Drifting Along, House 010.1

It is time to begin House 010. If this were a normal legacy, I would be beginning the last generation. But it isn’t. And, I’m not. Instead Tomas has moved out to an empty lot – Pebble Burrow. He is broke and standing there in his pajamas.

  1. Create a 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom home worth at least §50,000
  2. Include a pool and a designated personal workout area
  3. Master the Athletic Skill or the Wellness Skill
  4. Master Gourmet Cooking Skill
  5. Live the life of a Vegetarian
  6. Produce and raise the Heir to Young Adult

There is nothing in the requirements for this house that mentions having a job. So, for the moment, Tomas will try to figure out how to support himself without working. That being said, he has no interest in gardening, even though that would make sense as a vegetarian.

Oh look, Tomas is next door to the original drifting house – House 001.

Tomas needs, wants, to go to the gym. So, he takes a number of photos, selling them until he has exceeded §1,000. And, apparently I never placed the gym during the last house play. So, I downloaded a lot from the gallery for Burners and Builders and now, there is a gym in town. I did get the spa placed for the beginning of this house. But all is good now, and Tomas is at the gym.

Standing outside, he meets a local paparazzi, Kendra O’Reilly. So far, she is the only young adult sim he has met.

Inside the gym, the trainer is working on his air flow.

Umm, so maybe I should check the lot traits…

Oh yeah, I installed a nudist gym in Oasis Springs. At first I was going to replace it, but I think I will leave it. For now.

Thankfully Tomas got dressed for the trip home. He met a lot of young adults, but once he got home and checked them out, he realized there is only one name on the list that will work. Of the others…

  • Out of seven females he met,
  • There are a total of 5 children
  • One was a cousin
  • One was a Straud
  • And they were all between 11-17 days older than him.

That means Kendra, the paparazzi, is going to be the future Mrs. Torrez.

Tomas doesn’t waste any time getting Kendra in the mood, going steady, engaged, and married.

Maybe he should have taken a few minutes to ask some questions, but it is too late now.

Tomas has Kendra follow him down to the picnic area where he makes some dinner on the grill.

Remembering that he is a vegetarian, he makes baked potatoes.

Tomas has a rough night and Kendra never came home from the picnic area.

She just stood by the tree for hours and hours.

After the rough night, Tomas takes a lot of pictures. Enough so that they can buy a shower, toilet, sink, and fridge. But he also realizes that he is going to have to get a job. His choices are Culinary and Athletics. He wasn’t thinking and took the job in Culinary.

He switches to Athletics and sees the requirement for charisma. Decides he is going back to Culinary. ugh. Time for a reset…

Back to the Beginning. Of this House.

I had to sleep on it. And played a lot of Candy Crush. I even worked. Finally, after a few days of chilling, I finally decided what Tomas is going to do.

  • Style Influencer for the Camera and Sketchpad
  • Writer for the Computer
  • Education for the Desk
  • Secret Agent for the Desk and Chair
  • Freelance Fashion Photographer for reals

He sells the other items that came along also, and now he has §1,270 to spend on the house. He buys a desk chair for the second desk, and then sticks everything back into inventory except for the camera. He plans on mastering photography before taking any assignments, so he has some work to do.

Tomas spends several hours taking and selling pictures. He masters photography and trades in the cheap camera for an expensive one. Then he continues for a little while longer in order to build up some savings so that he can get a start on the house.

Once he has a functional house, then he takes his first gig – Finding the Essence of Efficiency with Everyday Style. This gig is going to be tough because the payout on it is §8,800. This is the kitchen set that came with the Ice Cream pack – Cool Kitchen, I believe. Tomas gets him something to eat to build up his strength for his gig.

During this process, the neighbors come over to visit. The only young adult is Shana and with that skin she is probably related somewhere. Besides, we just bred the purple look out of this family.

Having company is irritating and inconvenient. Tomas actually had to put the chairs in inventory along with the fridge to get them to stop hogging everything. Eventually, they left and he was able to complete his gig.

Using the funds he earned from the gig, Tomas expands the house upward. It is now a big, tall box. For the boy that grew up underground, he is moving into the sky. Well, to the third floor at least.

He runs out of cash as he starts on the kitchen, but the footprint of the house is taking shape.

With his funds depleted, it is time to take another gig. He is choosing whichever one pays the most. Windows. That is his next goal. Although, again, for a boy who grew up underground, he has never had windows.

He meets with the style influencer to show her his work and she loves it. She paid the §8,000 base plus another §1,800 bonus.

But, before Tomas spends anything on the house, he really needs to leave the lot while he has to cash. He is heading to the gym, since his aspiration is to become a Bodybuilder.

This time around we didn’t place the nudist gym. That is for another story.

This gym has a swimming pool, and the fitness equipment is upstairs. That does get crowded when he heads upstairs but everything works out nicely. Swimming laps does not count for working out at the gym for the aspiration.

Upstairs, Tomas meets the only single young adult on the lot – Jennifer Ashby. As far as Tomas can tell, they are not related.

He invites her back to his place, and it is Love Day so he is wanting to complete some of the traditions. She is a willing participant.

He asks her to become his girlfriend, because we must rush through everything.

Then he keeps right on going and he proposes to her.

Jennifer suggests that they slow down and actually get to know each other first. It turns out that she is a Cat Lover, Hot-Headed, and Noncommittal. She agrees to move in with him, but marriage will have to wait.

The temptation was real, but she left all of the money and came with nothing.

Their relationship did take a little hit when she rejected his proposal, but it rebounded quickly.

They take the party to the bedroom to celebrate, and then Tomas begins working on his next gig.

This time the style influencer is Lilith [whatever her last name is now].

She is happy with his work and once again he receives a large bonus on top of his base pay.

With the day quickly becoming tomorrow, Tomas says goodbye to Lilith and he takes Jennifer upstairs for some more snuggles before they sleep. [Jennifer’s aspiration is Mansion Baron and she comes with a job as a Retail Sales Clerk, level 2)


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