Drifting Along, House 008.1

Layla moves onto her new, empty lot. She checks out the required goals for her house:

  • Create a 5 bedroom, 2 bath house worth at least §50,000
  • Achieve level 10 of the Writer/Author career
  • Adopt three children – one after each of the first three promotions
  • All four children must complete one of the childhood aspirations
    • Adopted #1 – Artistic Prodigy
    • Adopted #2 – Rambunctious Scamp
    • Adopted #3 – Whiz Kid
    • Heir – Social Butterfly
  • Raise the heir to young adult

She adds the lot traits of Fast Internet, Private Dwelling, and Home Studio. The house will come later.

Layla is Creative, Bookworm, and Dance Machine. She also earned three character traits: Responsible, Good Manners, and Compassionate. Because she was uncontrolled, she didn’t complete the Scouting Aptitude or Top Notch Toddler traits; but, she did earn the Happy Toddler trait. She takes a job in the Writer career, starting at Advice Columnist, level 4. She will need to adopt a baby after each of the first three promotions. Since each adoption will require payment of §1,000, she needs to get her bank account moving upwards.

After making sure her inventory was empty, she checks the household inventory, and finds the rewards for taking the job. A chair, a painting, and a word processor. And I just realized that she didn’t get the bonus money for starting at level 4 in the career. That really sucks. So, she runs around the neighborhood collecting what is there. That gets her started. I can’t figure out if she is allowed to go to a library. It isn’t listed in the rules either yes or no, so I am thinking no it is not specifically allowed so it is not allowed. She takes a whole lot of pictures, trying to get enough travel money so she can leave the lot.

She buys a private journal and begins writing. This allows her to get started on improving the skill without having to setup a protected area for the computer or spend a lot of money.

There are actually a lot of males out and about, but they are all Adults that are almost Elders.

They are much older and they all have kids and wives.

And another one.

After getting to level 3, Layla is allowed to take a break to pee and eat. She picks french fries because it was the cheapest on the menu. Then there were several drinks sitting there so she took one without paying. French fries and lemonade. That would work for me.

She is still a little short of having enough funds to travel, so she fishes. I am going to work really hard to avoid gardening.

Layla makes it almost 24 hours before she runs out of steam. She is §12 short of the §1,000 she needs to be able to travel somewhere.

By noon on her second day, Layla has finally reached the funds threshold for traveling. She creates a reading club called Book Nerds, sets the club location for any library, and adds some sims to the club. Now she needs a shower but she also needs to go to the library.

She begins a gathering and the game randomly selects the library, and poof, here they are.

Layla was hoping that while the club was meeting at the library, she could meet some young adults. The game laughs because they are all female.

She did finally meet one young adult male who showed up as the club was leaving. But the club thing didn’t really work the way I hoped.

Back home, Layla spends all of her savings making a little shelter. It only shelters the shower and the computer, but it is a start. It is a micro house and receives all of the bonus traits. For now.

I forget how slow it is to shower when the showers have not been upgraded.

Time to write two books and prepare for the first day at work. She has all of the requirements for promotion, except she still needs to earn enough for the anticipated adoption. And she is still hoping to find a partner.

Thankfully, Layla does not get a promotion on her first day of work. Then she takes tomorrow off because she just isn’t ready for a baby yet.

Oh dear.

The constant rain is depressing Layla because she is constantly wet. And there is a scarcity of young adult males.

Layla decides she needs a change of scenery, so she heads out to the park in Oasis Springs.

She meets one young adult who is probably minutes away from becoming an Adult.

Then she sees this guy. She politely introduces herself and then they take pictures, and she thinks he might be the one. After all he is still a young, young adult. Then she sees his teeth and she gets a bad feeling. It turns out that he is a vampire.

Layla looks around and feels a sense of déjà vu. Wasn’t she already past this point? Yes, Layla is starting over. It is, once again, Friday at 2:24 am, and Layla has just moved out to her empty lot.

Since Connections is broken, or partially broken, Layla decides to jump through several of the careers for the early rewards before settling into the Writer career.

  • Culinary – counters, sink, coffee pot
  • Education – desk
  • Entertainer – stereo
  • Law – desk chair
  • Painter – easel, light
  • Style Influencer – computer, sketchpad, and camera
  • Writer – painting, chair

Now that she is in the writer career, she sorts through the items she received – still no cash bonuses – and then she sets up a basic shelter. And, I just realized there is no shower.

Now, she is ready to start again. And she is, once again, at zero funds thanks to the cost of building the walls, adding a fridge, door, and light above the door.

Layla settles in and begins writing books. She writes three children’s stories, three books of poetry, and one books of short stories before she calls it a day.

During one of her pee breaks, she takes the time to run around gathering for spending money, then she creates two paintings on the sketchpad. Both are worth more than the cost of the canvas.

While Layla spends her day writing, I am looking for any young adults. Same world as the last attempt, so the same sims are available. But she is going to approach them differently. Kason was her childhood friend that was going to be her partner for this house. Except, he already has two children and he is still a teen. So, probably not, just because MCCC has already been messing with him.

After the seventh book, and two paintings and one collections run, Layla is done. She made it almost a full 24 hours before passing out. She was selling the books she had written to the publisher. Once she wakes up, she will take a disco nap on a nearby bench.

Oh, and she is already level 8 in writing. Now off to sleep.

Layla receives her first royalties, and that helps out nicely. She makes another run around the neighborhood and deals with her needs.

She uses the money to bump the house from micro to tiny. From 32 squares to 64 squares. Then she ran out of money.

Just take a moment and let that one sink in.

Layla takes a break and treats herself to some french fries. Since she forgot to add a stove, she has been living on sandwiches.

She is exhausted and she starts work in the morning, but she tries to get some fishing in before crashing on the bench. She caught one minnow and nothing else.

Even though he is an Adult, and I believe his aging is broken as he has been a nanny in previous generations, Layla makes an introduction.

No clue, other than she is dancing and she didn’t get a promotion today.

Here comes Kason.

Layla invited him over after she got home from her first day of work.

She got to know him and learned his traits and decided that he can be the one.

So, she begins with the flirting and he is feeling flirtatious and flirts right back at her.

She explains the situation and asks him if he is interested. They will need to wait to get married until after she has adopted three babies (my decision, not part of the rules).

He must have agreed.

Then she went to work, and came home, with a promotion. That means it is time to adopt the first baby.

She hires a repairman just to see if there is any other possibilities, but I would say nope.

Layla adopts Lydia Lewis. I really wanted to adopt the toddlers, but she got a baby instead.

To celebrate, while Lydia sleeps, Layla has a lobster roll from the local food stand.

More writing while Lydia sleeps.

Layla disappeared from the house and I found her talking to someone playing chess. She has been lonely so I can understand the need for adult communication.

And then I spend all of her money and redo the house. This is the beginning.

She ran out of money before we could add lights. But soon. She has written a lot of books and she is getting a nice chunk of change each day from the royalties.

She invites Kason over and asks him to move in. She needs the company and the help.

Kason Mumbach is a Hot-Headed, Art Loving, Cat Lover. His aspiration is the StrangerVille Mystery, which isn’t happening. And, he already has a job as a Babysitter. So he will only be working on Saturday and Sunday evenings. He has two children by two mothers, a child named William and a daughter named Bianca.


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