Drifting Along, House 009.1

Mindy moves into the Vista Quarry empty lot with some random sim that she picked up on the way. Moves in is a misnomer since there isn’t anything to move in to. Her roommate is Erich Torrez and they are now in this together.

House 009 Goals

  • Have fun disguising your home and turn it into an underground lair! No full walls on the ground floor. Underground only!
  • Achieve level 10 of the Diamond Agent branch of the Secret Agent career on The Drifter
  • Achieve level 11 of the Villain branch of the Secret Agent career on The Secondary Sim
  • Produce and raise The Heir to the Young Adult life stage

The first thing they do is to become friends, then best friends.

Then they become girlfriend and boyfriend.

Feeling that she is on a roll, she takes a knee and proposes.

Erich accepts her proposal.

Mindy weighs the timing and decides they just need to keep on going.

Since they don’t have the funds to go anywhere, they have a quick elopement standing on their empty lot, six hours after moving “in”.

Right after they finish getting married, one of Mindy’s uncles walks by. Logan, I believe that is Logan.

With the relationship settled, it is time to get jobs. They both take a position in the Secret Agent career. Mindy starts at level 3 while Erich starts in level 1.

Someone needs a potty. And this is a part of the world without public bathrooms.

They need money to buy some necessities, so Mindy sells her career rewards and the photos she has taken and they are able to get the bare necessities.

There is a pile of leaves nearby and they take a quick honeymoon.

Then Mindy sets off to see what she can collect while Erich gets a nap.

Mindy calls to see if she can negotiate a bonus, even though she hasn’t gone to work yet. And, they said yes! She receives a bonus of §84. The other thing Mindy has already done is to purchase Great Kisser so she could master charisma. Erich wasn’t complaining about the kisses either.

With the sale of some more photos, they added a tent to the lot so that they can get some sleep before their first day at work.

Erich comes close to earning a promotion on his first day at work, just falling a little bit short. Mindy does earn a promotion and has reached level 4. Gyms are now unlocked. That being said, they don’t have the money to travel at the moment.

Both are feeling the lack of fun so they remedy that in the tent this time around.

Then Erich takes photos while Mindy decides to see about asking for loans from random strangers walking by. She has mastered charisma after all, and this isn’t something I have ever tried before. O.M.G. Later on the loans wouldn’t make much of a difference, but at this stage in the game, O.M.G. She uses the Polite introduction and asks for both the large and small loans. Yes, thank you! §2,500 in the bank. It is late and there are only two other adults in the area, and they both also pony up §2,500.

That gives Mindy enough to build the underground bunker’s outside walls. She is also able to enclose two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and then they move their belongings down stairs and surround the down-stairs with plants. For now. They still haven’t decided how they are going to camouflage, but the bunker has a good start.

Because Erich is still level 1, he has to leave for work early in the morning.

Mindy doesn’t start her shift until mid morning, so she begins introducing herself around and asking for loans. O.M.G. She was able to get get five sets of §2,500, minus one §500 loan, before leaving for work.

Erich earns his first promotion, woo! He is sent around the neighborhood on the collection run until Mindy comes home.

Mindy also earned another promotion – level 5, baby!

Mindy and Erich meet up at the nearby park and grab something to eat from the food stall.

Then they head home for some fun times.

While they were sleeping, I noticed that Erich needs logic for his next promotion. He is rousted out of bed and set to practicing chess.

Just as he reaches level 2, we receive the notice that today is Harvestfest. Well, hell. I really wanted him to go to work and build his performance so that he can get another promotion. They are not getting pregnant until they have both reached level 5 or maybe even the split between career tracks.

Mindy gets up to do her part in appeasing the gnomes – we want all of the seed packs that they are willing to part with – and she is sad because someone she knows died. No idea who.

After appeasing the gnomes, she heads out to borrow more money. She needs a kitchen so that someone can make a grand feast. And, all I can say, is umm-kay.

She hits up everyone that walks by that she has not already borrowed money from – apparently she can’t borrow from the same person until she pays back what she borrowed originally. Not planning on doing that, so she just stands out on the street and greets everyone she doesn’t know.

Mindy takes the money she collects and begins setting up the kitchen. They also worked on the master bedroom and the living room. Then she made a ham feast, which completed the traditions for the holiday.

Erich heads to bed to get some sleep – he was woken up really early – and Mindy practices chess. She has been fortunate up to this point in already having the skills for her career, but she is just about to run out of logic. She needs to master it, if I remember correctly.

A vampire comes to call and Mindy takes advantage of the fact that they haven’t met yet. She asks for the two loans and then tells her goodbye and goes to bed. Miley doesn’t leave though. She turns on the television and eventually Erich comes out and asks her to leave.

Layla activates the new automatic thermostat (LittleMsSam) and I notice that she is sad again. This time it says she lost a parent.

In checking her friends panel, both Layla and Kason are dead.

The different choices for breakfast – chips vs ham dinner leftovers.

While Erich heads off to work, Mindy goes to work on the sims walking by the area. She brings in quite a lot and they now have ~§30,000 in the bank.

Erich does not earn a promotion today. He needs to look into buying the Entrepreneur trait as soon as he can.

Erich has a few skills that he needs to improve for his career promotions. Since charisma is one of them, he decides to splurge on the Great Kisser trait. But first, he needs aspiration points with which to splurge.

Soulmate is one of the fastest aspirations to complete, in my opinion. Unless one sim is still mourning the loss of her parents. They spent most of the first date embarrassed for one reason or another, and she kept rejecting his romantic actions.

Finally he gets her into a flirty mood and they complete a gold level date. Flirty is no longer a problem. They get four dates done back-to-back – three gold and one bronze. Erich pops his way on up to the last tier. He is still just short of having the points for Great Kisser but they are both about to pass out, so sleep will come before they continue.

The next morning they have some breakfast and then clean the kitchen.

Then they begin working on the Soulmate aspiration for Erich.

Once he completes Soulmate, he buys both Great Kisser and Entrepreneurial and they continue the kissing to improve his charisma skill. They finally call it a night at midnight – yes this is how they spent all day on Saturday. Erich improved charisma to level 9, which is more than enough for his career.


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