Drifting Along, House 010.7

So, I didn’t get finished last update, but with only a week to go, I should finish up this update. I really don’t know, because as might have noticed, I write as I play. But with two toddlers in the house, you know I am going to be taking pictures, so I don’t think this will be a short update, as I play to get Thiago out of the house.

(I wasn’t kidding either – 24 hours in game, 18 pictures) Today is Friday, running into Saturday morning since it is 2 am before everyone finally goes to bed. So, here we go with toddler spam and a few token pictures of the other household members. Since it is the middle of the night when I loaded the game, everyone is getting back into bed.

Tyson doesn’t stay in bed for more than a minute and he is up and heading downstairs.

After watching Jennifer, he goes out to play with the dollhouse. Tomas is exhausted so I am letting him sleep and it will be up to Jennifer to help the toddlers.

Tanya gets up soon after and she plays with the tablet since she hasn’t gotten that last percent on her movement skill yet. No stairs.

Tyson has this twin sense that Tanya is awake so he goes back upstairs and they have a twin meeting in the bathroom. This is when Tomas finally wakes up and he comes down to check on them.

Tomas has to start potty training one of them, so he takes Tanya. She gets the last percent in movement walking to the potty, and she can now use the stairs.

While Tanya is having her potty training, Tyson finds food downstairs and poops his diaper. Multi-tasking is a skill.

He comes back upstairs – these toddler are using the stairs a lot – where Jennifer catches up with him to see if he wants a diaper change. He does. Please.

Tanya stood and cried and cried despite being starving. That is when I noticed the maid put away the plate of food that was waiting for Tanya downstairs.

Food is brought out and Tanya receives the call to come eat. These stairs are long and scary, but she makes it down safely and gets something eat.

Tyson wants to go to bed – it has already been a long day and the older boys have gone to school and come home. Instead of putting him to bed, Jennifer tries to teach him to talk.

Tomas rescues Tyson and then he puts Tanya to bed also. Trust me in saying, he went to bed at the same time.

Our future heir, despite losing his conflict resolution trait, still has three positive traits lined up. Hopefully, he can keep them long enough to blow out some candles. He also has a Good Reputation, which will be great with the requirements for the next House.

Before going to bed, Tomas had hired a vegetarian caterer to come and stock up the fridge. Tobias keeps chatting her up instead of going to bed. Tomas got up to finish the unfinished meal and he sent Tobias to bed.

I have no clue what has happened to Jennifer. She looks like she has had a rough day. I don’t see any puddles of pee, so she must just really need a shower.

This was 24 game hours and I wrote half my post. It is Saturday morning now, and Thiago will have his birthday no later than Thursday. He will also be moving out in the Fall, so that is going to be fun. He will probably age up a little early, but he has to earn his A in school first. Oh wait, he has an A, although his performance is dropping because he hasn’t completed any homework recently. I am trying to think of something else that needs to be accomplished first.

Another 24 hours, another 20 pictures. After making breakfast (dinner?), Tomas takes a plate up to Tyson, who is going to wake up starving. Tanya is not hungry for some reason.

Jennifer finally finds the tub and gets rid of the stink cloud.

Tomas starts off Tyson’s day wrong by telling him they are going to do some potty training.

Tanya asks for milk instead of grabbing a plate. Eventually she also eats something, but her day is going pretty good so far.

Tomas remembers that it is birthday time for Tobias and Jennifer, so he makes a cake and sets it out for them.

Tobias rolls Loner to join Vegetarian, and he takes the gardening aspiration.

Jennifer comes after Tobias, and she becomes an Adult. I believe the next birthday will be Thiago as he moves out. The toddlers would have their birthday at the same time as Thiago, but I am pretty sure he will be aging up before them.

Tyson gets some time on the tablet.

But then it is time for the twins to have some pool time. Jennifer takes Tanya which means Tomas has to take Tyson. Both twins had fun, but Tyson didn’t stay long because he is being a little shit.

He gets out of the pool and destroys the dollhouse, then that makes him sad.

Tomas scolds him for the destruction and tries to get him inside to eat.

Tyson puts down his plate of food and asks Thiago for some milk. Then he never does eat his food.

After another tantrum, Tomas calms him down with some hugs. These aren’t the special hugs that actually make him feel better. These are the hugs that say get control of your little body.

Finally, Tyson eats his dinner while Tomas takes a nap on the floor.

Then Tyson takes a nap on the floor while Tomas waits to take him to bed.

Once Tyson wakes up from his floor nap, Tomas is down again. Somewhere in all of this Tomas gets Tanya to bed.

Tomas finally gets Tyson to bed and then he influences Thiago to clean up the toys – and responsibility is back in the zone. But Tomas is asleep on the floor again.

But it was work it as Thiago has three positive traits again.

Jennifer is still working as a Sales Floor Clerk (level 2). All she needs is charisma but no clue how to help her get it.

It is now Sunday morning, Tanya wakes up starving, and there is no food sitting out. She is on a mission to wake up Tobias, and I can’t stop her.

At least there is food in the hallway now, so maybe she will grab a plate.

She did, and she is feeling much better now. She even caught Tobias trolling the forums. Ummhmm.

This is the beginning of the day of hell. Tanya has decided to be clingy today. She won’t ask for a bath or a diaper change. She just wants all the hugs.

Tyson is also really needing a diaper change and a bath.

I am ready to call this house done. Tomas hasn’t had a full night’s sleep in days. He keeps slipping away to sleep and I keep getting him up to take care of one of the toddlers. Today, they are dependent on the others.


Thiago manages to get Tyson into the bath.

After which, he plays in the toilet and Jennifer pretends to not notice.

Jennifer and Tobias are hiding from the chaos.

I was impressed that Tanya not only got her bath but then she made it all the way to the potty without having an accident. And then, she peed on the floor.

Tomas was trying to get her to bed. She was in bed, then got out to pass out on the floor.

Yeah, I am really done with this house.

The only reason I am staying is for the torture, It is three days until Thiago’s official birthday but I think it is time to blow out the candles and get the hell out of dodge.

Thiago is going to blow out his candles. I keep looking at confluct resolution, just barely out of range. Oh! I think I have an idea.

Thiago heads off to do some volunteering to see if he can get just enough conflict resolution to bump him into the range.

Tyson wakes up before Thiago is finished trying so he gets some breakfast in bed, or close enough.

He doesn’t – three times.

Thiago took Tobias with him on their volunteering, and now it is time for school. This is going to be a rough day.

Tomas is doing a little better today staying ahead of the twins’ needs. But they are refusing to use the potty on their own.

The boys come home from school and now Thiago is in really bad shape, so I don’t want to move him out yet. And Elsa still has five days until her birthday.

Tomas suggested Thiago take a shower and once again he heads to the pool. Not helpful.

Sleep, baby, sleep.

And we have made it to two days before his birthday. This is it, he is blowing out the candles.

Thiago gets Insider for his third trait, and he is ready to move out. He empties his inventory and heads out on his own.


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