Drifting Along, House 010.6

Here we go again. I am crossing my fingers that I can finish the house this chapter – but means playing three in-game weeks to do so. Of course, the house is complete and Tomas has completed his requirements. And Thiago cannot be controlled. So, mostly Tomas is doing what he can with Thiago. I am considering allowing Thiago to have an early birthday cake – but he has to bring home an A first. Tomas is filling his time practicing yoga while Jennifer is on the water slide again.

Tobias is the youngest and he has the weight of low expectations. My only goal for him is to survive until Thiago is old enough to move out.

Tobias makes the decision to go outside and play in the water instead of stopping to use the potty. And then it is too late, and he has to leave for school.

While the kids are at school on Monday, Tomas spent the entire time practicing yoga and Jennifer bounced between the water slide and the workout equipment.

Of course, the boys brought home projects, which Tomas convinced them to start and then he finished them while the boys did their homework. One way or another, they are going to earn an A in school.

Tuesday was a rough day at school, but Thiago did finally earn his A. In reviewing his progress as a child – he has an A and he has improved two character traits into the positive range. He has five days remaining until his birthday.

Tuesday is another productive day because Thiago and Tobias go volunteering and Thiago has now maxed out Empathy – his third character trait.

Jennifer gets angry for no reason every couple of days. At least she does repair it afterwards. Most of the time.

Both boys need a bath, so Tomas influences them to go shower. They both get into the pool instead. It really doesn’t help.

I am really not sure what he is reading because it doesn’t look like a school book.

Now those look like school books. Tomas is making sure they both get their homework done.

Jennifer comes along and helps with the helping.

They all spend a lot of time in the water and playing on the water slide.

You guys.

Friday after school, I decide to let Thiago blow out his candles. He is two days early and I am ready to get to the last stage before he moves out.

Thiago becomes Cheerful and Outgoing and aspires to become a Master Mixologist. And he is definitely getting a makeover.

Thiago is not happy that he had to give up the headband, but just no.

Tobias begs Jennifer for some toys, but listen, there are a lot of toys upstairs.

Thiago got stuck in a dancing loop and had to be reset to get him to stop before he died. Okay, it wasn’t that dire, but no one could get his attention.


Tomas encourages Thiago to work on charisma, which he does for about five minutes.

Where are you going?


Thiago also joined Jennifer talking to people, nowhere near their lot.

Tomas comes along and he talks up Thiago to the girl and she is excited to meet him. It will be interesting to see her traits as she grows up, but she has the potential to be a cutie. And today is her birthday so she is only two days younger than Thiago.

This is their maid, and she is way too old. Walk away, Thiago.

Tomas is spending his free time practicing and he will have wellness mastered soon enough.

Thiago needs to get any skill up to level 3 so Tomas keeps calling him to the chess table.

Jennifer lays out in the pool feeling like a beached whale.

And then it is time for her to give birth. As usual, she is doing so in her swimsuit.

And, fuck. Meet the twins – Tyson and Tanya. Now the countdown to get Thiago out of this house – because the twins are going to be toddlers… damn… The twins will become children when Thiago is scheduled to become a young adult. Nine days away, unless he can earn an early birthday cake.

Tobias comes home from school and was headed upstairs to take a nap when he noticed the twins.

I wonder how he feels about having two new siblings?

Hmm, still not sure.

Thiago was sad or something so Tomas encouraged him to redirect his feelings, so he went for a job. Then later he asked for advice and lost his conflict resolution trait. Fingers crossed he gets a chance to earn it back.

Dumb. Ass.

Elsa has become a teen and Thiago brings her home after school.

Tomas works on both of them, trying to get them together without being too direct.

While Elsa was not willing to make the first move, Thiago was. And they decided to start going out together.

Yes, she is now his girlfriend, and all because Tomas suggested they hook up.

Jennifer has done well during her time as a uncontrollable spouse. She just mastered Fitness.

The boys each earned an A today. Thiago looks like he worked hard for his.

Tomas meant to send him to bed, but told him to redirect his emotions and so now he is jogging instead of sleeping.

It is time for the twins to become toddlers. Tomas helps Tyson out first, plays with him twice to get movement to level 2 (stairs), and then puts him to bed.

Tyson is Inquisitive.

After putting Tyson down, it is time to work with Tanya. She is Angelic.

She gets the same treatment, only two rounds of playing doesn’t quite get her to level 2 movement. But she is close enough that she will get it on her own fairly quickly.

The order of events:

  • Tyson grows up
  • Tomas puts Tyson to bed
  • Tanya grows up
  • Tomas sends Tobias to bed
  • Tomas puts Tanya to bed
  • Tomas wakes Thiago up because he is sleeping on Tobias’s side
  • Tomas puts Tobias to bed
  • Tomas influences Thiago to go back to bed, in the right place
  • Tomas puts Tyson back to bed
  • Tomas wakes up Jennifer because she is on the wrong side
  • Tomas kisses Jennifer so she moves away from the bed.
  • Tomas finally gets to lay down and sleep. It is 4 am now.

For some reason, they would not sleep on the other side of the bed – it was their side or the couch. I almost just left them all, except everyone was about to pass out.


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