Drifting Along, House 008.6

Welcome back. While I would love for this to be my last update for this house, there are still four weeks left to play before Mindy becomes a Young Adult.

  • ✔ Create a 5 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom home worth at least $50,000
  • ✔ Achieve level 10 of the Author branch of the Writer career
  • ✔ You MUST adopt a baby upon receiving the first three promotions
  • All three Adopted Sims, as well as The Heir must each complete one of the Child Aspirations
    • ✔ Artistic Prodigy
    • ✔ Rambunctious Scamp
    • ✔ Social Butterfly
    • Whiz Kid
  • Produce and raise The Heir to the Young Adult life stage

What this all means, is the only thing remaining is for Mindy to complete the aspiration and grow up. Since I can control her, she will also be completing all scout badges and earning an A in school.

I noticed the kitchen was pretty bare, so we took care of that. They now have coffee, tea, popcorn, and ice cream. Which means no one will eat normal food again. Kason is the first to discover the tea, which makes sense since he is the one that is always making coffee.

I have Layla make Taste of Diet ice cream and then she eats a bowl or three.

Why exercise when you can lose weight by eating ice cream. (makes self note to check freezer for ice cream)

Kason only eats one bowl but is tightens up his beer belly a bit.

Layla eats two bowls and finishes off a third, and she loses all of the baby weight she gained with Mindy.

Layla flirts with Kason to give him hints to initiate kisses. But he is a little bit slow and never picks up on the hints. His charisma hasn’t changed a bit.

But give him some more ice cream.

The younger girls are working on their homework and they choose to do so on Lydia’s bed.

Slowly giving a tour of the house – this is the dining room and open area, which is where the tree and piano live.

The living room in shades of blue, except for the green squirrel painting that totally does not belong.

The dancing area, with a gnome so it must be Harvestfest.

A view from the top down because the rest of the rooms are not cooperating with the picture taking. From left to right – Layla’s office, Lydia’s room, Liam’s room, Larisa’s room, the master bedroom. Mindy’s bedroom is looking out on to the patio with a larger bathroom next to that. The small bathroom up front is the, uhh, smaller bathroom.

Finally, (finally), the back patio with the grill, bar, dollhouse, and workout equipment. The chess table is on the front porch and they also have a toddler slide and monkey bars.

Kason and Layla have the house to themselves, for like the first time in years. And still Kason doesn’t get the memo about initiating kisses.

Larisa brings a friend home from school but all they do is argue, so she asks him to leave.

Layla reads to Mindy to complete the first tier of her aspiration.

Zachariah is definitely not aging. He has moved from nanny to caterer now.

On Saturday, I pretty much just let the game run. The only one that is actively working on anything is Mindy, and she is drawing pictures.

See? She is about to complete the arts badge, and then she will complete the science badge, leaving just the fitness badge. She should be working on her mental aspiration but she is stuck on the requirement to complete her homework while focused. She doesn’t have any homework to do until Monday.

Saturday evening I check on everyone and find Layla sleeping on the couch in their room.

Do what? Kason is an Adult. Not a teen.

Oops. I knew it was her birthday but completely forgot about the cake. Larisa rolls Art Lover and already has Outgoing. She takes the Mansion Baron aspiration.

It is New Skill Day, so everyone is set to work on a skill. Lydia practices the piano and Larisa is practicing charisma (which doesn’t count) and singing (which does count).

Liam works on fitness. Layla leveled painting (nope) and photography (yes)

Mindy gets Kason to play chess with her. He gets credit for leveling logic but she doesn’t get credit for leveling mental, so she ended up playing on the monkey bars for motor. By the end of the day, everyone decided it was a good holiday.

Mindy completed her last badge and became a Llamacorn Scout. Whoop!

Several of the kids decide to have breakfast on the back patio before school on Monday. It is winter now, once again, but they are warm enough in their pajamas.

I am impressed. I noticed they were chatting and checked his charisma and he has improved it to level 2 – he is eligible for a promotion now.

Actually, this is the kiss that pushed him up to level 2, but the chatting got him to 94%.

Mindy brings home homework and between that and her extra credit she is able to complete the tier and move on to the next one.

Three emotional potions…

Mental mastered…

Again, they are home alone. I noticed the autonomous woohoo doesn’t hasn’t kicked off yet for them.

Kason finally masters dancing. As much as he danced, that sure took a long time.

It is Winterfest morning and Layla is calling everyone for second breakfast. It would have just been a grand feast breakfast except that they couldn’t wait to eat and ate leftovers while she was cooking.

Mindy appreciates the breakfast although not because of the holiday tradition. It just smells good.

Time to open presents. They didn’t get any good stuff, just general decorative items and a fish. No one got poop this year.

Layla decides to surprise Kason with a kitten. He is a Cat Lover and now that the kids are growing up, it is time to add a cat to the house. I am trying to time it so that the cat lives long enough for Mindy to move out. Notice the eyes on Momma Kitty and Nibbler. Sammy looks interesting also.

Layla has them bring Sammy over and everyone falls in love. He was friendly and nice to everyone that came over to him, so Layla pays the adoption fee and Sammy joins the family.

Sammy’s name is changed to Murphy and he begins to explore his new home. He is Spoiled, Skittish, and Playful.

And he is not at all spoiled.

Lord Murphy, ruler of all he surveils.

Lord Murphy of the Bob-Tail.

The toy bird is almost as big as Murphy.

Gorgeous picture, but why are you so far away from the house.?

Another gorgeous picture. Since there are no toddlers in the house, ya’ll are going to get kitten spam.

It is Lydia’s birthday – she is now a young adult. But, she can’t move out, and she is controllable. So, she will be getting a job and continuing to do adult things until the house is done. Oh, she rolled Art Lover and took a job in the Entertainer career, with the goal to become a Musician. She starts at level 3, C-Lister.

Mindy is still over across the neighborhood, and she is showing no inclination to head home. Maybe she is lost? I take pity on her and give her directions back to the house. When she gets home, she goes straight to bed.

Oh, be still my heart.

I promise, this will be the only kitty in the litter picture.

Night, night.


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