Drifting Along, House 007.7

Progress towards goals:

  • Create a 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom home worth at least $40k Simoleons
    • ✔House Value §75,000
  • Complete the Soul Mate Aspiration
    • ✔Completed
  • Produce and raise The Heir to the Young Adult life stage
    • ►The Heiress is currently a Child

Levi is continuing with the upgrade project for everything in the house. And he masters handiness, so nothing is off limits now.

Layla improves her grades to a B on her first day of school. Right now she is headed in to check on Lucas. He has been crying all day and Annabel hasn’t figured out that the smell means a diaper change is required.

Levi finishes upgrading the television and the stereo so he convinces Layla to do her homework. He tried to get her to work on her project, but she barely got it set up before moving on.

Her room is very sparse. As soon as they have more money they will work on completing the upper floor.

Caprica comes over to visit and Levi actually lets her in this time. She spends time getting to know Annabel.

Umm hmm.

Annabel really tries to take care of Lucas, but she can never seem to figure out why he is crying and how to make him stop.

Layla has left for school, leaving her project sitting out undone. Levi starts to work on it to help her out but Annabel doesn’t.

Tiola comes over to visit – I believe she is Anissa’s mom. Levi is busy so Annabel spends time talking to her out front. She is not invited into the house.

Some chitting and chatting over dinner.

Levi is exhausted. But he wants to make sure Layla gets to bed at a reasonable time, and ends up passing out on the floor next to her bed.

Just an overview of their priorities. Thankfully Annabel is willing to take care of Lucas. But they really also need the money for the upstairs, and the bills.

Layla is just short of having the skills to earn her A, so Levi influences her to play with the dolls before school.

Of course, then she was late to school because she was talking instead of eating.

The laptop is the last item downstairs, currently, that still needs to be upgraded, so that is what Levi will be doing today. Hopefully, Annabel continues to take care of Lucas.

Well, maybe he will wait on the upgrades because I just noticed that it is Lucas’s birthday and he has already received the birthday notification.

Lucas also rolls Independent. It is like the game knows he is on his own. Hair. He needs hair. And clothes.

I went in to give him hair and realized his disguise will work just fine.

Also, his disguise is not much different from his alien self.

He starts things off with defiance at the potty chair.

After one attempt to potty, Levi puts him to bed. He is a tired boy – growing up is hard work.

Lucas is having an anger moment. He isn’t happy that he was scolded for being defiant. And now, he is being made to go to bed.

Layla did great – she earns an A in school. Good Schools trait is really nice.

One thing about putting Lucas to bed so early is that he is going to be ready to get up after Levi goes to sleep. So, Levi makes some tacos and goes in to wake up the little man.

Lucas is still having his attitude problem.

He takes the tacos into the living room where Levi watches him and Annabel watches Levi.

As soon as Lucas is done eating, Levi asks him to to to potty. Lucas misunderstood and began to pee in his diaper. But Lucas was able to get him to the actual potty before he finished. ~He literally started to use his diaper and when Levi asked if he wanted to potty, he stopped and waited until they got to the potty to finish. For the record, I don’t think it is possible to stop once you start, but that could be my age.~

Of course, just because he sat on the potty doesn’t mean everything went into the potty. And as he is not the heir, he won’t be having to work hard for the skills.

Annabel accepts the responsibility of becoming his caregiver. I believe that is allowed. It is just an option on the Parenting menu and doesn’t require her to actually do anything when it is selected.

Everyone gathers in the bathroom to chat. It is Harvestfest so Layla doesn’t have to go to school today.

Lucas does a lot of standing around, trying to decide what to do next.

It is Harvestfest, as I said, and there are many gnomes to appease. Levi has picked up five from his rummaging and the other three are the holiday provided gnomes. Since no one else can appease them, Levi goes for all eight. He will also not be stopping the holiday early because he wants all of the seed packs he can get for free. He makes room in front of the stove and begins making a holiday feast.

Lucas goes into his room to play with the blocks. Annabel is sleeping and Layla is playing with the dolls.

How sweet. Layla is teaching Lucas the blocks.

He is all temper tantrums. Now he is throwing a fit because he is tired of playing with the blocks.

Levi finishes making the feast and calls everyone over to eat. Annabel does not take a plate, but both kids do. Then it is time for the potty again, and Lucas still doesn’t want to go.

After the trip to the potty, Levi decides it is time for Lucas to go to bed. Lucas is not happy to see Layla playing with “his” toys.

Layla decides to take a bath, but Levi makes her get out and do her homework first.

Then he influences her to draw on the art table and eventually everyone heads to bed.

Lucas is awake and someone needs to tell that boy that his face is going to freeze like that.

He is on a mission to wake up Layla.

At the last minute, he realizes that someone left food out downstairs and he would rather get something to eat.

Yum, bacon.

Levi asks to change his diaper and Lucas has his standard response – NO!

He is getting scolded but doesn’t look very upset.

Annabel gets him out of the house for awhile – actually for most of the day.

Levi adds a toddler picture of Lucas to the wall. Which reminds me that he needs to invite the girls over so he can get a child picture of each of them.

Maybe Lucas is outgrowing the defiance because this time he was amenable to the suggestion.

He even agreed to listen to a story after his potty time.

There are messes all over the house. Levi doesn’t have time to clean them all up. Not sure what keeps him busy since he doesn’t have a job.

Well, look at that. She had the cleanup queued up before she finished making the mess.

Lucas is watching television. He looks like he is thinking up some mischief.

Went looking for the girls when I saw that Lucas was headed upstairs again. Annabel found the treadmill and Layla is keeping her company.

There you are!

I love it when they do skill building activities that don’t require making or cleaning messes.

The face is back. He has all the angry faces, rarely the sad faces.

The girls come over to spend Saturday with Levi and the family.

Lucas wakes up in a good mood for a change.

But the defiance is still strong in this one. I believe this was another diaper change.

Levi has the opportunity to read a story to all four kids. That took some maneuvering.

I wish she were in scouts. I think she would be doing a great job on her badges. And this is the bathroom trash, which means that is a lot of poop.

Lucas does have a sad face even if it doesn’t come out often. He must have peed on the floor in the bathroom, if I remember correctly.

Levi decides it is time for Layla to Stop Making Messes.

Lucas asks Annabel to play with the flash cards.

Caprica comes by for a visit and Lucas goes outside to babble at her.

Levi scolds Layla again about making messes. That look is so much Lucas.

Notice the plate on the table. Lucas is screaming for something to eat.

He doesn’t want the turkey because he ignores it like it isn’t even there.

Levi and Annabel went off to give me a heart attack – she better not get pregnant. Lucas was left in the high chair until they were done with the fun.

He is about to pass out and about to starve. He finally takes the hamburger and then puts it back down. Why? Because he also had to use the potty. Everyone knows you can’t eat and poop at the same time.

Why is he back in the high chair? He never ate the hamburger, and then they got bugged. Annabel had to be reset.

That led to Lucas passing out on the way to bed.

This is going to be a longer post because I played until Layla became a teen.

I was, and then I realized I had looked at the calendar wrong. Layla’s birthday isn’t in two days, it is in six days. She has a whole nother week and this post is long enough.

Nother is a real word which functions similarly to other and another, and its use traces back to the early 14th century. In the late 19th century it became more common to see the word nother paired with whole, constructing the phrase a whole nother. The reason this is often seen as an error today is because this phrase is used almost exclusively in dialogue or to represent informal speech in writing. ~Merriam-Webster

Levi rummages for winter decorations, and he should be done. He rummaged for all four seasons, which I had never done before. The house is basically built, so it is time to get Layla grown up. Although the walls could use more decor, Levi is going to try to paint for that.

Random child came over to visit. He is exactly the same age as Layla. This might be her future spouse. Despite standing next to each other, it takes another hour for them to officially meet.

Levi knows the score. The kids will figure it out as time goes along.


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