Drifting Along, House 007.4

It is time for Levi and Annabel to begin working on their house.  After living in the mansion for so long, they are shocked to find that their new house doesn’t yet exist.  On top of that, all of the simoleons in the bank were left behind – they are flat-zero broke.

There are several admissions that need to be made.  I play with MCCC and I left Risky and Autonomous options turned on during the bachelor challenge.  Levi is going to be a father several times over, as a result.  Mya was the first to get pregnant, then Annabel.  Tiola was lucky up until the last time they had the woohoo.  She was also pregnant when she moved out.  For those that got pregnant early – Mya and Annabel – the pregnancies were paused with MCCC.  Mya unpaused her pregnancy when she moved out.  Annabel has now unpaused her pregnancy.

That means they are standing on an empty lot with no shelter and there is going to be a baby coming in a few days.  The pressure is on; the clock is ticking. With the beginning of Part 2 of House 007, Annabel is no longer playable – only Levi can be controlled now.

The main part of this house was in the bachelor challenge. Now that it is just Levi and Annabel, the requirements are fairly easy.

  1. Create a 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom home worth at least $40,000
  2. Complete the Soul Mate Aspiration

Additionally, the travel restrictions are back in place once again.

Once Levi wakes up from his nap, he and Annabel have a quick elopement. Now they have to find food and shelter before night comes again.

Levi needs a fast way to collect simoleons and he is starving and exhausted, so he won’t be running around collecting. Instead he begins to take a bunch of selfies and photos of Annabel. They suck, but he can sell them for pocket change.

Levi stands around taking a bunch of pictures. Apparently he has photography mastered so he is getting a pretty good set of pictures. He is still trying to decide if he is going to take a regular job, or just keep taking pictures. He is trying to get enough to buy the shell of a house before he passes out. He can only get a nice bed and fridge before needing a break.

They crashed. There was woohoo on their mind, but she stinks and he passed out. Maybe later.

Annabel wakes up in a desperate situation. And there isn’t a toilet, or a public bathroom, or even a bush to pee in.

At least her hygiene was already tanked, but now she is embarrassed also. So, they are sent back to bed.

Aww, look who came to make sure they were getting “settled”.

Just going to say, that after completing my EPIC this week, and counting all of the simoleons – 38 million – it is refreshing to be back to the basics. Actually, they are back to nothing, but close enough. I am also going to say that they will not be gardening. They will have to find another way to support themselves.

And I am back with Levi and Annabel. I had to read through the rules again because it has been awhile. Levi is the only controllable sim.

They need some simoleons because they really need a toilet and a shower. I am so over gardening at the moment, and Levi doesn’t want to run around collecting. So we are going to try something different.

Levi is rummaging for decorations. He has to keep one of everything he pulls out, and he can sell the extras.

Then, he will have to use the decorations he keeps to use in the house.

He gets enough from selling the extras to purchase a bathroom – shower, toilet, and sink. It is a start. The question now is how long will it take Annabel to find the shower.

While checking to see if Levi was a daddy yet, I notice that he has two younger sisters. Lexi and Leah. I didn’t remember that, but in checking my notes I can see where they are both listed. So I must have known at one point.

Annabel has something to eat and then she finds the shower. She is really enjoying this shower.

Levi takes a break from rummaging for decorations to have a sandwich. Annabel keeps him company.

They get a little frisky and sneak over for some shower woohoo.

Then it is time for some dates. They just stay home since they don’t have the simoleons to leave yet.

They also become best friends and check off that requirement. Oh, and they both have the Soulmate aspiration. The challenge is for Levi to complete it, but the real challenge is to see if Annabel can complete it on her own.

There is more autonomous woohoo – these two are flirty for each other and they don’t care who knows.

Two dates back to back. Three times the woohoo. And now, Annabel can’t figure out what to do next.

So she has her second accident. Thankfully, there aren’t any point deductions for this.

Mya wanders by at 5am. She stops for a moment to watch Levi and then she keeps on wandering.

Levi makes omelets on his new stove and new counters. They have the basics now, so it might be time to begin building the actual house.

Annabel watches Levi as he works, rummaging. She is definitely beginning to look a little bit pregnant.

After rummaging, Levi decides to take some photos to sell and this post really shows off the baby bump.

He takes some selfies also, but then he sells everything. He will take photos for the wall once they have walls.

Speaking of walls. The house isn’t happening for me yet. So they are still lawn living. They did buy a laptop and a sketchpad. Levi is working on figure drawings and is trying to decide how he is going to support his growing family.

Levi finishes six sketches while Annabel plays a computer game.

He marks them up 300% because he is very proud of what he has created.

Then he starts a yard sale.

In the middle of the yard sale, Annabel came over to see if he wanted to take a booty break. They didn’t but he should have. He only sold two of the six drawings, probably because of the markup being way too high.

Levi has a lot better luck selling the drawings once he drops his markup to only 100%. After he sells the last drawing, he also sells the display wall.

His next get rich scheme is one I have used before. He has Connections and good grades so he cycles through all of the careers, collecting career rewards. There used to be simoleons awarded also, but those don’t happen. Just the career rewards.

Annabel does not spend a lot of time by herself. She stays near to Levi most all the time.



The last career Levi enters is the one that he was thinking about when he took the first job – Astronaut. Which means, they will need to have space for a rocket after the house is built. I think. He sorts through all of the rewards, keeping some but selling most. Then he tries to build a house, again. And this time he succeeds. He also has already reached the dollar value but the house isn’t finished yet.

The shell was downloaded from the gallery – TwistedFairy. Then it was stripped and remodeled extensively. For some reason, it is the beginning that always causes me the most pain.

A quick look at the interior. Lot traits of Good Schools, Private Dwelling, and Sunny Aspect were added during the remodeling.

It looks like Cameron died, but no he didn’t. Where is he?

Apparently, Cameron moved out and in with the Elderberrys. And they aren’t even living in a house at this point. So, Cameron is moved back into the house with Caprica and the girls. Cameron gives them §20,000 out of the family funds and wishes them well.

That looks much better. Maybe it was a glitch from moving them in and out while Levi was working on the bachelor challenge. Whatever, it is fixed now.

Now, I look at Levi’s requirements for work and realize he needs a way to work on Logic. But, they are currently out of money so he can’t afford to buy a chess table, or anything really. They can barely afford to eat. But the house looks nice.

Annabel threw up and broke the toilet, all in the same instance. Then she complained that the bathroom was a mess. At least she did the mopping while Levi cleaned and repaired the toilet for her.

Getting back to the Soulmate aspiration, it turns out that whoever was behind the other has caught up. They are both at the exact same spot. They need to have another date.

They both needed one silver date, so they completed two gold dates. This means they are now on the last tier.

It will be interesting to see if Annabel completes the task of 50 romantic actions autonomously.


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