Drifting Along, House 010.4

And we are back to a household that is sleeping.

As we start back up, I realize it is still Harvestfest and Tomas never appeased the gnomes. So he goes down to do that, and then I start him making a fresh plate of food for when Thiago wakes up. Oops. Tomas does finish making the meal, passes out one more time on the way to bed, and Harvestfest ends.

Tomas is trying desperately to get some sleep, and after feeding herself, Jennifer finally feeds Tobias.

Tomas and Jennifer are heading down to the local food stall for some free food – for whatever that holiday is. Tomas made a group to get Jennifer to go, but all he can do is get her there. It will be up to her to order something to eat. At least they made sure Thiago had something to eat before they left.

Who really needs to potty when you are wearing a diaper. You can eat and poop at the same time.

Thiago is in a good mood despite the green cloud.

He is looking for Jennifer to ask for a bath. Tomas is heading home so he stops the boy to change his diaper.

That of course, leaves Jennifer a long way off of the lot. Playing in the nasty leaves.

Tomas is sleeping again. He still hasn’t caught up yet. Thiago is being a good boy and playing with his tablet.

Yes! Jennifer ordered something! Now how to get her home…

She went to work from the public lot, and came home down the street from the house. Too far to figure out how to get home, apparently.

She cleans up litter across the road.

She passes out behind the bench. Tomas is awake so he groups up again and calls her home.

He is making spaghetti for dinner (breakfast? it is 2am). Jennifer is going to be disappointed as she will never see a steak in this house. She also needs a bath.

Once the spaghetti is ready, Tomas wakes up Thiago. And then he waits for the boy to get up and get something to eat. Another sim to be disappointed, thinking he might be getting some meat.

Finally, Thiago has something for his belly, but the sadness has returned because Erich has died.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel because Tomas finally has reached level 7 in Parenting and he can now hug the sadness away.

After hugging away Thiago’s sadness, Tomas gives him a bubble bath.

There is playing and then there is more work on learning the thinking things.

While he might not look happy, Thiago is a Happy Toddler. Anything from here on is just gravy.

So close, so close. Since Thiago is a Happy Toddler now, Tomas will be able to relax because there isn’t any reason for Tobias to be pushed as hard.

The boys are all asleep as Jennifer leaves for work. At least they will speed 3 along for a few hours now.

It is 2am and Tomas puts Thiago back to bed, even though he is not sleepy.

The reason for that is because it is time for Tobias to become a toddler. Tobias becomes an independent toddler, which will probably, maybe, serve him well.

Of course, Tobias ages up mourning for someone that died, so Tomas hugs away the sadness. Literally, the moment the mourning ended, someone else died, and Tomas had to hug away the sadness again.

Thiago was never defiant and never threw a tantrum. He cries alot, but he was compliant. Tobias starts things off with defiance, and Tomas has such a look of surprise.

Tomas really wants a picture of the boys together as toddlers. He has been trying to get them to both sit on the couch together. But just as he puts the second one down, the first gets up. So it figures, that the one time they are actually sitting together, he is passed out on the floor. Thiago is sad, again, because he got the new mourning and Tomas hasn’t had a chance to hug it away yet.

Tomas does eventually get a picture of them together, and then he puts them both to bed. Who cares that it is lunchtime, they are going to bed. And so is Tomas.

Tomas has to get up for something so he stops by and wakes up the boys so that they can eat dinner. Thiago is sad and Tobias is angry. Typical.

After they eat, before Tomas can wake up to put them back to bed, they scatter around the house. There may only be two of them, but it feels like so much more.

Sometimes, I don’t think we appreciate the oldest for being easy to raise, until there is another that really likes throwing tantrums.

He ran downstairs to avoid going to bed, but Jennifer caught him and started to bring him upstairs, but ended up putting him out on the front porch and going to bed.

Tomas rescues Tobias from exile on the front porch and almost has him asleep.

Almost. Of course, now, Tobias is throwing another tantrum, which wakes up Thiago. Eventually, Tomas is able to get Tobias asleep and Thiago back into bed. He collapses in his own bed at 4am. Guess who is not waking up today.

It only seems fair that the next morning, Thiago is the one to wake up Tobias.

And I was wrong. Tomas was wide awake at 8am.

Both of the boys got some pool time in today.

Bitch better be hungry and not telling me she is pregnant. Just saying.

So, it is raining and the boys are hoofing it back to the house. Thiago has an advantage because he can run and Tobias is still working on balance.

But the stairs are a great equalizer. They are both slow.

Jennifer has not been a bad spouse. But she hasn’t been a really good one either.

There is only one toddler to put to bed tonight. That is because Thiago blew out his candles and became a child. Bedtime is so much easier with only one toddler. Another also, Tomas hired a maid, because we are all sick of the mess in the house.

Thiago will get his makeover in the next chapter. He rolled Lazy and I said nope. Then he rolled Child of the Ocean and that was another nope. So, I just picked Outgoing and Social Butterfly, not that he has any hope of completing the aspiration.


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