Drifting Along, House 008.2

Layla wants to have some fun and Kason is living here now, so they head off to have some fun. Then she sees the purple star sunglasses. WTFH? I guess he either doesn’t feel he needs to impress her, or he thinks this will impress her.

The house has its, probably, final layout. Now they just have to fill in the rooms. I hope it will look better once it is furnished. Five bedrooms, two bathrooms, an office and the open plan living/dining/kitchen. The front porch is in place and there will also be a back patio.

Layla has a talk with Kason about the sunglasses and they come to an agreement that he won’t wear them any more.

Layla heads to bed to get some sleep while Kason stays up dancing.

She is able to convince him to practice chess at the park next door, mostly because she told him she was coming too. But she didn’t.

Layla is sleeping when Lydia begins to cry.

Hmm, I am guessing it is a little cold outside. But Kason isn’t coming home because he is cold.

He heard Lydia crying and came home to take care of her so Layla could continue to sleep.

Today is Layla’s day off, and it is Harvestfest. She is working on some more books – trying to write three bestsellers is not easy. Kason is nickel and diming their funds away with food and coffee. But she will receive royalties for today soon.

Layla begins making a grand feast for breakfast after appeasing all of the gnomes. She wants all the seed packs that they are willing to drop today.

I was scrolling back through the notifications and found one from 20 hours ago (last night) that it is Lydia’s birthday. Layla takes today’s royalties and sets up Lydia’s bedroom. Lydia will be taking the Artistic Prodigy when she becomes a child. And I am excited that I can control the three adopted kids and the heir as well as Layla. At the moment, only Kason is uncontrollable.

Layla is trying to finish cooking and Kason is right there the entire time.

Kason still hasn’t actually slept here. And this is his first nap. Eventually he is going to pass out, but at least that won’t cost me any points.

Layla helps Lydia with her transition from baby to toddler. In thanks, Lydia rolls Fussy. Hah!

Lydia is adorable. Layla takes her to the potty and lets her practice several times so that she can try by herself in the future.

Then she puts Lydia to bed.

Kason still has never actually slept in the bed. He will nap on it, but not sure why he won’t sleep in it.

Morning comes, Layla is off to work, and Lydia is home with Kason.

After filling her tummy and making a stop at the potty, Lydia begins working on her toddler skills. I like when I can control the toddlers.

Kason is napping again and Lydia wants attention.

She convinces him to read her a story, and I realized I forgot a slide so she can work on her movement skill.

Layla earns her second promotion and makes the decision to join the Author branch of the writing career. That means it is time to adopt the next baby.

She is exhausted and drinks a cup of coffee to see if it will give her the strength to get through the process.

It really didn’t help her energy levels, but she is off to pick up her new son.

Liam Lewis is the second baby adopted.

It is a miracle. Kason finally realizes that he can sleep in the bed also.

Every day they add a little more to the house. Today they have a living room and the kitchen island has been completed.

Layla takes some food to Lydia, but then she just stands there and watches her sleep.

When Lydia does wake up, they get in some play time and improve Lydia’s movement skill to level 2.

There is a thunderstorm raging and Lydia is scared and sad.

They enjoy the new television and the fact that there is now enough seating for everyone.

Layla reads Lydia several stories as a quiet way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Well, yes, money is always nice.

Oh yeah, Kason has a job of his own. And I just realized that Layla’s current position overlaps their being out of the house.

That means the nanny is hired and damned if he doesn’t stay too long.

Layla was busy making breakfast so Lydia decided to get Kason up.

Guys! There are better places to change diapers than in the kitchen while Layla is cooking.

With a clean diaper, Lydia spends time practicing on the potty until she has it mastered.

The toddler is in her cold weather clothes in the house. And Layla is shivering, so it is time to add a thermostat.

Layla has gone to work and Lydia is following Kason around the house. Oh look. Snow.

Once Kason leaves for his job babysitting, the nanny comes back to keep an eye on Lydia and Liam.

They are both about to pass out but Lydia wants a hug.

Yep, there she goes, in the snow.

Kason earns a promotion to Nanny, level 2. He probably won’t get any more since he has to have Charisma for the last promotion.

More money is spent on the house preparing Liam’s room and adding flooring and wall coverings to all of the rooms.

Layla snuggles with Liam one last time before he becomes a toddler.

Liam rolls Angelic. Layla lets him practice on the potty and then puts him to bed.

Lydia is awake now and she wants to play. I don’t understand why the toddler will ask to get in the high chair in order to talk to the adults.

Apparently, one of Kason’s parents passed away so he is sulking around the house. Layla is also refusing to marry him until she adopts all three of the babies.

Kason is a good daddy though. Even though the adopted kids are Lewis, he still takes care of them.

Lydia went for a walkabout to the nearby park. Where she sat in the snows and played with her llama looking toy.

Then she realizes it is cold and changes into the appropriate outfit before heading home.

By the time she gets home, she is pissed. She has to potty and she wants to sleep. Thankfully she isn’t also starving.

Layla is down to needing to write one more bestseller to complete her aspiration. She also needs one more promotion for the last adoption and then she will marry Kason and work on bringing in the heir.

That must be a pretty nasty diaper. Layla can’t even look at Liam.

Layla writes her last bestseller and celebrates with Lydia snuggles.

The next bit of work on the house included building out the patio a little bit. The toddlers get a slide and Lydia is the first one to use it. In a blizzard because time is a-wasting.

She masters movement and heads back inside.

Since Lydia is done with the slide, it is now Liam’s turn. Both toddlers were energized because tomorrow is Winterfest so it was the perfect time to get them on the slide.

Despite the cold and snow, Liam is having fun.

Lydia wants attention so she is chatting with anyone that will stop long enough to talk to her. Since Kason is uncontrolled, she can always count on him to pay attention.

Everyone is ready to open presents for Winterfest. They are opening as a group as that is the only one to get an uncontrollable sim to open something.

After the presents are opened, everyone runs off to do other things and Layla is left with the mess.

Yum, breakfast feast of turkey.

Liam masters the potty.

Apparently, Lydia had an accident and she has to ask for help changing her diaper. Love how she asked from across the room.

What blizzard?

Layla reads the toddlers several stories. Lydia is a top-notch toddler (I think) and Liam is still working on his skills.

Lydia asked Kason to read her another story so they are heading inside while Liam is looking for Kason to see what he is doing.

More stories and a request for comfort. Layla went to work and Liam is sad to be left at home.

The living room gets a little more done, including a fireplace that someone lit.

While Layla works, it is up to Kason to take care of the toddlers. He reads Liam to sleep while Lydia waits for her turn.

There is a blizzard and what better time to adopt another baby. This is the third adoption.

Larisa joins the family and she does not look happy. The next baby will be homegrown.


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