Drifting Along, House 007.5

The house value is §45,182 and Levi is on the last tier of the Soulmate aspiration. But first there must be food. Especially for the pregnant sim.

He just needs two more gold dates and that is quick to complete.

Then he needs to finish up the romantic interactions, and that is also quick to complete. Annabel has completed everything except the romantic interactions, so she has the rest of her life to perform romantic actions with Levi. Well, with anyone for the aspiration, but there isn’t anyone else for Annabel.

Levi checks his employment contract and realizes he needs more than Logic. He also needs Fitness. Since they still don’t have any money, he goes jogging. At least that is something he can do without spending simoleons. And, I believe he needs a different workout outfit, because that looks really hot for Oasis Springs.

Tiola has had the baby – Levi is a father of a little girl, Anissa Granger. That just leaves Mya, and her baby should be born before Annabel gives birth. I think.

Annabel lays down to take a nap so Levi works on making something for dinner. He also calls and takes tomorrow as a family leave day. He keeps meaning to try to negotiate for a bonus, but maybe he should actually go to work once first.

He goes out for another job or three, and he has finally changed his workout outfit to something a little better suited to Oasis Springs.

This time he is actually putting up the lights for Love Day. He sold the extra champagne buckets from their gold medal dates and now they have a little money in the bank.

He was even able to purchase a chess table and the chairs to go with it.

Levi decides to try for the bonus, but he is turned down.

Then he calls back and tells them he is taking family leave. This is when he took it, he kept getting busy earlier. But, if they aren’t going to give him a bonus for existing, he is going to take the time off for the birth of his heir.

Hmm. He either lost performance because of the bonus was was denied or because he took time off. Most likely it is because of the denied bonus.

Labor begins, or rather it is almost over at this point. Levi is upgrading the toilet – this is going to be his life now.

Annabel doesn’t even bother to set up the bassinet in one of the bedrooms. The middle of the living room is good enough.

The next heiress is Layla. And she carries on the purple skill of several generations now.

Annabel is trying to figure this parenting thing out. She eventually got a bottle into Layla’s mouth.

It is Love Day and Levi forgot to get Annabel a present – isn’t a baby enough?

He gave her a pipe. It was all that he had, and he will need it back pretty soon.

Isn’t he proud of himself?

That look when you love an idiot.

Annabel is not feeling well. She has been sick since before she gave birth, but does she consider laying down for a nap? No, she does not.

Levi is back in the bathroom. His goal is to upgrade all four of the bathroom items – shower, tub, toilet, sink. All three upgrades for all four items. Annabel looks like she is feeling better – her rash is gone anyways.

Umm, no, Levi doesn’t think so.

Looks like she is still sick, just not with the rash.

Levi spends the last of their savings to add a back porch on to the house. He needed, or rather wanted, a woodworking table and he needed a good place to set it up.

He has to make one item for the new aspiration but then he realizes he can make money by selling it instead. Since he literally only had §26 to his name, he spent §5 to make a knife block and then sold it for §20. He had time to make four of them before he called it a day. Then he received his pay for the day of family leave. They have a little money now. But not enough to buy curtains for the house. Yet.

Annabel appears to be feeling better today. She is a Dance Machine and a Music Lover, so she is always near the stereo.

While she didn’t fully complete Love Day, it was okay and she wasn’t sad. Talk Like a Pirate was completely successful. One of the few holidays that uncontrolled sims have a chance of completing on their own.

Mya had her baby – also a little girl – Jana Garrison. The only one that has his purple skin is Layla.

Spring ends and Summer begins, which means it is time to rummage through the decorations again.

There are a lot of the pigs and flamingos and sunflowers in this batch of goodies.

Using the money from the sale of the extra decorations, Levi is able to add curtains to the entire house. He also masters cooking making himself a grilled cheese sandwich.

He also receives notification that it is Layla’s birthday. She rolls Independent and has his hair color. And she got his eyes. She got nothing from Annabel.

She may be Independent, but Levi takes her to the potty for the first time to show her how to use it.

And, as much as I hate the high chair dance, they add one so that Annabel can also feed her when Levi isn’t home. At the moment, they don’t have any leftovers in the house.

They are both looking at Annabel like “Don’t pick her up”.

Layla finished her sandwich without throwing any of it on the floor. Now she is going to bed because she aged up needing sleep.

She has not had a makeover yet because her everyday outfit and her sleeping outfit are both good. No hats or glasses yet.

Annabel makes mac and cheese, but only for herself. She doesn’t make a family meal. Levi is going to have to spend some time cooking. They can’t afford to hire a caterer yet.

While Levi works in the kitchen, cooking meals for the next few days, Annabel goes to tuck in Layla.

Annabel is standing way to close to Levi for how he is slinging those knives around. Mastered cooking or not, I would be standing much further back, even in the other room.

After finishing a few meals, Levi wakes Layla up for another run at the potty. He is just in time because she was just about to use her diaper. He had to use the potty himself so Layla entertained herself.

She did not want to try to potty again. She wants to dance!

Levi gets her on the potty one more time, and then he scolds her for being defiant. She has peed on the floor twice, been told she has to try to potty, and now he is scolding her. Layla is having second thoughts about everything now. She will feel better in the morning – Levi reads her to sleep and then goes to bed himself. Seeing as it is midnight.

Levi has to go back to work today, or rather he has to go to work for the first time. He notices that he hasn’t done any work on his logic skill, so he practices chess for a bit. Layla likes that the chair is close enough that she can talk to him while he practices.

Hugs before he leaves for work.

Annabel has tried to read her two different stories, but it keeps dropping out right before Layla sits down. I hate that. When Layla asks for flash cards, they are finally able to connect.

Then there is always the dancing. And the pooping. Despite being Independent, Layla hasn’t gone to the potty on her own yet. She loves to use her diaper though.

There is a plate of food sitting out, but Layla would rather Annabel make her a sandwich.

Annabel is doing a pretty good job of taking care of Layla and being available for her. Of course, all Annabel does is dance, so she has the time.

Layla is checking out the laptop. She wonders when she will be allowed to play with that.

After staring at the laptop, they buy her a tablet. Which she ignores to play with the blocks.

Hugs and more hugs. She hugged Annabel three times in a row here.

Levi’s other daughters are also toddlers now. Anissa is the redhead, without purple skin. Jana is the brunette.

When Levi gets home from work, he decides to quit. Becoming an astronaut was a dream, but in reality it isn’t something that he really wants to put that much effort into accomplishing.

Layla has really been utilizing her diaper and this morning it is very full of poop.

Levi changes her diaper but even that doesn’t clean her up.

He takes care of his needs while Layla watches, and dances.

Then Layla gets a thorough bubble bath and finally cleans up all the poop.

More dancing, even though she is hungry. Levi grabs a plate for her and tells her to sit down and eat.

Since Levi no longer has a job, he is back to rummaging for decorations to sell. That leave Annabel to entertain Layla.

Levi tells Layla she needs to try to potty. But she doesn’t want to potty, she wants to dance! Besides, she can always potty in her diaper!

Layla shows him – he makes her potty so she pees on the floor and smears poop on the potty chair.

This is just a fun building exercise for Levi. Fingers crossed there aren’t any consequences from this activity.


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