Drifting Along, House 007.6

Layla continues to grow and learn things. And she begins to make messes. At least this builds creativity.

Annabel checks on her and decides to teach her to talk. If only Layla would discover the stuffed unicorn in her room.

The potty has been mastered so hopefully Layla will stop using her diaper and begin using the potty.

Levi realizes the house is too hot when Layla starts crying. He has a thermostat installed along with a smoke alarm and fire extinguisher.

It takes Annabel long enough, but she eventually cleans up the mess that Layla made.

Success! This is the first time Layla has chosen to use the potty without being told or asked.

Levi is working on the upgrades around the house. He has reached level 8 and will probably master the skill before he is done.

For the third time, Annabel is trying to read to Layla.

And for the third time, she isn’t patient enough and drops the action as Layla gets to the couch.

More dancing. Layla positions herself halfway between Levi and Annabel so that she can talk to them both.

Layla made another mess, and while this builds her creativity, Levi has also decided to become a Super Parent, which means he needs to scold her when she does things like that.

Finally, someone is able to read to Layla. There are also more messes around the house but she is getting close to becoming a Happy Toddler.

She asks for flash cards so while Annabel works with her on thinking, Levi makes lunch. Franks and beans.

Levi takes some time to read to Layla to get her imagination skill lifted to level 3.

Then he suggests that he teach her shapes on the block.

Layla is not in favor of that idea. Not at all.

She is defiant twice before Levi gets her down on the floor with the blocks. He scolded her both times and completed that tier of Super Parent.

She is exhausted but she just had to check out the new dollhouse they bought her.

Annabel masters dancing. Most likely it will be the only skill she masters.

Seriously? Oh, please don’t abduct him!!

Levi keeps trying to build up a little nest egg, but then something will come up and he will have to spend all the money. That’s life, folks.

The lottery results come in and it turns out the Lara Leach won the lottery.

Lara was one of the contestants for Levi.

Levi and Annabel are sleeping in Thursday morning, but Layla is up bright and early. She finds food that was sitting out for her to address one need and then she finds the potty for the other need.

Since everyone else is still asleep, Layla amuses herself with the dolls.

This might be the only time she actually talks to the unicorn. While I miss pushing the toddler to get Top-Notch Toddler, it is fun to watch her bounce from activity to activity.

Levi and Annabel are still sleeping and it is lunchtime. Layla decides she has been on her own long enough.

She takes a deep breath and summons all the tears,

She is aiming the wake-up cry to Annabel, which means it will be up to her and Annabel to figure out what she wants.

And she wants someone to play dolls with her.

After playing dolls, they hang out on the porch and just talk. Annabel is trying to teach Layla to talk anyways. Layla doesn’t want to say any more words.

Sparkles around the belly? This is not a good sign. They are going to be needing more room, which is why there are now stairs going to an upper floor. Levi is probably the first sim I have had that has gotten alien pregnant on the first abduction.

After Layla finishes eating her lunch, she asks Annabel to trap her in the high chair.

Most times, this is so they can talk, but they just stood there.

And then Annabel left to go do something else, and Layla is still sitting in the high chair.

On his way through the house, Levi puts Layla down. He is cleaning up all the messes. Layla and Annabel move their talking to the living room.

Levi comes through and convinces Layla to work on her shapes, and Layla is officially a Happy Toddler.

Levi upgrades the sketchpad and then sketches some drawings. He is trying to see if he can make anything good enough for the walls. They still need to be completed. Annabel is either playing a computer game or trolling the forums. Layla just wants someone to play dolls with her.

Grandpa Cameron has died and sent the household into mourning.

For some reason Annabel went upstairs into the incomplete second floor. Layla must follow.

By the time Layla gets to the top of the stairs, Annabel is already heading back down.

Annabel doesn’t care if Layla makes a mess, or many messes. As long as she isn’t crying, which really gets on her nerves.

Pregnant Levi is still working on upgrades. He has reached level 9 and is close to mastering it. But he is sad so the upgrades are taking a long time to complete.

Once again, Layla asked to be in the high chair. And they just sat there.

Levi needs more money so he is looking for more things to sell. Annabel has to go out to talk to him, leaving Layla in the high chair.

Levi finally rescues the toddler and he puts her to bed. Or maybe he let her out of the high chair and she put herself to bed. Either way, after she is asleep the adults congregate at her bedside.

Levi has moved into the kitchen for upgrades, and this time Layla actually gets food while she is in the high chair.

It is almost Layla’s birthday and she is solidly a Happy Toddler. It is causing me anxiety that she won’t master all her skills, but that is my problem, not hers.

Annabel tries to cheer up Layla with some high flying play time. It doesn’t work for more than a minute.

Levi plays dolls with her but there is still a lot of sadness. Levi doesn’t have his parenting skill high enough to hug away the sadness yet.

I caught Annabel taking a dirty bowl upstairs to wash it. There is a sink in the kitchen, and there is even a downstairs bathroom sink.

Pregnant sims can get cranky and I caught Levi yelling at Layla and I have no idea why. In the past it seems to happen when the toddler tries to be funny with a pregnant sim.

Levi apologizes and asks Layla to clean her face. This is so cute – she wipes her nose with the back of her hand and it improves her hygiene a little.

Layla may have improved her thinking to level 3 but she is still defiant a lot.

Levi reaches level 7 in Parenting and he can now hug the sadness right out of her.

Levi is back to upgrading which means Layla’s birthday is coming up shortly and I have accepted that she will not master all of her skills.

Saturday evening, Levi has some visitors. Normally he ignores Mya when she comes over.

But this time, his daughters came over also. Jana and Anissa came for the evening.

He was able to hug away their sadness over losing Grandpa Cameron.

I have no clue what Anissa was defiant about, but she got a scolding for it.

Inside they danced until it was time for them to go home. Layla had already gone to bed, but she can meet her half-sisters another time.

He even took pictures for the wall.

Today is Layla’s birthday. She is just waiting for the bubbles to appear.

It is also the first day of Fall so Levi is rummaging for decorations they don’t already have. Layla is leading Annabel to the dollhouse again.

This is the last time Annabel will play airplane with Layla because Levi is inside making the birthday cake.

It figures – she finally notices the toddler tablet, literally as Levi is coming to get her.

First he gets a picture of Layla as a toddler to add to the wall of his children.

Then she gets ready to blow out her candles.


Layla rolls Slob which is swapped out for Creative. She takes the Art Prodigy aspiration even though it is doubtful she will be able to complete it. She can’t even join the scouts.

Levi’s girls as toddlers.

Levi encourages Layla to do her homework.

It works, she does, he helps.

She needs to build a skill high enough so that she can possibly get an A in school. Levi gets her playing with the dolls to build creativity.

Dinner is birthday cake. Works for me.

I am surprised but Annabel breaks the toilet, complains about it, and then repairs it.

Levi wakes up in labor. Now for the countdown.

I am really hoping for a color other than purple.

It is a purple boy – Lucas Lewis. Because we are all about the alliteration and the awkward sounds.

Layla meets her new brother and despite the smile she is sad about it. But right now she is just too darned happy to let the sadness show.


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