Drifting Along, House 009.4

If everyone in the household cooperates, this will be the last update for this house. I really enjoyed making their bunker, mostly because I didn’t have to worry about the roofline and landscaping.

I am still playing on speed 3 where possible and letting them do their own thing.

Tomas brings home an A and I start really counting down the number of days.

Mindy masters parenting after Trella is born.

Sickness invades the household as both Erich and Tomas are feeling under the weather.

Harvestfest comes around and while Mindy is making breakfast, the boys are raiding the leftovers.

Harvestfest is a quiet day in the bunker. Mindy discovers that Tomas has had a project that he needs to complete, so she influences him to begin the project with the promise that she and Erich will assist him. Once everyone begins working, Tomas slips away and lets them finish it.

That evening it is time for Trella to become a toddler. And she develops an independent streak.

She defies Mindy at every suggestion.

Trella is not a happy toddler – she is angry and wants to smash the dollhouse.

Mindy distracts her with a plate of food and suddenly Trella is not angry any more.

For about 30 minutes. The anger is strong in this toddler today.

Mindy realizes it is her birthday, so she blows out some candles and becomes an Adult.

Trella had taken a plate of food when Erich decided she needed to be sitting in the high chair. Surprisingly, she actually ate the plate of food when it was placed on the high chair also.

This happened more than once – this is not the same meal.

The plate is sparkling clean. Now what happens?

This might be late evening, because she is making dinner type foods. Mindy masters cooking with these fish tacos.

Another meal in the high chair. They are still eating leftover fish and chips.

Mindy is trying to keep Trella entertained, but her attention span is about 5 minutes long.

Teaching Trella to talk, among other things.

Tomas has just earned his early birthday cake. He already has an A in school, and he just mastered motor all by himself. His birthday is in two days, so it isn’t that early. He will blow out the candles on Sunday morning at 8am, to try to influence when his next birthday will come along.

Trella had a busy day, and she is done waiting on someone to read her to sleep. At least she ate enough dinner to hold her over through the night. I hope. Also, since Trella hasn’t ever left the bunker, she never changes clothes.

Sunday morning, it is time for Tomas to blow out his candles.

He develops the Active trait and takes the Bodybuilder aspiration.

Erich suggests that he complete his homework in preparation of his first day of school, and then he has both parents attempting to help him. Mindy leaves it to Erich and she goes off to do other things.

Trella sleeps late but eventually wakes up and it off to the races.

For food. The family congregates in Erich’s office where Tomas is practicing programming and Trella is stinking up the room.

Erich takes care of her diaper and then gives her a bath.

I am really not sure what Trella did all day. It seemed like dinner came really fast.

Tomas put her in one chair, and then they played the game of chair swap. As soon as he would set her down, she would ask to sit in the other chair. Back and freaking forth. Eventually I was able to break the cycle, but it was auto queuing and took a bit.

Then he gave her a plate and told her to eat. After she ate, he put her to bed, and crashed himself. When Mindy came home from work, she sent Tomas to bed and fell into her own.

Erich convinces Tomas to take a shower (or a bath in this case) before leaving for school. Trella comes along to let him know that he is late for school now.

Trella has a lot of fun dancing and chatting with anyone that wanders close by.

She has reached level 3 in everything except thinking, so Erich is trying to get her bumped up. She stops a sliver short.

Whenever anyone asks her what she wants, she wants to listen to a story.

Home from school, Tomas starts on his project for the day. Just long enough to set it up.

Tomas was trying to read to Trella but each time they sat down he would drop the action. They did this three times back to back.

Erich comes home and tells Tomas to come help on the project, and he he literally tightened one bolt and left again.

Erich takes the day off to stay home with Trella and she loves having him all to herself.

After playing with the dollhouse, Trella ponders the tent, and becomes a Happy Toddler.

She tracks Erich down in his office, because this is what working from home looks like with toddlers.

Except that Erich isn’t exactly working from home.

Tomas earns his high school A, and is ~10 days from his birthday.

Erich loses his cool with Trella when she constantly talks nonsense to him. She knows how to talk now and her babbling is irritating.

Erich and Tomas compete to feed Trella first, and Tomas wins. Erich takes the chicken nuggets and tries to throw them out, but he is stopped and they are in the fridge now.

Apparently, Trella must have asked Tomas to take her to the potty, even though she has it mastered already. Because he is helping her and this is how I found them.

Winterfest grand feast of turkey, standing in the kitchen. Or in Trella’s case, sitting on the floor in front of the stove.

After eating they open presents together. That is the only way to get non controlled sims to open presents, and it gives them a happy holiday. ~9 more days.

Trella wakes up starving and really needing to potty. But first she has to blow out her candles.


She has developed the kleptomaniac trait and takes the social aspiration. With her upbringing – mom is a Double Diamond Agent and dad is a Triple Agent, it isn’t that surprising.

Every day, either Mindy or Erich influences the kids to complete their homework, and they also put them to bed, or suggest that they get some sleep every evening. ~7 more days.

Again?!? I swear, the last time that I had them woohoo for fun, she did not get pregnant. This is what happens when I speed 3 through and let them do things, without really watching.

Mindy may have more kids than she planned, but she is happy with her family. And we get to move out in a few days, so I can deal.

New Year’s Eve and the television draws everyone in. That will make for another happy holiday.

Another Monday and assorted projects. Mindy gets Tomas and Trella to begin the project and then she works on them while the kids work on their other homework. ~4 more days.

Trina makes her appearance and begins the last few days of waiting. Tomas will have his birthday and move out as soon as she becomes a toddler.

Trella has been doing her part by stealing something from school every day.

This is literally how they have spent the last week. Tomas has mastered dancing and so has Erich and Mindy. Trella has improved motor up to level 7, so she hasn’t been slacking.

And, Trina has become a Fussy toddler. It is time to hit the road and leave them to it.

Tomas gets ready to blow out his candles. He also cleans out inventory and makes sure his backpack is empty.

Goodbye House 009. It was fun, and now it is time to get out of the bunker.

Last over view of the bunker…

…and up top.

And Tomas is out on his own. In his pajamas. Broke and alone.


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