Drifting Along, House 010.3

Welcome back! Jennifer starts everything off by cleaning up the dirty dishes. She is the worst about just setting things down and leaving them, so this is a pleasant surprise.

Someone got off task. Tomas is supposed to be taking pictures for his current gig. And not those kinds of pictures.

After his fun, he finishes his gig, and then he heads out to ride around on his bike. While he is doing this, he masters fitness and completes the Bodybuilder aspiration.

While Tomas sleeps, Jennifer plays outside in the water, and Thiago marinates in a crappy diaper. Eventually Tomas wakes up and changes the boy. Jennifer is kind of hit and miss, but mostly she does pretty good. Most of the time.

Oh, of course you are pregnant again. At least the kids will be close in age.

While Jennifer does whatever, Tomas masters cooking. That is Cooking, Gourmet Cooking, and Fitness, along with Photography and Dancing. Wellness is his next target.

And then I realized that it should be Thiago’s birthday. Scrolling back through the notifications, and yes it is definitely the boy’s birthday. Which also means that Tomas will be waiting to work on wellness until after toddler Thiago is skilled up.

Tomas helps Thiago crawl out of the bassinet and he becomes an Angelic toddler.

Thiago promptly got trapped on the landing and couldn’t go up or down, and no one could pick him up. I had to delete the stairs to pop him into an open location and then put the stairs back. All because his first action was to go up to the top floor to ask for food, while Tomas was trying to give him a plate.

After some eating and playing and a story and some potty training, it is time for Thiago to go to bed. He is sad because one of Jennifer’s parents died on his birthday. Tomas needs to work on his parenting skill because he can’t do anything to make Thiago feel better.

Thiago gets another story to help him fall asleep, and while he is sleeping, more work is done on the house. This time the middle floor is completed, which will belong to Thiago and his sibling.

Jennifer should be sleeping but she is found running on the treadmill, and she is looking huge, especially considering that she is still in the first trimester.

Everyone sleeps late the next day – one thing about Jennifer being the only one working outside of the house and not until the evenings. When Tomas wakes up, he gets Thiago up and on the potty.

Then he carries him downstairs for some food. Thiago doesn’t have the movement skill yet to negotiate the stairs. He sadly eats his breakfast. Sadly because the mourning.

Stupid dying sims. I can’t wait to get Tomas’ Parenting skill improved enough to hug away the sadness.

More playing so that Thiago can go up and down the stairs by himself now. Then back to the potty so he can go to the potty by himself now.

Thiago was close to level 2 on communication and imagination so Tomas thought he would bump him up before putting him to bed. There was a story for imagination.

Then he tried to teach Thiago how to talk.

Thiago passed out almost immediately.

When he woke up, there was some more teaching to talk and then everyone went to bed.

The morning was a cluster and it set the tone for the entire day. Literally all that they got completed was for Thiago to eat one meal, potty once, and it was time to go back to bed. That tells you how the day went. First off, Thiago wakes up, toddles downstairs to grab the last bite of fruit cake sitting out. He carries the plate back upstairs to eat it on his bed. Before he can eat the fruit cake he fills up his diaper. Yep right here. Tomas was trying desperately to stop the actions, but nothing he queued up took precedence over the walk downstairs, back upstairs, and the pooping.

Then, after eating the single bite of fruit cake, Thiago got a short bath, a diaper change, and Tomas carried him downstairs to actually feed him. Every platter pulled out of the fridge immediately spoiled, so while I was trying to get something fresh for Thiago to grab, he took a plate from the spoiled meals, sat down, got up, took another. Finally, Thiago got a good plate to eat, and while he ate his sadness finally went away.

Now he needs to potty again, so Tomas is directed to take him to the downstairs potty. But Thiago was already headed upstairs. So, Tomas changed his action to the upstairs potty and chased Thiago down. This, y’all, is the epitome of the day. Tomas picks up Thiago as they are standing by the potty and stick the boy in the corner behind the potty chair. By the time, Thiago actually sat on the potty and did his thing, he was exhausted. Tomas was exhausted. And, Jennifer was nowhere to be found (at work). Tomas puts Thiago to bed and then he goes upstairs to hide from the world. From the time Thiago woke up until he went to bed – was about ten hours in game.

Another day, more frustration. I told Tomas to take Thiago to the potty. So he ignores me and puts Thiago in the pool.

At least they both had fun.

A whole lot of splishy-splashy fun.

Then Thiago gets some time on the potty chair. He did good at holding it and waiting for the potty. No accidents today.

His movement should be improving fairly quickly because he will go upstairs to hug the cat, downstairs to talk to Jennifer, back upstairs to hug the cat.

He also played with the toys.

I goofed. I normally have them make the Grand Breakfast Feast for Harvestfest and completely forgot that Tomas is a vegetarian.

Jennifer is in labor again and this seems to be the place she goes to wait out the time. It is the only time, I can recall, that I see her out here. She normally prefers the slide.

Tobias joins the family – another boy.

Tomas gets rid of the breakfast feast and prepares a Grand Fuck-Your-Turkey Feast instead. He has called Jennifer to eat five or six times, and she is refusing to eat. So her Harvestfest will suck. Whatever.

Tomas takes Thiago to the potty and then gets him playing with the blocks. Jennifer joins them and takes over helping so that Tomas can get a shower.

Seriously? Thiago really just does his own thing. Tomas chases him around the house trying to get him to do my thing. I am not winning this battle. Sigh.


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