Drifting Along, House 010.5

Thiago gets his makeover first thing, and then he finds the potty.

Jennifer spends the night outside on the water slide. In the rain.

Morning comes and this is as close as they get to a family breakfast. Thiago is late for school, but he finished his homework.

Their savings is starting to get a little light, so Tomas takes a gig and needs someone to photograph. He changes Tobias’ diaper and then uses him as the subject of the photo spread.

Jennifer offered to read Tobias a story, but it looks like he has something else in mind.

Oh yes, play with the cute little night light toy.

Tomas completes his gig, but the style influencer did not like his photos. At least he got paid, and their savings can breathe a little easier.

While Tomas soaks, Jennifer plays with Tobias. Thiago comes home from school and heads straight for the other bathtub.

Tobias isn’t getting pushed on his skills like Thiago was – but he is still making progress on his own, for the most part.

When he gets to about halfway through level 2 on a skill, then Tomas will work with him to get him to level 3. So far, his movement skill is 4 and his communication is 3. The others are level 2, so he will become a Happy Child.

Today is Winterfest and Tomas gives a great big Belly Laugh, which scares Tobias. It looks like he is going to be in counseling when he grows up.

Tomas made a grand feast and called Jennifer to come eat. She didn’t. So he tries to give her a good holiday as they open presents as a family. It doesn’t work. Thiago also never gets all of his traditions completed.

Tobias, on the other hand, had a grand old time.

Tomas reads to Tobias and Thiago listens to the story.

Everyone went to bed and Tobias was able to meet Father Winter.

Which was great until Father Winter told Tobias that only good boys get toys. Tobias ended up getting a bottle of bubbles and a dollhouse. For the most part, everything else was sold.

Tobias has reached Happy Toddler, and the plan is to now, let him roam free. But can I leave him be? Probably not.

Tomas begins working with Thiago. Thiago is the actual heir and he is going to need to have Good Manners. Of the five character traits, the ones I find the most useful for me are Good Manners and Responsible. And I find that Good Manners is easiest to train when they are children, while Responsible comes along just by being good members of the family – and doing their homework.

So, the trailer for Eco-Living dropped today and now this has a lot more meaning.

Tobias wakes up with both his hunger and his bladder bottomed out. He is the only one awake so it is completely up to him which one he takes care of first.

I was impressed that he was heading to the potty first, but he didn’t make it. So close, so close.

After using his diaper, he then chooses to make a mess. His hunger is still as red as it can get.

He finally gets downstairs and eats. Now he is feeling good and he doesn’t want to be the only sim awake any longer.

First stop is to wake up Thiago.

Then he heads to the top floor where he wakes up Jennifer and then Tomas.

Turd. Literally as his diaper is still full.

Tomas scolds Tobias for waking everyone up at 4am. Then he scolds him for having a meltdown. A hug or three and Tobias is feeling happy again.

Tomas starts teaching Tobias about manners – what is good and what is bad. It looks like Tobias has his own opinion. Jennifer has no opinion.

It took a week but Thiago finally improves his grade to a B. Now he needs to begin working on getting an A.

Tomas blows bubbles for Tobias. I mean, I wish he could really be blowing them to the toddler, where Tobias notices and responds. But this is the best I get.

Saturday morning, everyone wakes up at different times, and Tobias is the last. He sits in his bed waiting for someone to come get him – but he hasn’t called anyone. He just sits and fumes.

He even has a tantrum and still no one comes.

Fine! He will get his own damn pancakes.

Tomas checks on Thiago and notices that he needs to improve a skill for his school performance, so he invites him to go swimming. It doesn’t take long and Thiago has the level he needs in Motor.

After eating, which makes Tobias feel much better, he goes upstairs to potty. Completely bypassing the potty downstairs that so convenient.

Then, he goes outside to find Jennifer so they can dance together.

At one point he disappears, and we find him asleep, taking a nap.

It is New Year’s Eve, and Jennifer is just a little tipsy. But those pancakes from this morning look really good.

Tomas spends the day working on Thiago – he maxes out his Manners.

This is Sunday morning. NYE sucked because the Tiny Living entertainment centers are bugged and do not show the Countdown to Midnight. Anyways, it is birthday time.

Tomas helps Tobias blow out the candles and Tobias rolls Vegetarian and takes the Mental aspiration. I am so glad now that Tobias is not the heir. Once is enough.

After Tobias blows out his candles, Tomas has a turn.

Since Thiago has maxed Manners, Tomas works with him on conflict Resolution until he maxes that one out also. Tomas currently has one of the parenting aspirations and he would love for one of the boys to grow up with three good character traits.

Tomas influenced Tobias to work on his homework, so that is done. It would have been nice for Jennifer to help him, but she didn’t. They just talked while he worked.

Since Thiago has maxed Manners and Conflict Resolution, and I fully expect him to maxed Responsibility, that just leave Emotional Control and Empathy. Empathy is easy as Tomas sends them off to spend the day volunteering. I am still looking for a way Tomas can help Thiago get his Emotional Control under control.


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