Drifting Along, House 007.9

Progress towards goals:

  • Create a 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom home worth at least $40k Simoleons
    • ✔House Value §75,000
  • Complete the Soul Mate Aspiration
    • ✔Completed
  • Produce and raise The Heir to the Young Adult life stage
    • ►The Heiress is finally a Teen – two more weeks

While there are no toddlers in the house, they are speeding along. When the twins become toddlers I expect things will slow down just because I can’t play toddlers are speed 3.

Hmm, confetti and everyone is standing around watching the television. Must be New Year’s Eve.

Annabel is still acting like she can’t remember how to take care of a baby. Levi is trying to show her what needs to be done. He will have to come back later and feed Logan. He gets Lacey fed, full, and happy.

Layla needs to get a skill up for her grades, so she chooses logic. Or rather, Levi chooses logic because he can make her play chess against him. He tries influencing her several times, but she doesn’t want to right now. But they never turn down play game with…

Since today is New Skill Day, Levi also gets Annabel to play chess twice and everyone in the house has a gold medal day.

Levi receives notification it is time for the twins to age up, but it has been decided that they are going to age up on their own. To delay the time when there will be two toddlers in the house. Uncontrolled toddlers.

That cake was supposed to be for Levi, so he will also be aging up on his own.

Levi masters painting while working on Layla’s school project.

Layla is off to school leaving Levi to finish working on her project.

I am impressed. Once. Annabel figures out what the baby needs and she even breast feeds him. This is probably the first time she hasn’t bottle fed, when she figures out that a bottle is the answer.

I always wonder how they get so filthy at school. Filth and bad moods aside, they both improved their grades to an A. Too bad this isn’t a challenge where they can grow up early with an A. Eleven more days.

Anissa comes over after school every day. They haven’t seen Jana is awhile though.

Levi is cooking dinner while Anissa and Layla chat.

Levi gets Layla to do her homework. She already has the A but she doesn’t want to drop her grades and it is too long until her birthday to start slacking off now.

As the twins prepare to become toddlers, it looks like Annabel has finally figured out the feeding and care of babies.

For the record – 24 hours after the notification that it is the birthday of a baby, they instantly become a toddler. I thought so, but was able to verify it with the twins. Umm, why are there two sets of twins?

Slow motion synchronized aging. Flying babies and toddlers on the floor.

Crawling to walking in 2.5 seconds.

2.3 seconds in a Dodge Demon. Wait. Wrong post.

American muscle cars 1987 Buick GNX

Flipping babies seem to be stuck in the mid-flip.

OK, the stuck babies are gone and there are two toddlers remaining. Time for their makeovers.

Makeovers done and here are the twins. Lacey rolls fussy and Logan rolls Angelic. This is the picture that needs to be on their wall.

The aliens are back but at least this time they take the one that they can’t get pregnant.

The twins each grab some food because even though they had a bottle before they aged up, they both aged up with low hunger.

After eating there was a race to the dollhouse. Logan won.

Lacey didn’t get mad, but I bet she finds a way to get even.

Levi is ready to get a full night of sleep, so the twins are put to bed. Even though it is actual 6am, he hasn’t slept for more than an hour at a time since the twins were born.

While both toddlers were put to bed in the morning, Levi is ready to begin potty training. So he wakes up Lacey first. Despite being fussy, she was agreeable to trying to potty.

Sometimes potty training doesn’t go so smooth, but Lacey is game to try again. He is able to keep her on the potty long enough so that she can use it herself now. If she will.

Levi puts Lacey back to bed and wakes up Logan. Time to do this thing again. Logan is just as easy as Lacey was, but then he is Angelic so I expect good behavior from him.

Annabel is having a me-moment. I think this would be better with wine, but maybe she is drinking Irish coffee.

I have no words for this. They came home from school and are still standing on the sidewalk.

While Levi makes dinner, Layla steps up to try to fix the bathroom sink.

Well, at least there is no doubt he will sleep well tonight. All he has to do is finish making dinner.

Done and done – Levi has gone to bed. Everyone is on their own tonight.

This is Annabel’s life. I don’t know if I have ever had a spouse that danced this much.

Umm, okay.

At least it is spring, but it is 1 in the freaking morning.

In one end and out the other. Someone is going to need a diaper change before going back to bed.

Lacey heads outside to see what Logan is doing and she gets there as he is getting out.

Then they both head for the dollhouse again. This time Lacey was going to beat Logan but at the last minute she changed her mind and went inside to dance.

I am confused. She has three happy moodlets and all of her needs are high green. But she stopped in the middle of dancing and threw a fit.

Of course, maybe she was just pissed off that Annabel never played with her.

Again? Now it is 4 in the morning.

Levi is still sleeping but no one else is. Layla checks on Lacey and they work on some flash cards.

Look who is up finally. And the first thing he gets to do is to change Lacey’s diaper.

Logan tries to potty by himself, but he gets up before he finishes.

This is Jana, Levi’s other daughter. This is also the first time she has come over as a teen, and why isn’t she in school?

Why aren’t you in school?

Lacey has had enough of people telling her what to do. They just need to stop already. She doesn’t want to go potty.

However, she goes to potty. Where Annabel is playing with Logan. Parents don’t have favorites, my ass.

Logan asked for a hug and then rejected her when she tries to give him one.

Just like a cat.

No No No No No!!!!!

This house hates me and wants me to suffer before moving along. Twins again. For the record – they do not have On Ley Line and they do not have Fertile traits.

Levi is chatting with the twins, oh to complete a tier in an aspiration for his resolution.

Later, Logan gets up starving and thankfully he comes out of the bedroom before crying. Let Lacey sleep.

Food has been eaten so Layla plays with Logan while Lacey watches.

Levi works with Logan and helps him master the potty. Lacey is almost there but she doesn’t want to work on it right now.

After mastering the potty, she has another meltdown. This time she is mad because Levi scolded her for being defiant.

Annabel just realized she is pregnant again. She looks thrilled.

More temper tantrums and this time Lacey is destroying the dollhouse. This is not the first time she has kicked the shit out of the dollhouse, and it probably won’t be the last.

Another scolding from Levi.

Now she is sad about everything.

Levi had hired a caterer to try to get some food stashed in the fridge, especially with another set of twins coming along. He takes time out of his schedule to repair the dollhouse.

The house is calm for the moment. How long will it last?


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