Drifting Along, House 009.3

With the last promotion Erich received, he realizes that he hasn’t built any mischief skill. He will need to reach level 6 for the remaining promotions. Since he can’t troll the forums until he has level 2, Mindy buys him a voodoo doll which he binds to her, and then he cuddles it to unlock the skill.

Then, he wakes her up because the social mischief actually builds faster, I believe.

He runs through the various options, staying away from the ones that will piss her off, and very quickly he has level 2. That is all he needs for the next promotion and then he will have two days to work on building more skill.

Erich goes back to bed to get some sleep before his shift starts, leaving Mindy and Tomas to do their thing.

Mindy begins teaching Tomas the different animals. The boy is fixated on dinosaurs.

Mindy has improved her parenting skill so that she can hug away sadness now. Which is good because Tomas gets sad every time Erich goes to work.

She reads him stories to improve his imagination.

Erich earns another promotion.

He is also still trying to get mischief to level 6.

Mindy teaches Tomas his shapes, and I believe this is about where he becomes a Happy Toddler.

Erich is really wanting to finish practicing mischief on Mindy.

Tomas talks to the stuffed skeleton for the only time ever.

Yeah, Mindy is over his mischiefing.

He uses a Tranquilizing Handshake on her. Yeah, she is not going to be happy when she wakes up.

Erich spends time playing with Tomas.

Finally! Mischief is not mastered but he has reached level 6, which is all he needs for his promotions.

Sad toddler is sad. Because of reasons.

Mindy is spending her spare time upgrading items around the house.

Why? Why is this where everyone places their dirty dishes? Why?

Tomas is a typical toddler and nothing keeps his attention for very long.

Another day, another promotion. I believe this is level 10, with just one more level to go.

Damn straight he is still trying to get promotions through the wishing well. This is why I rarely set it out on a residential lot. This is not a promotion, but he did just max out the performance bar so he will get a promotion on his next shift. Which is starting in 20 minutes.

As he waddles off to work, he considers the idea that maybe he should have taken a few minutes to pee.

And done. So the wishing well allowed Erich to reach level 11 while he is still a young adult. Despite the hatred it showed to him every other wish – I am just glad it never actually killed him.

The only thing remaining for this house is for Tomas to grow up.

Tomas decides that he doesn’t want to be the only one awake, so he heads in to wake up Mindy.

Mindy ignores him and heads to the kitchen for something to eat. That leaves Erich to entertain the boy.

Even after the flash cards, when Erich goes into his office to “work”, Tomas follows behind asking for food.

After eating, Erich tries to put Tomas in the pool, but he barely gets wet before getting back out.

Mindy is still working her way through the house with the upgrades.

Tomas masters imagination, all by himself.

He has this feeling that Erich is home from work, so he decides to climb the long stairs to see what is above. This is literally the first time he has been out of the bunker.

Of course, by the time he climbs the stairs, he forgets where he was going. So, then he heads back downstairs to put up the book that is sitting out. The pull to put away books is strong.

He checks to see if Mindy notices that he is putting the book up.

It has been a long time since Mindy has shown up at work, and I think she forgot that hygiene is something that will get her noticed. And not in a good way.

The reason she didn’t take a shower is because she was making a birthday cake for Tomas. Erich helps him blow out the candles.

Tomas gains the Loves Outdoors trait and takes the motor aspiration. But it will be up to him to get anything accomplished. Erich influences him to do his homework, and helps him with it.

He tried to influence Tomas to play, with the hope that he would play on the monkey bars. He didn’t.

Since Mindy is at work until midnight, the boys generally just piddled around the house.

Tomas gets dressed for his first day of school and sneaks out of the house without Mindy or Erich seeing him. Makeovers planned for this evening.

We have reached the point where there is nothing remaining for Mindy and Erich to accomplish, other than keeping Tomas alive and healthy. Which means, speed 3 as much as possible.

Erich left for work before Tomas came home from school, so the makeover was delayed until Erich got home. Tomas is excited that he can get out of this mistake of an outfit.

Everyone went to bed as the game was loading, but the makeover is complete.

At least when they dance, Tomas is building motor skill. Because they dance all of the time.

Erich has been bubbling for hours, and he finally remembers to make a cake and blow out his candles. For the record, he is just now becoming an Adult.

I guess Mindy hasn’t been getting any sleep. No idea why since she is on free range and free will.

Tomas improves his grades to a B.

Much like when he was a toddler, Tomas likes to follow Mindy around and watch what she does.

Wait!!! WTF just happened here?!? Not.Planned.!

Tomas surprises me and finds the monkey bars all by himself.

And they have been dancing so much that Erich has mastered the skill.

I think Mindy is huge. There better only be one baby coming.

Realizing that they were within the 24 hours of birth, both Mindy and Erich take family leave. They are saving vacation for when the baby becomes a toddler, but family leave is take or lose.

It is time – labor has begun.

More purple skin, but at least Trella is not the heiress. So the purple skin in the active house line will stop here.

Mindy influences Tomas to go play outside. This is his response.

Erich will randomly get the voodoo doll and just hold it, eventually putting it in his inventory. No clue why. He doesn’t do anything except look at it.


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