Drifting Along, House 008.5

Breakfast sounds really good right now. I am waiting on mine to be delivered in about 30 minutes.

Mindy is on her second plate of breakfast.

This explains the sadness that has invaded the household today.

While Kason’s father is dead, the sadness comes from the death of Levi. 🙁

Mindy is not having a good morning. After eating all of the breakfast, she needed her diaper changed. Which Layla totally didn’t handle well. They ended up with pee all over the floor.

Then Layla had her own accident, adding more pee to the floor.

Once they finally have that handled, Mindy is looking for some excitement, so she strips down and goes running around the house.

Then she spends the day on the slide, alternating between excitement and sadness.

Well, isn’t this a happy bunch. Everyone does their homework and then heads to bed to sleep away the afternoon.

Seriously. Her position is Bestselling Author. Why is this the career outfit?

Mindy had a busy day. She mastered movement and almost mastered communication. She can potty on her own now also. But two needs tanked out – energy and hunger. She still needs to eat when she wakes up.

Once her tummy is full, Kason is there to put her to bed.

Oh yeah, it is Kason’s birthday. Totally forgot about it so he didn’t get a cake.

Mindy has now mastered communication. What should she work on next?

She is getting a head start on thinking. That is the one I generally wait until last, but she is going to get started. Layla is just sitting there, Mindy is watching Layla, and Kason is watching Mindy.

It is Layla’s birthday and she remembers to get a cake. Everyone looks so excited.

It is also Lydia’s birthday so when she gets home from school, she blows out candles to become a teen.

Well. Lydia rolled Mean. She is already Creative, and she took the Musical Genius aspiration. She has done everything required and almost everything I want – she still needs to get an A in high school. Otherwise, she is done. And she needs a makeover to fix the random clothing choices.

Lydia and Larisa work on their homework in the living room while Liam is back in one of the bedrooms doing his. Mindy is practicing on the potty for the rest of today.

Larisa is trying to get the last three badges done, but she is always exhausted.

Mindy has reached Happy Toddler, and just needs to finish thinking and imagination for Top Notch Toddler.

Deciding it is time to get Larisa done, she takes a Moodlet Solver potion from Kason after school on Friday.

Mindy is working on imagination while Kason follows along behind her cleaning up the messes.

She almost made it to bed. Kason was in the process of picking her up when she passed out.

Larisa has finished the last three badges and becomes a Llamacorn scout. She then quits the scouts so she doesn’t have to go to the meetings. All she has remaining is to get an A in school, both elementary and high school.

Mindy has a little chin action going on, making me wonder how her face is going to turn out as she gets older.

Landscaping is done and they have a new roof now.

Kason watches her make messes and just smiles. Then he walks away.

Lydia needs to practice some self-hygiene and Mindy is going to watch her do it.

Layla should get her last promotion in three days.

Sadness invades again, this time it is Kason’s mother that has passed away.

Layla hugs away the sadness for Mindy and then puts her to bed to sleep. She can finish mastering thinking tomorrow.

Kason is sad about his mother, and probably a little bit about the fact that he will never get another promotion. Which makes me think. He buys the Great Kisser trait so now any kisses he initiates will build his charisma.

He just has to initiate the kisses.

Birthday for breakfast at 5am? Works for me.

The look that says don’t judge me or I will knock you right out of this challenge.

Mindy is having french toast for breakfast while Liam gets a comforting hug from Layla.

Mindy masters her last skill and becomes a Top Notch Toddler. A clingy toddler.

Since she is just standing there, everyone comes to check on her now.

It is Liam’s birthday and he is just waiting for the bubbles.

The bubbles are there, and he will blow out the candles as soon as he finishes what he is saying to Lydia. No clue where Larisa is, probably the bathroom.

Liam rolls Materialistic and he is already Active. He takes the Bodybuilder aspiration and he gets a fast makeover.

Not that his choices were blow the world up horrible (gag). Anyways…

Once his makeover is completed, Liam puts the cake in the fridge so someone can eat it in the middle of the night and for breakfast.

This might be the first time the entire family has been in one pictures.

I also noticed that there is one chair short. While that is a good setup for musical chairs, it isn’t so wonderful for family togetherness. A sixth seat has been added.

Liam has the Bodybuilder aspiration, so they finally get some workout options. Liam is set right to work since he needs level 3 in a skill for his grades.

Mindy is tired of playing with the dolls. So, because she is a toddler, she cries.

Family togetherness.

Larisa is stressed about strangers near her. But the only sim that isn’t a parent is… oh. At first I was thinking she was considering Lydia to be a stranger because she isn’t a parent, and maybe she is. But then I remembered that on the family tree, Kason is her step father, so I wonder which one is triggering this mood.

Kason comes home from work at midnight and he has a piece of birthday cake before going to bed.

A dance party while the kids are in school.

Mindy tries to redecorate the floors but apparently that is not allowed any more.

Where was the memo? Why wasn’t a memo sent out?

They add a bar to the back porch and Layla tests it out to make sure there aren’t any routing errors.

Wutaheftabir. That is her favorite drink. Sound it out.

It is Monday, which means there are projects. Since Lydia and Larisa already have an A, the only project that gets done is Liam’s rocket. It was only Good so he sells it once he gets the credit.

While the rest of the family is working on the rocket, Mindy is playing in the trash and the cabinets.

Layla is buzzed from her one drink and she is on a mission direct to the dollhouse.


This is a bad sign. It is with great sadness that we find out Annabelle has passed away.

Since Mindy is home, Layla comforts her and hugs away the sadness. She also masters parenting during the process.

Layla heads off to work and is hopeful she gets her last promotion today. Meanwhile, Kason is refreshing Mindy’s memory with the flash cards.

That is a different career outfit, so Layla must have earned her last promotion. She is now a Creator of Worlds, level 10. The house is done, 3/4 childhood aspirations are complete, and the heir is bubbling and will become a child momentarily.

When she gets inside the house, she notices that it is Mindy’s birthday. Since everyone has been eating the cakes, Layla needs to make a new one. She masters cooking during the process.

Mindy is exhausted and has been trying to go to bed. But first she must blow out the candles.

One, two, Spit!

Mindy takes Genius and the Whiz Kid aspiration. She joins the scouts, completes her homework for tomorrow, and goes to sleep in her new big girl bed.


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