Drifting Along, House 008.7

I was hoping the last chapter would be the last update, but we still have all of Mindy’s teenage days remaining. But, I think this will be the last update.

Lord Murphy loves his toys. He is always playing with one or another.

And sleeping in front of the fireplace with a roaring fire is just awesome.

Mindy earns an A and completes the last of the child aspirations. Larisa also came home with an A in high school. It is just a waiting game now.

Larisa’s BFF came home with her from school today. Yesenia really stepped out to the wild side.

Mindy spent some time on the playground, hoping kids her age would come around. She sure would like to have friends of her own, where she isn’t necessarily related.

While everyone else gets to go eat at the nearby food stand, Kason gets left out since I cannot control him. So, he eats popcorn.

Everyone else gets something to eat, even Mindy and she doesn’t even care about the holiday.

Murphy runs from one end of the house to the other, inside and outside.

He doesn’t always run very well though.


it is time for Lord Murphy to become an adult kitty.

Preening for the adoring masses.

That took about a second.

Lydia earns a promotion to Opening Act, level 4.

Sorry, not sorry. More Murphy.

Mindy decides to work on a second aspiration in anticipation for her house. So she picks social.

She blows through the first two tiers quickly as she already has high social skill, and then she needs three child size friends. Just so happens that she knows three child size sims. So they go to the beach, and there she discovers that they are all cousins.

But she completes the aspiration, and heads home, leaving her cousins at the beach.

It is New Year’s Eve, and they are trying to get Kason involved so that he might accidentally complete enough traditions to have a good holiday. After the toasts, both girls are tipsy.

Since they made the resolution to lose weight, Layla makes some more weight loss ice cream. Looks like Murphy wants a taste. And, since he is Spoiled, scolding him doesn’t do a thing.

Layla had to pick him up and set him down off of the counter. Then they put the ice cream in the freezer.

Lydia is eating her ice cream and has a little bit of an accident.

They are on their second bowls, still waiting for a change.

Larisa is noticeably smaller than before but the resolution hasn’t completed. I checked the bugs report and apparently others have the same problem.

She goes for a jog thinking maybe if she actually exercises, but that doesn’t do it either.

Lydia also lost weight but not as much as Larisa.

Oops. I just realized it was Liam’s birthday and he was bubbling, and had sent Layla to the kitchen to make him a birthday cake. But, too late. Liam rolls Neat (+Active +Materialistic). Liam then takes a job as the Athletic career.

they are going to have to stop leaving food on the counter because Murphy doesn’t let it sit there for more than a minute before he is up on the counter with his nose stuck into the food.

Oh hello Lydia. That mean streak showed up.

Everyone is in bed and Murphy has guard duty, waiting on Kason to get home.

I forgot to mention that Kason did earn the last promotion to Daycare Admin, level 3.

Lazy Monday mornings, sitting in the kitchen. Waiting for someone to please go to work.

Nope, not yet.

Mindy could possibly complete the creative aspiration as she just mastered creativity. But she isn’t.

Lydia earns a promotion and is now officially on her way to becoming a Musician.

Mindy was sent to blow out candles and she rolls Geek to join Genius and takes the Nerd Brain aspiration. Not one of my favorite hairstyles, but it looks good on Mindy.

Mindy gets a makeover and a little bit of makeup, and the countdown begins. Twelve days to play, and she begins with her homework.

Mindy needs a skill, so chess is the logical choice.

Snuggly wuggly

Then there is cooking with the feline supervisor, who is looking just a little dorky.

A teen the correct age finally wanders by, and Mindy takes a pass. His name is Kasen and that is just too close to Kason. I need a new name to type for the next house.

Story of every meal I eat.

As soon as Layla turns her back, Murphy licks clean the ice cream bowl.

Murphy puts himself into time out on top of the fridge.

It was a day that they both would prefer to forget.

For all intents and purposes, they are now uncontrollable. Even though I can, I’m not. And this is how they repay my generosity.

Mindy wants that A so she does an extra project with everyone’s help.

Autonomous woohoo finally kicks these two into bed.

While I was waiting on Layla and Kason to start bubbling, I forgot about Larisa. She rolls Childish +Outging +Art Lover. Her aspiration is Mansion Baron, so she decides to enter the Critic career, and will take the Art branch.

Mindy was waiting to repair something for her aspiration, waiting and watching, and she jumped right on the broken laptop before I ever noticed it. Seven more days.

Murphy loves the fireplace and is always somewhere nearby. Of course, then I realize it is Summer and they need to put the fire out.

Who are you and why are you here, teasing Mindy? Too old, unfortunately.

Both Kason and Layla are bubbling, so it is time to blow out some candles.

They will just survive the remaining time until Mindy moves out. And they are exactly the same age at this point. Looking forward, this means Mindy will get to be sad for both of them at the same time.

Okay, now I have to take a break to play with my cat.

Lydia is promoted to Serious Musician. Because she wasn’t serious before.

Every night, almost the instant I get all of the controllable sims into the bed, the one uncontrollable sim gets up.

Larisa receives a promotion that places her into the Art Critic branch.

Murphy was not coming out to see who came home. Nope, he is out to sniff the flowers.

Mindy is trying to make friends with Murphy. He is a tough nut to crack. This is a picture of Murphy that she is taking between her legs. Um, yeah, right.

Liam earns a promotion and has to choose between Bodybuilder and Professional Athlete. With that physique he chose professional athlete.

Mindy is done. Her elderly friend died so Layla is going to cheer her up, after she finishes her popcorn.

Lydia is mean and time hasn’t mellowed her out any.

Mindy decides she is done with school and schedules the rest of the days off as vacation. Now they are all just hanging around the house except for when someone has to go to work.

Watch a season premiere – everyone participates except Kason since he didn’t join them voluntarily.

Still killing time.

Murphy goes everywhere at full speed. I get dizzy when I set the camera to follow him and just watch.

There is a thunderstorm outside and apparently Murphy is going to sleep under the covers on Larisa’s bed.

Sigh. Kason destroyed the dollhouse and then walked away. Dude! Larisa just cries over it (Childish). Eventually Mindy repairs it.

Murphy is chasing his tail. But that is one tail that will never be caught.

On what is probably the last day in this house, everyone brings home promotions. Lydia is level 8 Musician, Liam is level 6 Professional Athlete, and Larisa is level 6 Arts Critic.

Layla was hoping for one last woohoo but Kason was just a little too tired.

Damn it Murphy. He decides to run away on the last day. He better be home before Mindy blows out her candles.

He just made it back, getting home about the same time as Kason. That is important because Mindy isn’t blowing out her candles until everyone is home for the night.

Everyone is home, the cake is made, and Mindy is topping off her needs.

And, this house is complete.


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