Drifting Along, House 008.4

Despite being scared of the slide at the beginning, Larisa sticks with it and she masters movement.

And this is why things take a long time to complete. Chatter.

Layla tells Larisa it is time for bed. Larisa doesn’t look like she agrees.

Layla should have put herself to bed also. But she didn’t.

Lydia and Liam head to the nearby fishing spot to get their outdoors badge done. I like living this close to fishing spots.

Larisa is hungry and Layla is making breakfast. If Kason would quit distracting her.

Yum, pancakes.

Larisa likes being the only one home with Kason. She gets all of his attention all day long.

Liam wonders why everyone is congregating in his room.

Lydia has completed the Artistic Prodigy aspiration. One down, three to go.

Layla finally gets her fourth promotion. It is time, past time, for the next heir to join the family.

Kason and Layla head into their room to get busy.

It only takes once to get the heir on the way, and Layla really needs to have a bath now.

I still have the privacy mod installed, which makes taking care of needs so much less embarrassing.

Liam calls and hires a caterer and damned if it isn’t the nanny.

Liam chats with Larisa as he begins working on his badges before school.

Lydia is supposed to be playing on the monkey bars to work on the fitness badge. She seems to have missed the memo.

Bruno is still there cooking. Hopefully he will leave when his stint as a caterer is over.

Thankfully, Larisa has mastered imagination so she can stop making messes.

I have nothing to say. Layla looks like she is as impressed as I am with that outfit. I don’t even know why she is wearing that outfit.

Larisa was pushed just a little too hard. But she has mastered four out of five skills.

Kason is able to get Larisa into bed and the older kids are keeping her company as she sleeps.

Still!?! Why?!?

Larisa follows everyone around until she masters thinking and becomes a top notch toddler.

She is extremely lonely. And I haven’t figured out how to improve that. Nothing they do with her works.

Kason reads to her and talks to her and plays with her and she is still lonely.

Lydia has accomplished all of her goals. She completed the aspiration, earned an A in school, and completed all nine badges. She is a free elf now.

Kason reads Larisa to sleep and that helps her loneliness. Hopefully she can resolve it the rest of the way tomorrow since she has completed all of the toddler goals.

That means Liam is the focus of attention for the next five minutes. While I am focusing on Liam, Lydia decides she is done sleeping and gets on the laptop, sneaking in some screen time.

Larisa finally figures out how to not be lonely. Notice the mirror in the top left corner.

Again with the costume. Apparently, Layla is a Fan Favorite. What fun!

I found that ignoring Larisa and letting her run free, she figured out how to take care of her needs pretty darn well.

Lydia is also being left mostly uncontrolled. I can’t quite not touch her at all since she is controllable.

Layla sacrificed her dignity by choosing to get Larisa out of bed before she went to pee. Now there is a wet mess to clean up. In Larisa’s bedroom.

This accident is brought to you by the incoming heir. Layla is in labor and it is time to bring forth the heir.

At the same time, Larisa is blowing out her candles and becoming a child.


Damn it! The children need to clean up the messes for their badge but Kason runs to every mess and every dirty dish before they can. He better keep it up after the badges are completed.

Larisa heads out to work on fishing, and she has not had her makeover yet. Soon.

Liam completes his last badge, becoming a Llamacorn scout. He quits the scouts once he receives his reward trait because I hate them going to scouting meetings on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons. He has about a half of a level of motor left to master to complete the aspiration.

It took Layla forever to get the last promotion – this promotion came quickly. And I really don’t understand the uniforms for this career.

When Kason isn’t cleaning up messes he is usually dancing. Well it seems that way but he is only level 4.

Liam takes a bubble bath and then heads next door to play on the pirate ship. He quickly masters motor and completes the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration. Two down, two to go.

Larisa has started working on her aspiration and her badges. I promise, I will do makeovers tonight. Yesenia is going to be her BFF.

And then there is Collin who might just be her BF. and, I just realized that I am thinking of Larisa as the heiress. But she is not.

Yesenia and Larisa become BFF and then Larisa simply must get some sleep.

Yesenia Ka’aka’aka – the longest name using only two letters?

Sitting here thinking, and I realized that I never introduced the heiress – Mindy Mumbach. Yep, the purple lives on.

Larisa finally got her makeover also.

Monday brings projects, and even though Lydia and Liam already have an A, everyone gets out there and helps.

They work their way through each project with Liam’s the last to finish. All three projects were excellent.

The bassinet is shaking so it must be time for Mindy to become a toddler.

A clingy toddler. With blonde hair.

I messed up again and did Mindy’s makeover as the kids were leaving for school.

Lydia and Liam were sent home for the day while Larisa was able to stay and finish the day.

There were no complaints from the kids. They made do and found something to keep them busy.

Mindy only practices on the potty once before Kason puts her to bed for a nap.

She is clingy and Layla just left for work. She just needs to sleep it off.

Larisa is going to complete the social aspiration today. She needs to become friends with two adults, so why not Levi and Annabelle. Layla really needs a new work outfit.

One of the last things Larisa needs to do is to master the social skill. Yesenia comes over and lets Larisa chatter away.

Mindy slips out of bed to babble to the teddy bear. Kason catches her and puts her back to bed.

Larisa completes the social aspiration. That is three down, one to go.

So, status update.

  • Lydia, Liam, and Larisa have completed their aspirations.
  • Lydia and Liam have completed their scouting badges.
  • Lydia has an A in school.
  • Liam and Larisa have a B in school.
  • Larisa needs to complete three badges.
  • Mindy needs to master all of her skills to become top-notch.
  • Layla is at level 9 in the Writer/Author career and has her skills for the last promotion.
  • Kason just continues to clean and dance. And he is the caregiver during the days when Layla works.
  • Oh, and the house is basically complete – valued over §100,000. I just need to work on the landscaping and redo the roof.


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