Drifting Along, House 007.3

The bachelor challenge is now down to the last three contestants – Mya, Tiola, and Annabel.  Things are getting real now.

Day 7, 8, and 9

  • Each remaining Contestant shall have a one on one date or outing with Levi
    • One Contestant per day
  • Each Day at 11:00 pm Levi shall attempt the Offer A Rose Interaction to the Contestant who went on a date or outing with them (any Flirty Interaction if it’s not available).

Day 7 will find Levi taking Mya on another date.  He will be taking all three girls to the same location for their dates.  Mya as the front runner will get to go first.

There was a question about who would volunteer to repair the dishwasher.  Everyone kept cleaning up the water, but it is the resident ghost that actually makes the repair.

Tiola keeps freezing to death, despite being inside and the thermostat being on.  Hopefully she survives this challenge.

And, it is Winterfest, so Levi makes a grand feast for breakfast.

Everyone gathers around the dining table to eat the breakfast that Levi made.

Then they all gather around the Winterfest tree to open presents.

Finally, it is time for Levi and Mya to head out on their date.  They head out to the Discotheque Pan Europa for their date.

They find a quiet alcove upstairs to sit and talk and get all romantic.

Levi masters charisma while giving Mya a massage – and they reach gold level date.

With some time to kill before the date is over, they head downstairs for some privacy.

Levi really enjoyed that, except for the hanger.

Back up in the alcove, someone says something embarrassing and now they are trying to get past that.

When the date ends, Levi remembers he didn’t tell Lara that they could just be friends, nothing else.  So he calls her up and invites her out to the nightclub.

Mixed signals – Levi asks to just be friends and then heads home, leaving Lara behind.

Levi hasn’t had a lot of whims related to the girls, but it figures he would want to cloudgaze in the middle of a blizzard.

Levi went to bed before Father Winter showed up – and Annabel is the only one that spent time talking with him.

The next day it is time for his second date – this time with Tiola.  It looks like Annabel has caught up with Tiola in the points as their bars are both virtually identical.  They head upstairs to the same alcove that he used the day before.  Tiola doesn’t want to sit down though, so they stand right outside of it.

Levi has another gold date, and at this point it is definitely possible that they will all have maxed out relationships when he is done with this round of dates.  Also, these girls are aggressive about getting that woohoo in.

When the date is over, another gold medal date, Levi and Tiola head home.  Levi runs past Caprica (his mom) and never slows down.

Freedom reigns and everyone is doing their own thing for the rest of the evening after the requisite movie as a group.

Levi hires a caterer to fill the fridge up with leftovers, and Caprica shows up to do the cooking.  At least there will be plenty to eat tomorrow.

When Levi gets up he has a whim to woohoo in the hot tub.  Annabel is excited because this is her day to have a date with Levi.

After they finish their woohoo, Annabel notices that there is a freaking blizzard going on.

So, they begin their date by heading back to the nightclub, and Levi’s favorite alcove.

Levi has completed another gold medal date.  Since they had woohoo in the hot tub before leaving, they skip the closet woohoo downstairs.  He has also maxed out both relationship bars for all three of the girls.

At least that was the plan until Levi rolled the whim to woohoo again.

The last of the three dates is over, and they are heading home.

Once they get back to the house, it is time to watch another movie.

Levi started off by sitting between Tiola and Mya, but then he moved over to sit next to Annabel.

Levi is very flirty and Tiola is his girl for the moment.  Mya didn’t even seem to notice that they were flirting.

Of course, then Levi rolled the whim to woohoo and off they went.

Day 10

  • Have a laid back day at the house with the Contestants
  • At 11:00pm Levi shall attempt the Offer A Rose Interaction to the Contestant who has the highest relationship towards them (any Flirty Interaction if it’s not available)
  • The Contestant who has the lowest relationship towards Levi is eliminated.

Have a laid back day.  This is going to be fun to watch.

Everyone went into this day with maxed out friend and romance bars.  Tiola is the first one to see something that impacts her romantic bar.

The flirts are happening today.  And no one is worried about privacy.

Autonomous woohoo strikes again – this is Annabel and Levi.

Levi is literally bouncing between the girls while the camera just follows him around.  He does not roll any whims today so all of the doings are on him.

Oops – Tiola gained a little back while Mya just lost some of her romantic feelings.

Levi and Tiola head out to the hot tub – it might be cold but there isn’t a blizzard right now.

Tiola is working her alone time hard.  “Hard”

Tonight is New Year’s Eve, so the elimination will take place as soon as midnight passes.

Levi really, really needed to pee.

At this point, Mya was the lowest and would be going home, but she is the one that got to Levi first for the midnight kiss.

Because Tiola witnessed it, her relationship dropped again.

As a result, Mya will be staying and Tiola will be moving out.

Annabel came in to see what was happening and seemed to cheer for Mya.

Tiola is a Neat, Self-Assured, Perfectionist with the aspiration to become a World Famous Celebrity.  She is also a spellcaster.  Goodbye, Tiola.

Day 11

  • Have Levi Host a party
    At the end of the party, the Contestant who has the lowest relationship towards The Drifter is eliminated
    Have Levi attempt to perform the Offer A Rose Interaction (any Flirty Interaction if it’s not available) to the Final Contestant – They are the winner!
    Optional: Ask To Be Boyfriend/Girlfriend, and then Propose
    When the Elimination Competition has been completed, you must stop game play, save and proceed to Part 2 (After The Rose)

Levi remembers to tell Tiola that they can only be friends going forward.

Levi is down to the last two contestants:

Annabel has the highest relationship starting off the day.  She is a Music Lover, Romantic, and a Dance Machine.  Her aspiration is to find her Soulmate.

Mya is hoping to knock her out of the running.  She is Childish, Goofball, and a Foodie.  Her aspiration is to become a Master Chef.

While the camera is following Levi around on this last day, he chooses Annabel more than Mya for his interactions.  Mya is not impressed.

It is time for the party to start and it is just Levi and the two girls.

Of course now Levi decides to kiss Mya in front of Annabel and they both have a little dip in their relationship.

Then, after kissing Mya, Levi takes Annabel to bed.

While Annabel is in the bathroom, Levi rolls the whim to flirt with Mya.

Nope, the party is over and the winner is decided.  Mya has been eliminated.  Goodbye Mya.  She will be moving in with the rest of the eliminated contestants, Levi and Annabel will be moving to their new lot, and the sims from House 006 (Levi’s parents and sisters) will be moving back into this mansion.

Levi asks Annabel to be his girlfriend, officially.

Then he proposes.  In front of Mya.  At least he won’t have to ask Mya to just be friends, because she doesn’t have any romantic feelings for him any more.

Levi and Annabel will be getting married once they move to their new lot.  And that is the first part of House 007, completed.


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