Drifting Along, House 008.3

Everyone is up early again, so Layla makes breakfast for the toddlers. Kason keeps her company in the kitchen and I realize that they can get married now since the third baby has been adopted.

They get flirty and don’t notice the toddler coming up that wants their attention.

Both toddlers get something to eat while Layla takes care of proposing to Kason.

He said yes and they have a quick elopement in the kitchen.

Note to Self: If your Main Sim should start off the Writer Career higher than LVL 1, … “unlock” of the Try For Baby Command after the 4th promotion”

After the wedding comes the fun activities. While I do have risky woohoo turned on, this is just regular woohoo. Layla needs to get her next promotion before they can officially try for baby.

Both toddlers are waiting for Layla. Liam is “watching” from the kitchen and Lydia wants a bath.

Lydia’s bar is bubbling, and I just remembered that she can blow out candles (last challenge I was letting them grow up without cakes). So, Layla heads to the kitchen to bake a cake and Lydia is redirected to ask Kason for a bath. She decides to sit on Liam’s bed while she waits for him to wake back up.

Taking matters into her own hands, she wakes Kason up.

Liam has been chasing her around the house watching her. Every time he gets to where she is, she runs away to somewhere else.

Lydia gets her bath and her cake is ready.

Kason was supposed to take Lydia to the cake but she got distracted by the new baby sister.

Don’t want new baby sister!

Liam is still watching Layla and hasn’t noticed the new baby yet. Lydia is really sad that about having a new sister. The green fumes are coming from Layla not Larisa.

Liam finally realizes there is a new sister in the house, and now he is sad also.

I missed the blowing of the candles while I was taking pictures of Liam’s sadness. Lydia is becoming a child.

Lydia takes Creative and she will be completing the Artistic Prodigy aspiration. She is also seeing the first snow of the season (not) but as a child.

Sibling sadness.

Kason is working with Liam on his thinking and counting skills. Four is the lucky number.

Four kids.

Eight kids.


Liam is also working off his sadness at having another sister.

Lydia begins working on her aspiration. She also joined the scouts, so she will be busy.

Kason puts Liam to bed, and he can sleep off the sadness. Get over it, kid.

Oh, Kason was just reading him a story. Now Liam wants hugs.

That’s sweet. Now, put him to bed. Liam has mastered three skills and is level 4 on imagination and thinking. He is tracking faster than Lydia, as she didn’t reach top notch toddler until her age bar was bubbling. Liam still has two days until his birthday and he only needs 6% thinking and 65% imagination. Easy peasy.

Hmm, it looks like it is time to swap out Lydia’s bed for something a little bigger.

The house got a lot of touches – every room has furniture and all of the windows have curtains. There are still some bare walls, but they will get to that. She does actually smile at him, a lot. I just seem to miss the picture every time.

Kason takes care of Larisa while Layla heads to bed.

Liam was looking at the fire in the fireplace. Then he turned around with this look.

With all of his skills mastered except for imagination, Liam is going to be playing with toys the rest of the day, or however long it takes to master it.

Lydia is drawing pictures for the scouting badge. Then she has to play with toys and make music for her aspiration.

Liam stops with the toys right before he masters imagination. Now he is distracting Lydia from what she is doing. But they are so cute.

When Kason puts Liam down for a nap, he reads him a story and Liam masters his last skill and becomes a top notch toddler.

I don’t know if Layla is ever going to get the next promotion. Today sucked.

Liam wakes and realizes there is no way he is going to make it to the potty.

Maybe no one will notice his poopy diaper.

He doesn’t have the green cloud but his hygiene is really low. Layla and Lydia are watching New Year’s Eve TV while Kason sleeps. Liam is trying to figure out how to get the poop out of his diaper.

Kason wins the joy of changing Liam’s diaper.

While Layla takes care of her needs, Kason takes care of Larisa.

Layla helps Larisa transition from baby to toddler. And she has red hair! She also rolled Charmer.

Layla decides to put Larisa straight to bed so that she, Layla, would be in a good mood for her work shift tomorrow afternoon. She is ready for her promotion, meaning she really wants to get pregnant with the heir before she gets too old.

I just finished playing the Boolprop Genetic Roulette – 14 kids. 14 top notch toddlers. 14 Llamacorn scouts. And I am looking at Larisa and Lydia and Liam, thinking WTH am I doing? Then I look at this face. <3

Liam needs to use the potty and he isn’t happy to find Larisa is already using the potty. She doesn’t look very impressed with him either.

Kason puts Larisa back to bed and Liam comes along to supervise. He is not skilling, just watching.

I actually liked Layla. She is not in my good graces at the moment, though. She is sucking when it comes to getting promotions. Now she is off for three days before her next shift. And at this point, I went looking for verification on if she has to wait for the 4th promotion before she tries for baby. Apparently the rules used to state that but they don’t any more.

The nanny came when Kason went to work and still hasn’t left. Maybe it is a good thing because he caught Liam out of bed at midnight playing with the dolls.

Now, he is just being creepy.

Is she still behind me?

It is time for Liam to become a child and Layla helps him blow out his candles.

Liam rolls Active, which is convenient since he is doing the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration.

I found myself getting stressed with this house but I am feeling much better now. I took the night off so we are going to do a quick house check. Kason and the nanny are the only ones awake. And I can’t control either one.

Layla is level 7 Novelist waiting for her next work shift where she might get a promotion. In 48 hours. She has everything she needs for the promotion, she just hasn’t been getting good work performance.

Lydia has made it to the last tier of the Artistic Prodigy aspiration. She needs to play the piano, master creativity, and draw the five pictures. At the same time, she has completed 6/9 badges and she still has a C in school. She has plenty of time with 10 days until her birthday.

Liam just became a child so he still has 13 days until his birthday. He has just about completed the middle tier of the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration and will be working on the last tier after school tomorrow. He also still has a C in school and has only completed 1/9 badges. Which is to be expected since he just became a child.

Larisa has 6 days until her birthday and she has a ways to go on her skills. She is at level 2 on everything except thinking, which she has barely started.

Layla dismisses the nanny and tells him to please leave. He won’t be needed until the next weekend.

Well the nanny has the invisible glitch now. Larisa is asking him for some food.

She disappeared while he was carrying her and then she reappeared in the high chair.

Layla tried to give her a sandwich but the invisible nanny gave her applesauce first. Now trying to find the nanny for a reset.

I got out and back in and the nanny is visible again.

Unfortunately, Lydia and Liam got kicked out of school for the day, so they are home and tanking their grades. Thankfully the only thing they have to do is complete the aspiration. Liam asks the nanny to leave.

Larisa masters the potty in the confusion.

Since their grades are taking a hit today, Lydia and Liam both work on extra projects.

Liam’s was good but not excellent. Lydia’s was excellent.

Larisa is not having fun.

Lydia is going to finish her aspiration today. One thing is going to go right for her.

Liam is trying to catch up with Lydia but he is about half a tier behind her.

Okay, now Larisa is having fun.


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