If only he would have left everyone there.

He brings Lacey home first.

They immediately work on flash cards, even though would have preferred not. But she is now a Happy Toddler.

Then, he puts Lacey to bed and brings home Logan.

They do the same thing, except Logan is a full level behind Lacey. Levi only gets him up to level 2 before they have to quit.

He takes Logan into bed, quietly so as not to wake up Lacey.

Well, this is just a little hiccup.

While he is putting Logan to bed, after waking up on the floor, Lacey takes her frustrations out on the dollhouse. But finally, Levi gets both toddlers to bed, Annabel and the older children are still in Granite Falls, and he crashes to see how much sleep he can get.

Ahh, the joys of speed 3. They were able to speed through Saturday before anyone woke up.

Of course, Logan heads in to wake up Levi before finding some food to eat.

After Logan and Levi filled their tummies, they began working on thinking again. Lacey is still sleeping, but she will be waking up soon starving and with a stinky diaper.

After flash cards, they move over to the blocks and Logan brings his thinking up to level 3. Another Happy Toddler.

Well, they are both awake and trying to decide what to do next.


More hugs and some conversation.

Levi puts them both back to bed and then he lays down to sleep.

Many hours later, Lacey is awake and so, therefore, must be Levi.

Levi decides to do something productive and invites over the childhood friend of Layla. Kason is his name.

He brings Layla home so that they can get to know each other. Hopefully.

Umm, not quite what I had in mind.

Finally, Levi gets them both sitting and talking.

This is a clusterfuck, to be honest. Levi is suggesting to Kason that he should hook up with Layla. At the same time Lacey is pissed and interjecting herself into the conversation.

Lacey is really pissed.

Levi puts the toddler back to bed, and the caterer he hired came over to join the conversation. Dude cooked nothing.

Finally, Levi calls Annabel and Lucas home.

I figured it was time for Annabel to have those babies.

More twins – Lance and Lauri join the family, and the household is full. So, no more surprise pregnancies! It is Monday morning and Layla’s birthday is on Friday. Annabel should have her birthday today as she has been due since she got pregnant. There are a lot of birthdays on Tuesday. Lucas will become a teen, Lacey and Logan will become children, and Lauri and Lance will become toddlers. Busy week, let’s get to it.

Lacey is trying to find someone to give her a bath. She asks, they agree, then they walk away. They being Annabel. And notice that Layla pushed Annabel out of the way so she could get to hold Lauri.

Lacey notices the new babies and she is happy about it. Fussy toddler is happy about the new siblings.

Random. There isn’t any holiday on the calendar with Flower Bunny tradition. He just showed up at the house and stood there.

The only one not in the picture is Layla, and she is in bed asleep, where they all should be. Levi puts the toddlers to bed, then Lucas, and then he goes to bed. Annabel is asleep by the time he gets there. Although with the babies in the room, it probably won’t last long.

Rebate Day sneaks up on me, so they have to spend §500 to complete the tradition. They purchase this special picture and place it on the upper deck. It was the only wall that had space, even it if is technically outside.

Annabel finally begins to bubble and gets to blow out her candles.

I haven’t taken a lot of pictures today, because this chapter will go on and on and on and on if I do. But, awww.

While Annabel is hugging on Logan, someone is being ignore in the bedroom. They really need some attention.

More hugs and, for the moment, everyone is in a good mood.

Lacey is just watching everyone sleep.

The twins are excited because they know it is their birthday.

The cake is out, the candles are lit, they are just waiting on someone to help them blow the candles out.

Logan goes first.

Then Lacey gets her turn.

Lucas gets to blow out his candles before school, earning him a day at home. Levi decides he will let the youngest twins age up on their own. That should get them 24 hours closer to Layla moving out.

Layla comes home with a huge mood swing. Levi tries to talk her off of the ledge, but nothing worked.

He invited Kason over again and suggested, once again, that they hook up. Okay, maybe next time he should just have them be friendly.

Layla is not impressed with Levi’s matchmaking, but at the same time, she doesn’t hate Kason. Two more days.

Logan rolled child of the Islands and took the motor aspiration. Lacey rolled Bookworm and took the mental aspiration. Not that it matters, because we are out of here in two days.

Lucas rolled Vegetarian to go with Insider and decided that he wants to be Leader of the Pack. I am really hoping everyone goes to school today. And, nope. Logan is staying home sick.

It feels like this has been a long time coming. Then after the notification pops up, Layla gets a second character trait into the zone. So, Levi sends her out volunteering to see if she can get Empathy into the zone. Her emotional control is almost into the red, which means lack of emotional control. Her conflict resolution is not close enough to even try.

Levi also remembers that the beds can be upgraded so he makes a quick pass through the house upgrading the three beds.

The youngest twins reach the point where they are too big for the bassinet any more.

Lauri rolls wild and Lance rolls Inquisitive.

After their makeovers, which will be the last ones of this house. Lance is the only one of the kids to get Annabel’s hair color. I normally put that curly hair on girls but it is what he wanted.

I am so over toddlers for the moment. (not really, just ready to be out of this house)

Wild toddlers almost always throw their food on the floor, in my experience. Lauri doesn’t disappoint.

Because we are about to get out of the house, the toddlers are being taught nothing. Not a damn thing.

Annabel spends the day with Lauri in the pool.

While they are in the pool, Lance is playing with the dolls.

Lauri comes over to tell Lance all about the water and the fun she had.

Yeah, that went over really well. Thanks Lauri.

The entire family of eight – everyone is in the picture.

Levi cleans up after everyone goes to bed. Layla will be blowing out her candles first thing in the morning, before school.

She was doing a lot of volunteering and managed to get her Empathy in the range. That is three good character traits on an uncontrolled sim.

I threaten Logan that if he wakes up either toddler, he is going to be exiled to a challenge, and it won’t be fun.

Phew. We made it. Layla is trying to blow out her candles.

There she goes. She rolls Good and is so ready to move out.

Because Layla grew up with three good character traits, Levi’s aspiration completes at the last moment. Levi mastered six skills and completed two aspirations – Soulmate and Super Parent. Annabel came close to completing Soulmate. She was 30/50 on romantic gestures. She also mastered Dancing and Parenting.

House 008 is complete. Final value of the house is §108,751. While I did make a point to rummage for decorations, most of the money for the house actually came from paintings.

Get me out of here, get me out of here, get me out of here…

Layla has moved on the house 008, Parkshore in Willow Creek.

She was so ready to go, she didn’t even change her clothes.


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