Drifting Along, House 009.2

Mindy and Erich are making a lot of progress on the house and just need to finish the two offices and the second bedroom, along with the camouflage up top. They are waiting for a bit longer before having their first, and only, child. Erich needs to make some progress on his career.

After breakfast, Erich sits down to practice chess while Mindy heads out to ask for more loans.

There is no one left in the neighborhood to ask for loans so Mindy needs to travel to another lot. She also has to listen to this one complain about something. Cost of doing business.

Mindy and Erich head off to the park so Mindy can find more suckers to make permanent loans. Erich is supposed to be practicing chess.

Instead I find him grilling fruit.

Mindy comes over to grab a plate before heading home, and she sees Murphy – her parents’ cat.

Back at the house, it is completely done. Although I will realize shortly that I haven’t placed anything for the children.

The master bedroom, kitchen, and living room…

The second bedroom and two offices…

The “outside” play area…

Looking to the back of the house…

Walls up, looking to the front of the house… And I just want to say that this is the most fun I have had building out a house.

Erich earns a promotion to level 3. They will most likely be ready to get pregnant this coming week.

Mindy earns another promotion bringing her to level 6.

While Mindy is tracking down sims she hasn’t already borrowed from, Erich tries it for himself. It doesn’t go as well for Erich in that he only receives a loan one time out of four requests. Mindy receives two loans from each sim, every time. She also has Good Manners and a Pristine reputation.

They each donate §1,000 to the wishing well and ask for a promotion. Erich is told that the budget won’t support but maybe in the future. Mindy receives an immediate promotion to level 7.

Mindy decides it is time. “Time”

Winterfest breakfast feast as they have a quiet morning.

After opening presents, Erich heads into work to try to get a promotion. Mindy gets to clean up the pet poop that she got for Winterfest.

More new friends, more loans.

More complaining.

The wishing well does not like Erich. This is the first positive wish and he is now level 4 in his career.

They both still need to master logic so there is some chess playing.

Confetti and a big belly. It looks like the heir is on the way.

That means the timer has started for Erich to get his shit together with his career.

Erich thinks that maybe he needs to improve his reputation so he spends aspiration points on Incredibly Friendly and heads out to the park to greet and make friends. Every friend improves his reputation.

Zachariah is stalking him. He keeps joining Erich.

Erich masters charisma and improves his reputation to Good.

There is Zachariah, again.

Erich gives the wishing well another try. It really hates him – I have to save before he wishes because it almost always demotes him. This time it filled his performance bar but Erich doesn’t return to work for four days.

Yet, Mindy gets good results every time.

Another day, another wish. Since he already has a full performance bar, this time he wishes for skills and crosses his fingers it is something useful. He receives mastered painting.

Mindy, on the other hand, receives another promotion. She is now, officially, in the Diamond Agent path at level 8.

Erich can’t believe her luck or his lack of luck.

I kept seeing something darting around the house and was trying to remember when they adopted a pet. Ahh, yeah. This is their new pet, Scooter.

They are both working on mastering logic, so while he practices playing chess, she practices analyzing stuff. This is a good way to pick up elements without having to send metals and crystals off in the mail. And it is free, beyond the cost of the analyzer.

New Year’s Eve and everyone gets a break to watch the countdown to midnight. It is just about time for the wee baby to join the household.

As expected, Mindy goes into labor early the next morning.

Apparently we all forgot to place a baby bassinet so Tomas is set unceremoniously against the wall. For the moment. The heir is a boy – Tomas Torrez.

There is a little bump out added to the bedroom and a place is made for Tomas next to the dresser. This means Mindy and Erich will be woken up whenever he cries.

Mindy took the day as family leave, but since she is feeling good now, she heads out to talk to the well. She is promised a promotion at the end of her next shift.

Then she goes back downstairs and masters logic.

And I wish I could get promoted while I was sleeping. Even though she was off from work today, at the end of her shift she was promoted.

Alrighty then. She goes back to the wishing well and tries again. This time she receives the final promotion immediately. Apparently her boss won the lottery and left, leaving an opening. She has reached level 10 Diamond Agent. Now it is up to Erich to earn some promotions. And, he has an extra level, needing to get to level 11.

Mindy checks out the toddler pool, pretending that she is outside in the sun.

Erich earns a promotion to level 5.

He really needs to sleep, but Mindy is upgrading the plumbing in the bathrooms so stinky boy wakes him up.

Then it is time for a birthday and Tomas becomes an inquisitive toddler.

I have really started liking the blonde hair with black eyes thing.

Some potty training, then some food before going to bed.

Mindy reads him to sleep, and then she lays down, and they sleep all day.

Erich earns another promotion to level 6.

Tomas is done with the potty training, as far as he is concerned. Mindy explains that he is not done yet and he will sit down again.

Tomas is just a little resistant to the idea, but eventually he sits back down long enough to figure out how to do this himself.

More food for the little while Mindy calls work for another day of family leave.

Mindy takes a break from the upgrades to work with Tomas on his communication. His primary goal is to get to Happy Toddler, then he will worry about mastering skills. If possible since he is not being controlled.

Also, just a note that the purple alien skins have finally been bred out.

On his own, he chooses to dance. All the time.

Another day, another promotion – level 7. The wishing well is an expensive way to get the promotions, but there are many sims that Mindy hasn’t borrowed money from yet.

They all went to bed at a reasonably normal time and everyone slept until Tomas woke up. He was on his way to wake up Mindy when she got up on her own. Then Tomas realized there was food sitting out in the kitchen.

Erich is working hard and he finally masters logic. Now he just needs the last few promotions. And finally, I believe there is enough time for him to do this.

Their version of the family meal.

Tomas masters the potty – his first skill to reach level 3.

Erich earns the promotion into the Villain career track. Level 8, three promotions remaining. This is all that is remaining for this house as the house is finished and Mindy has already reached the top of the Diamond Agent career track. Tomas has just over four weeks until he reaches young adult.


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