Drifting Along, House 007.8

Progress towards goals:

  • Create a 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom home worth at least $40k Simoleons
    • ✔House Value §75,000
  • Complete the Soul Mate Aspiration
    • ✔Completed
  • Produce and raise The Heir to the Young Adult life stage
    • ►The Heiress is currently a Child – Still a child

I was hoping this would be the last update for this house, but Layla is still only halfway through being a child. This could go quickly, except for the toddler in the house.

I was focused in on Levi and didn’t notice Lucas was awake.

Levi successfully changes his diaper and then runs into the wall of defiance.

He has had it with Layla and her messes. He yelled at her last time so this time she has a timeout and then goes to bed.


Levi meant to feed Lucas but instead got sucked into the flash cards. Lucas is level 3 in everything except thinking. Go figure.

Lucas is in a happy, happy mood.

Or maybe this is a mischievous mood.

He is in Layla’s room about to wake her up.

He has been awake a really long time and he doesn’t want to be alone any more.


Layla is going to have so many kids. Wait, she is house 008 – reading the requirements, counting on my fingers… yep, that will do.

Levi is looking at the bills today plus another two Mondays after today. He needs to build up their cash supply just a little. Lucas, on the other hand, is staring down his breakfast.

Annabel and Lucas spending their day doing their normal thing.

Levi gets Lucas to play on the blocks and he is a successful, Happy Toddler.

They don’t know what is about to happen, and I am not telling them. Things can and will happen when it is time. And, yes that is all pretty vague.

Risky, autonomous woohoo has consequences.

I forgot that this is extremely common with uncontrolled kids and I am about to string them both up from their toes.

Levi scolds Lucas, which makes Lucas sad.

Then I realized the sadness was not from the scolding but instead Caprica died.

Lucas is the King of the Side-Eye.

Lucas asks to be in the high chair so Annabel puts him there. He didn’t ask for food, just to be up.

He gets to sit and watch Annabel eat and here comes Layla to eat in front of him also.

Without having a tantrum and playing high chair roulette, Lucas asks for food.

Annabel gives him a bowl of chips. For dinner. She really is rocking that #1 Mom placement.

Of course, any time in a high chair has to end in tears.

Annabel must have been further along that I thought. She popped about 8-10 hours before I expected her. She shares the news with Levi and he is excited. Just saying, though, that there really isn’t enough room for more bedroom, so they are going to squish in where they can.

And, it is Winterfest. So, no school for Layla, not that she needs to go since she already has an A. Levi calls everyone to the tree so that they can open presents together.

After opening presents, Lucas ran inside to the potty. I noticed that he was just standing there and realized too late that he was looking at the potty while he pooped his pants. So, he is getting a Winterfest bath.

And it is his birthday on top of the holiday. Not sure why Layla is nose to the wall. Ohh, I wish they could do that for punishments – go stand in the corner.

She is angsty over something. No idea what since her birthday hasn’t been missed yet.

Everyone is gold on the holiday except for Annabel. The only way to get her to eat was to call the family to the meal again. She ignored him the first time but finally got the gold. Lucas is about to sit down at the table – he got a makeover but it was mostly just removing the hats. I left him in the EA-crazy outfits he aged up with.

Lucas throws a kink in the plan. He was gold until he blew out the candles, now he isn’t.

Levi gets Lucas to do his homework for class tomorrow. He doesn’t even try with Layla.

Levi puts the kids to bed and goes off to cry. He should be out of mourning in the morning. Annabel just entered the second trimester. She is huge!

I am not sure Annabel ever goes to sleep. She is always up all night long even when Levi takes her to bed.

The kids are at school so the adults get a leisurely breakfast, or maybe lunch. Then Levi gets busy with the last of the upgrades.

Layla had a rough day, or maybe she had a lot of fun. Either way, Lucas improved his grades and now he has a B.

Levi is working on the computer, he almost has all of the upgrades done. Annabel agrees to play dolls with Layla because of course she does. And Lucas was influenced to do his homework in between upgrades. Since Levi isn’t helping him, he goes out to sit with Annabel and Layla.

Annabel really follows Levi around the house. All the time, it feels like.

Layla came home from school pissed at the teachers. And, just plain annoyed at the world.

She must have got over her annoyance because the next thing I notice is she is playing with the chemistry table.

Annabel goes into labor – and we are going to get to Layla’s birthday in this update also. Today is her birthday, so we will get to play to her teens.

Annabel is heading to the bassinets to give birth and Levi is going to bed. Or so he thinks.

The twins are born and they are Lacey and Logan. Logan was born first and Lacey is the one in the corner.

No sleep for anyone with twins in the room. Levi gives both of them a bottle since Annabel couldn’t figure that one out. Then he goes to bed, crossing his fingers and toes that the babies let him sleep.

Annabel walks around pretending she can’t figure out what is wrong with the crying babies. It isn’t like she has already raised two.

This is the first time the easel has been touched. Levi doesn’t finish the painting.

Seriously, Stop!

Levi puts Lucas into time out for making a mess.

See, Annabel can figure it out, she just doesn’t.

The look they are giving each other. No-More-Babies!!!

Finally, it is time for Layla to blow out her candles.

She almost mastered Creativity, and this was either on her own or with Levi’s influence. Not shabby.

Layla rolled, or rather chose to add Bookworm to her trait of Creative. Then she got her makeover.

Levi gets her to start on her homework and he even helps her a little.

Dude – Enough! Lucas is back into timeout because he continues to make messes. {sigh}


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