Drifting Along, House 007.2

Levi is continuing his bachelor challenge, looking for the love of his life, in all the wrong places.  Reality TV.

Day 4

  • Have Levi take the 2 Contestants who won the Painting Challenge, on a group outing
  • At 11:00 pm Levi shall attempt the Offer A Rose Interaction to the Contestant who has the highest relationship towards him (any Flirty Interaction if it’s not available)
  • The Contestant who has the lowest relationship towards Levi is eliminated.

Everyone heads to bed, except Tiola.  And the house ghost.  Brittany, who I believe just happened to die while on the lot.  I think.

Today’s outing will be with Annabel and Mya (my-ah).  Levi decides to take them ice skating.

Levi plays with the controls and turns on the music and the lights.  But they are not interacting together, so they only skate for a little while.

Levi decides to make lunch on the nearby grill.  Annabel and Mya sit at the picnic table and chat with each other and with Levi.

Because of where Levi placed the platter of food, he ends up sitting next to Mya.

He has a generic whim to be romantic, so he tries to feed a bite to Mya.  They end up getting close, but she still isn’t a romantic interest.

Annabel, on the other hand, does become his second romantic interest.  And, it is time to head back to the house.

Back at the house, Levi seeks out Tiola and then Annabel seeks him out.  He rolls a few whims for these two, which he completes without making the other jealous.

Then it is time to wind down with another movie.  Levi queues up friendly actions with each of the girls, although Tiola heads upstairs before he gets to her.

At the day comes to an end, Ria and Lara are so close that it is almost impossible to tell which one is the lowest.

Levi is allowed one romantic action with each to see if it will break the tie.

But they have to wait until the movie is over, because Lara is watching it.

Levi goes to give Lara an embrace, but she is abducted before he gets to her.

So, Ria gets an embrace and becomes Levi’s third romantic interest.

Levi reluctantly waits for Lara to get back – he really wants to go to bed.  He doesn’t have the option for an embrace any more so he goes for a risque question.  Lara becomes his fourth romantic interest.

This changes the game, since four of the five girls are now romantic interests.  Instead of Lara or Ria, the bubble has moved to Mya as the only one that isn’t a romantic interest.  Deciding he should give her one last chance before she is kicked out, he hits her with a bold pickup line (she has a high friendship with him, higher than Lara or Ria).  That moves her into romantic interest category and puts the elimination back to Lara or Ria.  They still are extremely close.

And a decision has finally been made.  Ria is the one that is eliminated.  Goodbye Ria.  Ria is a Child of the Ocean, and a mermaid.  She is also Active and Loves Outdoors.  Her aspiration is to become a Bodybuilder.

Levi tells her that he just wants to be friends and she moves out and joins Yasmin and Kaelyn.  Now that the girls have romantic interests in Levi, he will be cooling each relationship as the girl is eliminated and moves out.

Day 5

  • Conduct a Fishing Challenge at 7:00am
    • Instruct all Contestants to Fish for 1 hour
    • The Contestant who has caught the most fish (or the highest value of fish) is the winner
  • If any Contestant should stop before the hour is up, they forfeit
  • Have Levi attempt to perform the Ask On Date Interaction to the winner
  • At 11:00 pm Levi shall attempt the Offer A Rose Interaction to the winner (any Flirty Interaction if it’s not available)

Since it is the middle of winter at home, Levi takes the girls to Oasis Springs for the fishing challenge.

Annabel is the first to give up on the challenge – and she caught no fish.

She does catch a nap though.

Lara is the next to give up on the challenge.  She also caught no fish.

Mya catches the first, and only fish of the challenge.  At this point, they have been fishing several hours, so they are going to go with last girl standing.

Tiola gives up without catching any fish.  This challenge hasn’t been nice to the ladies, but Levi caught three fish for a total of §30.

Mya is the challenge winner as last girl standing, and by catching the only fish, worth §17.

Levi sends the others home and he asks Mya out on an official date.  They are pouting because it has been raining on them while they were fishing.

Mya accepts the date, of course, and they head into Windenburg to the Hare and Hedgehog cafe.

Since this is an official date, with tasks, Levi has several things to accomplish.  He has his first kiss with Mya – she is the first one kissed for the challenge.  Of course his dad, Cameron, shows up and watches in the background.

They sit and chat and flirt.

Levi is even moved to present her with a rose.  This has been a gold medal date.

As the date winds down, Mya has moved into the lead.

They head home after the date ends, and Levi heads up to chat with Lara.  He rolled the whim to woohoo with Lara while he was on his date with Mya.  And the rules state that he must complete the whims as long as it doesn’t lead to a relationship or a baby.

In order to get the option to woohoo to show up, he needs to have a first kiss with Lara.

Then they head to his bedroom for some playtime to finish up day 5.

Day 6

  • Have Levi take the 3 Contestants who did NOT win the Fishing Challenge on a group outing
  • At 11:00 pm Levi shall attempt the Offer A Rose Interaction to the Contestant who has the highest relationship towards him (any Flirty Interaction if it’s not available)
  • The Contestant who has the lowest relationship towards The Drifter is eliminated.

First up on the agenda is an outing with everyone except Mya.  Even though it is early in the morning, they head to one of the nightclubs in Windenburg – Narwhal Arms.

The group dance thing is so cool.  And yes, this is the first time I have noticed the option, probably because I rarely take my sims dancing.

Okay, that is over, now what?  Well, they stood around talking to each other – Annabel finally found the bathroom while Lara and Tiola slipped away for drinks.  And at one point, Lara caught Levi getting flirty with someone else.  They stayed there all afternoon, finally heading home at dinner time.

Back at the house, they have their regular movie night to get everyone into the living room at once.  Except Lara.  Lara pissed herself, probably because she is drunk.  So, she is taking a shower.

With the next elimination coming up in a few hours, they are left to do whatever.  Annabel is very flirty so she is having a flirty type conversation with Levi.  I think.  The other girls are more worried about food.

Tiola cleans up the piss puddle that Lara left in the foyer.

Levi calls it a day, so it must be time to try to give a rose to someone and then it is elimination time.

Mya definitely has the top of the leaderboard and Lara is in second.  That leaves the bottom two between Annabel and Tiola with Annabel on the bubble.

He didn’t have the option to give her a rose so he choose to look deeply into her eyes.

And then Lara catches Levi with Mya and her romantic relationship dropped.  This is not good news for Lara.

Well, that is interesting – Risky woohoo just kicked into gear.  Levi takes Mya to bed.

Trying to get back in schedule – Lara just dropped to last place and will be the one eliminated.  She is close to Annabel on romantic, but her friendship bar is just a little shorter than Annabel.

Goodbye, Lara.  I had hopes for you for a little while.  Lara is Ambitious, Genius, Bookworm.  Her aspiration is Renaissance Sim, and she is moving out.


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