Drifting Along, House 010.2

Welcome back to the block house. Tomas completed two gigs during the last chapter and now he spends every penny adding windows and a pool and some landscaping. But, windows! Then he realizes he also has a stack of photos to sell and there is money in the bank again.

Tomas gets up first and begins to cook breakfast. Before he can finish, Jennifer comes along and eats two plates of leftovers. Ya could have waited a few more minutes.

Jennifer decides to get out of the house until Tomas is out of his funk. Someone died so his mood is tanked for the moment.

Tomas decides to take another gig and continue building the coffers. They haven’t begun trying for a baby, and he should probably work on his skills before they start the countdown.

While Tomas is off jogging, Jennifer is having a relaxing day.

Tomas is ready to work on his gig and he needs a model. Which will be Jennifer. She changes into a party outfit and Tomas takes a goofy picture of her. Then he sends it off for approval.



Tomas sets up the room next to the master with his dedicated workout area. He only has the treadmill at the moment, but soon he hopes to have enough to buy the weights machine.

Jennifer actually remembers to go to work today. Her performance tanked yesterday because she never went.

When she gets home, all green and stinky, Tomas is sitting out at the pool eating.

She changes and joins him, but this is not what she wants right now.

Still they have a nice chat before heading back inside.

Where are you going? It looked like she noticed her father was in the area and went over to talk to him. But he left before she got his attention.

Back inside, Tomas has finally completed the first two tiers of the aspiration. Getting an hour in while energized and pushing the limit is difficult when grieving. But he finally did it. And he is still waiting for the approved picture to come back so that he can complete the gig.

…waiting… It was New Skill Day and Tomas focused on fitness. He focused hard and raised his skill to level 7 and 57%.

Jennifer wakes up in a bad, bad mood.

She follows Tomas around trying to pick a fight.

Tomas decides they need to get started on the heir because Jennifer is a challenge to live with. Not sure why because I don’t normally have this much trouble with Hot-Headed sims. She is acting more like a Mean sim. But he still loves her.

It takes them three or four tries but there will be another generation joining them soon.

Bitch… And I actually checked the rules, but she can’t move out.

Tomas uses the last gig to pay for more items for the house. Starting at the top, he begins to add items to each room for the basic setup. The house now has four bathrooms. Jennifer really likes the tubs that are on the kids’ floor.

Umm, okay. Very interesting look going on here.

Jennifer doesn’t know she is pregnant yet. But the belly slides will have to stop soon.

Tomas thinks that they should get married and he is determined to get past Jennifer’s noncommittal trait.

He begins flirting and complimenting her.

When he thinks she is in a good mood and all her needs are met, he pops the question, again.

She didn’t refuse him this time. Thankfully. Not taking any chances, Tomas and Jennifer immediately elope, and that thing is done.

As soon as Jennifer knows she is pregnant, she heads upstairs to tell Tomas the good news.

Then, because she still has a job, she heads off to her shift at the store. Tomas invites Trina to come over to visit, which he regrets momentarily as she immediately throws a fit. He scolds her and then takes her downstairs and reads her a book. Then he sends her fussy butt home.

He is progressing well in fitness (8) and in cooking (6) – cooking has to be level 5 to unlock gourmet cooking – and he also spends time practicing yoga. The idea is that he will master both fitness and wellness as well as homestyle and gourmet cooking.

He completes another gig and they celebrate with a toast of milk, then he spends all of the money on the house.

If Jennifer could figure out how to improve her charisma, she would get a promotion. But that isn’t going to happen.

Tomas begins practicing his gourmet cooking, and stocking up the fridge. There is a baby coming that will quickly become a toddler.

Despite the fridge having many choices, Jennifer prefers to get yogurt from the cooler.

Today is the day that the baby will join the family. Jennifer still has not had a makeover, but she will get one when the baby becomes a toddler. This is the dining room.

Tomas is working on developing his best body and he is getting close. This is his workout room.

He is halfway through level 9 fitness and he just reached his maximum body potential.

He heads downstairs to check on Jennifer and finds her in labor. Behind him is the entertainment center with a television, stereo, and bookcase. Along with the bassinet.

He gives her a massage to help her try to relax. And, we get a good picture of the kitchen.

Jennifer knows how to handle this labor thing. She heads out to the pool and takes a nap on the lounge chair. Nice and tropical feeling.

Eventually, Thiago Torrez joins the family. And Jennifer misses another day of work.

Tomas takes care of feeding and changing Thiago for the first time, while Jennifer shows off the living room. The first (bottom) floor is complete.

Dude!! Gone are the soft rolls around the middle. Tomas is a chiseled piece of eye candy.

Everyone heads to bed for some sleep and to prepare for tomorrow. What is tomorrow? No clue. But we all need some sleep. The master bedroom is nice and cozy and comfortable.

The third (top) floor is also complete. Tomas moved the yoga mat outside when he finished up his office space. Technically, this is the landing outside of his bedroom, but it works. All that is remaining is the second (middle) floor, and it will be a work in progress as Thiago grows up.

Tomas wanted to make sure we ended this chapter on a high note, so he somehow became Very Inspired, and he master Gourmet Cooking. Yay, Tomas!


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